New Coexistence Platform

First of all, we want to thank you for being a valued customer of Cloudiway and an active user of the Coexistence platform.

We inform you that our former Coexistence platform will become obsolete by the end of the year.
Cloudiway invites you to upgrade your Coexistence account to the new platform if you have not already done so.

You must upgrade your account before December 31, 2019. After this date, this platform won’t be available anymore.

If you want to use the former version of the platform until the end of its availability period, please note that the support will be discontinued on October 31, 2019.

If you are a Cloudiway customer, you should have received a notification with instructions for upgrading.

SharePoint, OneDrive migrations – Say Hello to New Cloudiway Platform ! You asked, We listened !

All good things must come to an end… and be replaced with something way better!

Customer satisfaction is always the number one priority for us. In 2018, we noticed slowness and service availability issues from Microsoft for OneDrive and SharePoint migrations with a performance degradation due to more throttling policies.

As a result, our customers and partners migration performance suffered significantly.

In response to these aggressive changes and to help alleviate any concerns that you may have had regarding migration speeds, our developers worked hard to switch to Microsoft Graph APIs for SharePoint and OneDrive products. The central benefit is the drastic performance gain compared to overcome limitations of CSOM massive lists of endpoints.

This new version is not inconsequential on projects with immediate effect on current customer configurations.

The configuration as it has been until now is no longer compatible with the technologies used, mainly as it requires Graph permissions.

We invite our customers to work closely with our agents from the support team to ensure a proper configuration of the Cloudiway platform.

Microsoft Teams Migration

Microsoft Teams is a cloud collaborative place where the members of your organization can cooperate, work as a team, and have conversations, all in one place.

Microsoft Teams is built on Office 365 Groups. Creating a Team creates an Office 365 Group with the membership you chose to designate. In the same way, these Groups create a number of workspaces in other Office 365 Apps, such as plan in Planner and a site in SharePoint.

Microsoft Teams is the right place to do simultaneous work, therefore more and more organizations are using Microsoft Teams as their new workspaces in Office 365. Cloudiway has developed the first migration tool that allows you to migrate Microsoft Teams from one Office 365 tenant to another, to help businesses to run fast and easy migration of your Microsoft Teams data.

We are proud to announce that at this time, the Cloudiway migration platform is the only tool on the market that allows businesses to move their Microsoft Teams smoothly from one tenant to another. It is now supported and available at

What is migrated during Microsoft Teams migration?

  • Channels
  • Conversations
  • Files
  • Attachments
  • Notes
  • Associated mailbox and SharePoint site
  • Permissions
  • Membership roles
  • Planners
  • OneNote tabs

If you’re looking to migrate Microsoft Teams, you can contact our team to get some advice and best migration practices for free at or use the contact form

Google Team Drive to Office 365 Groups Migration

Cloudiway migration platform is now supporting Google Team Drive to Office 365 groups migration!

Driving new users to Microsoft Office 365 is part of our know-how at Cloudiway and we are now proud to be able to migrate Google Team Drives to Office 365 Groups. You will find the new connector under “Group Migration”. The same automated process is applied to control over your data. Take advantage of our unlimited delta pass to sync your data during the migration and any data loss. Save time with the automatic conversion of Google docs to Office 365 format.


Remember that Office 365 groups are an improved version of the distribution lists or shared mailboxes. Remember that with Office 365 Groups you don’t need to assign permissions to all resources adding members to the group automatically grant them the permissions they need.

What is migrated during a Google Team Drive to Office 365 migration?

  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Slideshows
  • Permissions
  • Folders
  • Uploaded files (eg: .pdf, .jpg)
  • Convert Google docs to Office 365 format

If you’re looking to move to Office 365 from G Suite, you can contact our team to get some advice and best migration practices for free at or use the contact form

Cloudiway vs Microsoft FastTrack

Preparation and planning your migration strategy is the best way to make a successful move. Choosing the right migration tool is an essential step to get the job done. Depending on your scenario and requirements you may consider different solutions at various prices and with alternative technologies. In this article, we will compare Cloudiway migration platform and Microsoft FastTrack Center. The features highlighted below showcase what you get from the Cloudiway coexistence and migration platform. Our tools are totally based in the cloud and available from any web browser. The configuration is straightforward and the licenses offer all you need to perform a migration at no extra cost: no server or VM installation, no fees for data traffic…

Go to the comparison table Microsoft FastTrack vs Cloudiway.

How Cloudiway migration tool compares to Microsoft FastTrack?

1. Multiple Filters to make your own migration path

On the Cloudiway platform, you will find a tab called “Global Settings” with date range filtering, item filtering, convert email addresses and much more.

2. Migrate all the business workloads

The migration platform supports multiple workloads and migrations can be run concurrently using the same interface, user-friendly and ready to start.

3. Scalable and powerful servers

We are able to grant you the maximum power whatever your needs.  From a single virtual machine to thousands of computer resources, the migration platform is totally scalable.

4. Reports and dashboard

In the Dashboard section, you will get an overview of the situation of the migration. The key performance indicators can be extracted in a report in different formats csv, pdf… In the details tab, you can manage and monitor successes/errors. Info links are provided for each type of issue to help you troubleshoot and find an appropriate solution.

5. G Suite, Office 365, Exchange server coexistence

In addition to the migration tools, three coexistence features are available on the platform for G Suite, Exchange in Office 365 and On-Premises Exchange during stage migrations or long cutovers.

  • Free/busy to share calendars and availability between two tenants
  • Mail routing to avoid data loss and route emails to the right place
  • GALsync (Global address list synchronization) to simplify collaboration

6. Free support

With Cloudiway licenses you get live support for free via chat and email.  Consulting services can be added to your estimate for premium assistance.

