How we work

Pre-Sales Team:
Product information

Our Pre-Sales Team is available to answer your questions about our solutions requirements and performance. They can conduct online demos to show features and capabilities before starting a project with our migration platform.

Please notice: Technical issues must be sent to the support team and “how to” question should be directed to our consulting services.

  • For product information or live demos please contact our Pre-Sales Team

Sales Team:
Request a quote

Our Sales team is committed to understand the scope of your project, define your needs and get an accurate price quote for your project. All our solutions are fit for purpose matching your requirements whithin a define budget with no hidden costs.

Remember: When requesting a quote please provide as much information as possible about your project specifications.

  • To get a quote or set a Proof of Concept, contact our Sales Team

Partner Team:
Partnerships & trainings

Our Partner Team helps you increase your business performance with an advantageous reseller collaboration. Our partner program offers a close working relationship and product trainings to ensure long term business success.

Please note: When becoming a partner, we automatically assign one day of consulting services to monitor your first project.

Consulting Services:
Configure & learn “How to”

Our team of consultants are experts with a unique approach to cover the entire project from start to finish.

If you are using the platform for the first time or planning a large volume project our consulting services will help you configure a smooth migration. This is the best way to avoid critical errors and data loss.

Knowledge sharing is an important part of our consulting expertise. We share best practices and guidance throughout the entire progress of your migration:

  • Kickoff meeting to define the scope of the project
  • Help in defining the migration path
  • Guidance to configure the platform to your needs
  • Direct contact available by phone or Skype
  • Assistance for “How to” questions
  • Weekly updates & reports
  • Post meeting recommendations and feedbacks

Please note: Consultants are not suppport engineers, technical issues should be handled by our support team for faster time response.

See how we support projects with our Consulting Services

Support Team:
Resolve technical issues

Our support team is dedicated to solve technical issues during the use of our solutions. We offer 2 types of support packages:

  • Free Basic Support available during business hours
  • Premium Support to cover technical needs out of business hours

Cloudiway Services Level Agreements (SLAs):

Severity level

Response time
Basic Support

Response time
Premium Support

Critical issues for all users
Platform services are down

1 hour

1 hour

The problem is persistent
affecting many users

8 business hours

1 hour

Low system performance or
issue affecting few users

Next business day

1 hour

Please beware: Support is available by mail, through the ticketing system. As this service is expert in technical problem solving, it does not provide a service to answer “How to” questions.

Learn more about our Support packages

“If you are planning to use Cloudiway platform for the first time or running a large volume migration, we highly recommend one-day of consulting services to get your project started on the right track”


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