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04 | 15 | 2020
Migrate to Microsoft Teams

Migrate to Microsoft Teams with Cloudiway

After more than a year of experience, Cloudiway is evolving its Microsoft Teams migration offer launched back in February 2019 by relying on a robust and intuitive solution. This offer allows you to safely complete the entire Microsoft Teams migration process, with flexibility and confidence. Increase the success of your Microsoft Teams migration Migration is … Continue reading Migrate to Microsoft Teams with Cloudiway

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How Cloud Technology Improves Office Productivity

Cloud technology is flipping the traditional office on its head. Since being introduced recently, it is changing the way workspaces operate—from how data is managed, to how tasks are delegated. It has brought about so many benefits that Techjury predicts 67% of enterprise infrastructure will be completely cloud-based by the end of this year. So how exactly … Continue reading How Cloud Technology Improves Office Productivity

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03 | 25 | 2020
03 | 18 | 2020
covid-19 impact on cloud-based collaboration tools

COVID-19’s Impact on Cloud-Based Collaboration Tools, Into a New Era?

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak is forcing numerous companies to review their IT strategies as a top priority. Many organizations emphasize the importance of having the right cloud-based collaboration tool allowing employees to work remotely to limit the impact on productivity. No doubt, there will be a “before-and-after” analysis on how COVID-19 changed the way companies … Continue reading COVID-19’s Impact on Cloud-Based Collaboration Tools, Into a New Era?

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Bringing together heterogeneous collaboration tools, a priority for IT professionals

In recent years, mergers and acquisitions have been considerably accelerated, especially concerning large accounts, and extended enterprise. In this context, MSPs are facing a strategic issue: bringing together heterogeneous collaboration and messaging systems. The main objective during a migration is to avoid unintended negative impacts on the user’s daily work.

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02 | 25 | 2020
Enterprise Coexistence collaboration tools
02 | 6 | 2020
Mail Migration

Free Mail Routing Limited-Time Offer

Migration from one Office 365 tenant, or a different system to another tenant may be challenging, especially during the domain name migration. Moving domain names can take up to 48 hours, and mail delivery is affected during this time. To avoid non-delivery reports, you need a simple mail forwarding service. For any migration over 100 … Continue reading Free Mail Routing Limited-Time Offer

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Migration and Coexistence In 2019, Our Incredible Year In Review

2019 was an astoundingly great year at Cloudiway. Not only for our team but for the army of talented IT professionals who build their businesses with us. We added a bunch of new features, Microsoft Teams Migration and Slack to Teams, developed a new coexistence platform, with GALSync and Free Busy, solved a stack of … Continue reading Migration and Coexistence In 2019, Our Incredible Year In Review

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01 | 8 | 2020
Migration and Coexistence, Happy New Year 2020
09 | 13 | 2019

New Coexistence Platform

First of all, we want to thank you for being a valued customer of Cloudiway and an active user of the Coexistence platform. We inform you that our former Coexistence platform will become obsolete by the end of the year. Cloudiway invites you to upgrade your Coexistence account to the new platform if you have … Continue reading New Coexistence Platform

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