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03 | 30 | 2018
SharePoint migration

Save Up To 70% On Your SharePoint Migration Tool

Let’s Migrate SharePoint Sites! As you may know, moving SharePoint sites is not an easy task, depending on the site architecture and configuration, moving data to your new tenant can quickly become a nightmare. This is why getting the help of a migration tool is sometimes necessary to achieve a successful transition. The question is: … Continue reading Save Up To 70% On Your SharePoint Migration Tool

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Office 365 Groups Migration

Ready-Set-Migrate! Do you agree? It shouldn’t require so many different tools to migrate between Office 365 tenants. Involving three or more parties is time consuming and not always very easy to manage. We are proud to release the Office 365 groups migration tool and it’s now

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11 | 29 | 2017
Office 365 Groups Migration
11 | 8 | 2017
Office 365 migration partner program

Office 365 Migration Partner Program

At Cloudiway partners are welcome! Let’s team up for more efficiency After launching a welcome offer for new partners, Cloudiway is now strengthening its partner-centric position with sales and marketing commitments. The goal is clear: to build long-term business relationships with

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Coexistence and migration of messaging systems following company mergers or acquisitions

During the past few years, the competitive climate has increased the number of companies merging or acquiring new businesses. This has affected companies, small and large, from all sectors and has important repercussions on each business’s information technology infrastructures. Today, beyond

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10 | 17 | 2017
Coexistence and migration of messaging systems following...
09 | 27 | 2017
Google Vault to Office 365 migration: when precision counts

Google vault to office 365 migration: when precision counts

“Did you know that Cloudiway’s large range of cloud migration solutions also includes a Google Vault to Office 365 migration tool? A great helper for organizations concerned with information governance…” Pushing the boundaries of Google Vault Migration to Office

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Unlimited SharePoint migration, a real game changer for IT pros! Jump to Office 365!

Cloudiway is known for its SaaS migration platform – – a smart tool, powerful and user-friendly to fully automate migration processes and easily move data, contents and users to the cloud. The growing popularity of cloud solutions has completely reshaped customer

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09 | 13 | 2017
Unlimited SharePoint migration, a real game changer for...
08 | 21 | 2017

Cloudiway’s unlimited SharePoint migration is coming!

Satya Nadella has defined Microsoft’s next challenge by saying: “Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”. The global and expanding demand for cloud solutions has driven the computing sector to change and improve its sales, marketing and

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