7. Mail client agent for reconfiguring Outlook profiles

With Cloudiway, you can automatically reconfigure Outlook profiles in your destination tenant. A real time saver to make the transition effortless.

8. Google migration limitations and speed

The Cloudiway tool is capable of migrating more than the GSuite daily throttling limits of 2.5 GB per mailbox per day.

  • In average Cloudiway migrates 2,500 emails per hour per mailbox
  • 100 mailbox migrations in parallel per Microsoft service account

The Cloudiway migration speed according to these numbers is much higher than Microsoft FastTrack Center.

9. Move G Drive, OneDrive and SharePoint Online with no headache

Cloudiway migration tools are able to migrate drives and sites with no major throttling limitation issues. Microsoft FastTrack does not provide any option if you hit a throttling limit.

10. More than just a migration

Cloudiway provides managed migrations for Office 365 to remove the complexity during the migration and enjoy a simplified data move.

11. IT Partners can manage multiple migration projects at the same time

The Cloudiway migration account allows you to manage multiple projects from different customers at the same time and in a simple way.

Systems supported by Cloudiway that are not supported by Microsoft FastTrack Center

Don’t forget any items during your move

Google Vault: G Suite Vault data archive can be migrated.

Google Sites: Migrate Google Sites structure and data to SharePoint Online.

Google Labels: Labels are tags that you can apply in Gmail to emails to categorize messages the way you want them to be grouped. Most messaging systems use folders to store and categorize emails. During the migration from Google to another mail system, labels are converted to folders. Emails are stored in the folders corresponding to the labels. In Google, an email can have several labels and Cloudiway does not duplicate emails. If an email has several labels, the first one is kept. FastTrack has a different process and will keep all labels but will duplicate emails if multiple labels are applied to the same email. Read more about how Cloudiway migrate Google labels

Office 365 tenant: Cloudiway provides a complete toolset to migrate from Office 365 tenant to another (mailboxes, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Office 365 groups). The process is very simple. In addition, you can keep the same email domain with no downtime, or change it.

G Suite to Office 365: Cloudiway has the most comprehensive toolset for migrating from G Suite to Office 365. (Gmail mailboxes, G Drives, Google Sites data and architecture, Google Groups). Many other solutions are claiming to migrate Google sites to SharePoint sites but they are only moving the files from one system to another without considering the site structure.

Migration comparison table: Cloudiway vs. Microsoft FastTrack

Migration Tool
Microsoft FastTrack Center
Cutover & Staged
Office 365----
Office Groups------
Exchange 2007-----
Exchange 2010----
Exchange 2013----
G Suite Gmail---
Google Drive----
Google Groups------
Google Sites------
File System------
Other email systems-----

Save Up To 70% On Your SharePoint Migration Tool

Let’s Migrate SharePoint Sites!

As you may know, moving SharePoint sites is not an easy task, depending on the site architecture and configuration, moving data to your new tenant can quickly become a nightmare. This is why getting the help of a migration tool is sometimes necessary to achieve a successful transition.

The question is: How to save up to 70% on your SharePoint Migration Tool?

Well, each migration tool has an associated set of costs and compatibilities to consider, and usually, when it comes to SharePoint, things start to become pricey.

Here’s where Cloudiway can help, in making a significant cost reduction to migrate SharePoint sites for your customers.

Cloudiway’s platform provides a professional tool to audit and migrate SharePoint sites. The complete set of features is designed to remove complexity and offers great performance. The configuration is easy and can be done from any web browser, no server installation is required and the technical support is free. We know that troubleshooting is time-consuming this is why during your migration, you’re not left alone, a live chat is at your disposal in the graphical interface to ask questions or to get some help.

Cost efficiency

We measured in average 70%* of cost saving compared to other solutions. The annual subscription for $999 is a great value to deal with small projects and migrate up to 20 site collections per project. It’s an immediate impact on your profitability and business. No need to spend thousands of dollars to make a smart move! (*Insights from over 100 IT partners)

What can be Migrated?

The systems:

  • SharePoint 2013/2016
  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint On-Premises

The items:

Complete migration of wikis, blogs, discussions, memberships, note board, photos, recent activities, metadata-driven, top navigation & quick launch bars, permissions, the structure of the site, Sharepoint libraries and much more!

Contact us to learn more!

Office 365 Groups Migration


Do you agree? It shouldn’t require so many different tools to migrate between Office 365 tenants. Involving three or more parties is time consuming and not always very easy to manage.

We are proud to release the Office 365 groups migration tool and it’s now available on Cloudiway coexistence and migration platform!



A useful tool to save time and make the most out of your Office 365 migration. Move Office 365 Groups from one tenant to another easily with a fully automated process.

Here’s where it gets good: you can choose to migrate to another unified group or to a shared mailbox.

Migrate to a unified O365 group:
Migrate easily from one Office 365 groups to another with just a few clicks. Save time and enjoy your new tenant architecture.

  • Conversations (emails, inbox only)
  • Documents
  • Calendar entries
  • Permissions (Owners and members, within the pre-processing task)
  • Notebook (next version)
  • Site (Pages and Site contents: next version)
  • Planner (next version)

Migrate to a shared mailbox:
Migrating to a shared mailbox is a possible option to keep your data and make clean archives.

  • Conversations (emails, inbox only)
  • Calendar entries
  • Permissions within the creation of a mail-enabled security group

Read this article to know more about the pre-processing tasks:

Our interface provides a complete toolset to manage Office 365 – Tenant to Tenant migration. We hope you will enjoy the new tool we have introduced, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.