Google vault to office 365 migration: when precision counts

“Did you know that Cloudiway’s large range of cloud migration solutions also includes a Google Vault to Office 365 migration tool? A great helper for organizations concerned with information governance…”


Pushing the boundaries of Google Vault Migration to Office 365

Information governance is an important subject for any organization willing to be prepared for unexpected situations such as customer claims, lawsuits, litigation and compliance audits.

Nowadays, business flexibility is a key success factor, mergers, acquisitions or splits are common scenarios on the market and closely related to content management. In this situation, moving sensitive content from one company to another in a different environment is a real struggle. The process for migrating Google Vaults to Office 365 is not the easiest project to manage.

Cloudiway migration platform, the shortcut everyone should know

Cloudiway migration tools have been developed with the strong goal of managing critical information and sophisticated processes with one simple and unique cloud-based platform.

Built to automate your process

During the development of this solution, the technical teams were driven by finding the key solution that migrates and manages all critical information from Google Vault Archive to Office 365 regardless the size or type of legacy data. This tool is now available at

In addition to the existent overall package, Cloudiway Google Vault migration proves to be a real satisfaction for company’s requirements to migrate in a fast and secure way without having to commit to potentially expensive infrastructure costs.

Unlimited SharePoint migration, a real game changer for IT pros! Jump to Office 365!

Cloudiway is known for its SaaS migration platform – – a smart tool, powerful and user-friendly to fully automate migration processes and easily move data, contents and users to the cloud. The growing popularity of cloud solutions has completely reshaped customer expectations with a high demand for flexible solutions available at your fingertips.


The ultimate tool: above and beyond limits

Cloudiway is following this shift with the release of an unlimited SharePoint migration solution. A real game changer for IT professionals signing the end of long sales and implementation processes. The SaaS platform requires no installation and the simplified configuration makes project management much easier. This subscription will allow multiple migrations throughout the year for $999* with no extra cost. Microsoft cloud suite is today the leading solution for business content management and collaboration, our offer a direct shortcut solution to move businesses to the cloud in Office 365.

“Designing this offer was a real challenge. It was all about putting partners’ requirements in the first place to improve their business” says Melanie Douglas Partner Manager.

During the one-year subscription period, you can start your migration at any time with no limit of administrators. Once your project is completed you will immediately be ready for the next one, a real time saver!

The migration scenarios

The migration of collaborative sites has become a must-have to help businesses going through a merger, an acquisition or a split. The scenarios supported by this new release are SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint Online and SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online.

The opportunity to improve your expertise and boost your business:

The unlimited SharePoint subscription is a unique opportunity to impact your everyday business with its high technical performances to accomplish more in less time and increase your profitability with a cost-efficient pricing. We are constantly sharing our know-how and technology to ensure the success of our partners.

Contact us for more information:

For more information, please contact our team at

*$999 per year unlimited projects and administrators. Max 20 site collections per project. Can be upgraded upon request.

Cloudiway’s unlimited SharePoint migration is coming!

Satya Nadella has defined Microsoft’s next challenge by saying: “Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”.

The global and expanding demand for cloud solutions has driven the computing sector to change and improve its sales, marketing and technical approach with customers. The focus is now clearly to push productivity to its highest level by partnering with managed service providers and engineering success with end users.


Cloudiway is a major player in this shift with the launch of a new solution providing unlimited SharePoint migration to the cloud. “Improving business performance by delivering advanced services and greater flexibility is our top priority”, says Sacha Blaise, Marketing Manager.

Moving seamlessly to SharePoint Online is not something easy – especially with customized components (web parts, master page, etc…). This challenge may cause a project to be delayed or to go over budget, costing precious resources and putting businesses at risk.

Directed to your needs:

With a straightforward approach, Cloudiway wants to prevent organisations from facing crisis situations by offering direct shortcuts at each step of a SharePoint migration. Available from any web browser Cloudiway’s platform will provide this solution as a 1-year subscription with no limit of projects or users.

The ultimate migration solution with a complete suite of features:

The unlimited SharePoint migration solution will include a range of features such as auditing and reporting tools to fully migrate all your collaborative content with high fidelity. The short sales process and the speedy setup together with competitive pricing are strong benefits for the users. In addition, the dedicated team of consultants and experts can deliver an extra value by helping and supporting all projects with convenience during business hours or weekends. Please check our SLA statement for more details.

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SharePoint Migration: How to make your first step?

Migrating data from SharePoint is not easy. A large choice of migration tools are available on the market, but none of them will allow a 100% automated migration. If it is your first SharePoint migration project, it is important to take the time to understand the process, learn the steps and get organized.

Here are a few best practices to organize yourself and get your migration started:



From SharePoint 2001 to SharePoint 2016

SharePoint has come a long way since the first portal server in 2001. The escalating popularity of Microsoft SharePoint led to multiple upgrades 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and today’s new 2016 version.

Why should I migrate to SharePoint latest version?

Firstly, the SharePoint 2003 to 2010 collection has come to an end. Microsoft no longer provides support, maintenance and updates for older versions. Furthermore, security is a big issue as the old versions offer minimum safety for your data which makes it vulnerable and easy to hack.

Well, ok, let’s make the move to the latest SharePoint. What should I ask myself before migrating?

Have you ever faced difficulties migrating your contacts and data from your old Nokia to your new phone? Migrating your data from SharePoint oldest versions can be a complex task depending on the volume and structure of your data.
At first, you will need to define the scope of the migration with an audit. Identify what is essential for your business and your users. Take your time and be precise. Not the most exciting task but you will be sure to prevent loss of data.

What solutions should I use? How to make the right choice?

When looking for a SharePoint migration solution you will find various software providers using different methods: manual, automated or systems allowing a mix of both.

Manual migration is very painful and time-consuming, whereas automated solutions are fast, but the data fidelity is often imprecise. We advise our customers to use solutions that allow for a mix of both, manual and automated, to ensure a smooth migration, data fidelity and security. Our advice would be to automate the tedious part and control with precision your content path.

Keep in mind your security policy

It is important to keep in mind your security policy when migrating data to the cloud in a new environment. You may wish to protect highly confidential data by storing it separately and not including it in the migration.

Ok, your migration is now complete, but it’s not finished yet!

Your SharePoint migration is complete, but not finished. Now you will need to check, clean and analyse the results of your migration. Are the links and permissions working correctly? Details are important and can clearly make a big difference.

Check out the links below for more information or contact our team of experts to discuss your project:

  • Get started with our SharePoint migration Checklist: soon available
  • Learn more about migrating to SharePoint 2016: soon available
  • Contact our team

Cloud migration platform Upgrade: Step Up Your Efficiency!

Cloudiway migration platform: The new upgrade

Cloudiway has launched a series of new features on its migration platform which makes it easier to use when planning projects.

Cloudiway provides a unique range of solution to answer various scenarios of data migration for mail, files, sites and coexistence. A smart tool to easily manage data at each step of your business growth during mergers, acquisitions or cohabitation between subsidiaries using two different environments.

A real asset

These are situations where migration and interoperability are strategic for business performance and a real challenge for IT services.

New features

The new platform version allows easy project implementation with a quicker setup process. The User experience has been re-designed for intuitive navigation. The online helpdesk has also been improved, a great helper to configure migration settings.

Move faster & grow your business

Another big step forward is the new general layout to manage multiple migration projects on the same interface and with the same account, a real-time saver. This mode allows an easy planning and organization of each workflow.

New Support management

Cloudiway has rebuilt its offer of services with a clear distinction between support and consulting.
Technical support is now split into two proposals:

  • Free Basic Support for business hours
  •  Premium Support available upon request with 24×7 coverage and short response time.

Consulting services are an important part of our dedication

Consulting services are a must-have for new customers and partners to understand the right process to set up and configure their migration.

“To strengthen our customer dedication, we created consulting services to help new customers with the configuration of the platform and learn “how to” migrate data. The continuous improvement of our solutions is a strategic requirement. We offer an integrated cloud solution allowing our customers and partners to simply realize their business cohabitation and migration projects.” Orang Gholikani, Sales Manager, Cloudiway

Meet Cloudiway at Microsoft Inspire | 2017

Cloudiway’s participation in Microsoft Inspire Partner Conference from 9 to 13 July in Washington DC confirms its commitment to knowledge sharing.

Microsoft Inspire is the biggest event for Microsoft Partners welcoming +16,000 attendees from all over the world. This week promises to be busy and fulfilling week, an opportunity to network learn and share innovative ideas. Conferences, seminars and meeting points will be held to discuss various topics and meet the experts. There will be a multitude of opportunities for partners to create new business relationships and share knowledge on various topics.


Migration solutions Tailor-Made for Microsoft MSPs

With more than 100.000 successful data migrations each year, Cloudiway has established itself as a major player in the cloud access management, offering a unique range of migration solutions for mail, files, sites and enterprise coexistence.

Enter the community

All participants have access to Microsoft inspire schedule builder called “MyInspire”. Create an account to instantly begin your experience and explore sessions, build schedules, and start making connections to prepare the event.

Talk with migration experts

Meet Cloudiway representatives in a casual environment to share experiences or talk over a coffee about cloud technologies and data migration. If you’re attending the event and would like to meet up with us, please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment.

Don’t miss this strategic meeting place for IT professionals to make important business contact.

Register on

We look forward to seeing you in Washington DC!

Exchange 2007 – Everything comes to an end

Exchange 2007 – Everything comes to an end – But it’s not too late to migrate your data with Cloudiway and catch up with the cloud!

After 10 years of good and loyal services Exchange Server 2007 reached out to an end. As the cloud, has taken on a major role, Microsoft stopped its support for Exchange 2007. If your organisation is still using this software you can take advantage of this opportunity to move your data to Office 365.




Are you willing to take risks? If your users are still running Exchange 2007 you may expose your business to trouble.

What you need to know:

  • You will no longer receive technical support for your issues
  • No more bug fixes and updates
  • Security updates will no longer be applied and could increase risks of hacking

At this stage, changing software is one of the best options to prevent data loss, improve security and avoid business disruption.

Don’t get in trouble and use the Cloudiway SaaS powerful platform, to migrate your data to Office 365 faster and easier today! The best way to keep up with business and catch up with the latest software technologies.

Contact us at to get started.