Cloud migration platform Upgrade: Step Up Your Efficiency!

Cloudiway migration platform: The new upgrade

Cloudiway has launched a series of new features on its migration platform which makes it easier to use when planning projects.

Cloudiway provides a unique range of solution to answer various scenarios of data migration for mail, files, sites and coexistence. A smart tool to easily manage data at each step of your business growth during mergers, acquisitions or cohabitation between subsidiaries using two different environments.

A real asset

These are situations where migration and interoperability are strategic for business performance and a real challenge for IT services.

New features

The new platform version allows easy project implementation with a quicker setup process. The User experience has been re-designed for intuitive navigation. The online helpdesk has also been improved, a great helper to configure migration settings.

Move faster & grow your business

Another big step forward is the new general layout to manage multiple migration projects on the same interface and with the same account, a real-time saver. This mode allows an easy planning and organization of each workflow.

New Support management

Cloudiway has rebuilt its offer of services with a clear distinction between support and consulting.
Technical support is now split into two proposals:

  • Free Basic Support for business hours
  •  Premium Support available upon request with 24×7 coverage and short response time.

Consulting services are an important part of our dedication

Consulting services are a must-have for new customers and partners to understand the right process to set up and configure their migration.

“To strengthen our customer dedication, we created consulting services to help new customers with the configuration of the platform and learn “how to” migrate data. The continuous improvement of our solutions is a strategic requirement. We offer an integrated cloud solution allowing our customers and partners to simply realize their business cohabitation and migration projects.” Orang Gholikani, Sales Manager, Cloudiway

Meet Cloudiway at Microsoft Inspire | 2017

Cloudiway’s participation in Microsoft Inspire Partner Conference from 9 to 13 July in Washington DC confirms its commitment to knowledge sharing.

Microsoft Inspire is the biggest event for Microsoft Partners welcoming +16,000 attendees from all over the world. This week promises to be busy and fulfilling week, an opportunity to network learn and share innovative ideas. Conferences, seminars and meeting points will be held to discuss various topics and meet the experts. There will be a multitude of opportunities for partners to create new business relationships and share knowledge on various topics.


Migration solutions Tailor-Made for Microsoft MSPs

With more than 100.000 successful data migrations each year, Cloudiway has established itself as a major player in the cloud access management, offering a unique range of migration solutions for mail, files, sites and enterprise coexistence.

Enter the community

All participants have access to Microsoft inspire schedule builder called “MyInspire”. Create an account to instantly begin your experience and explore sessions, build schedules, and start making connections to prepare the event.

Talk with migration experts

Meet Cloudiway representatives in a casual environment to share experiences or talk over a coffee about cloud technologies and data migration. If you’re attending the event and would like to meet up with us, please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment.

Don’t miss this strategic meeting place for IT professionals to make important business contact.

Register on

We look forward to seeing you in Washington DC!

Exchange 2007 – Everything comes to an end

Exchange 2007 – Everything comes to an end – But it’s not too late to migrate your data with Cloudiway and catch up with the cloud!

After 10 years of good and loyal services Exchange Server 2007 reached out to an end. As the cloud, has taken on a major role, Microsoft stopped its support for Exchange 2007. If your organisation is still using this software you can take advantage of this opportunity to move your data to Office 365.




Are you willing to take risks? If your users are still running Exchange 2007 you may expose your business to trouble.

What you need to know:

  • You will no longer receive technical support for your issues
  • No more bug fixes and updates
  • Security updates will no longer be applied and could increase risks of hacking

At this stage, changing software is one of the best options to prevent data loss, improve security and avoid business disruption.

Don’t get in trouble and use the Cloudiway SaaS powerful platform, to migrate your data to Office 365 faster and easier today! The best way to keep up with business and catch up with the latest software technologies.

Contact us at to get started.

Free Cloud Migration Solutions: a great opportunity or misconception?

Free Cloud Migration Solutions: a great opportunity or misconception?

In today’s business, data migration has become a strategic topic for companies. This sector is experiencing a global rise with the development of different types of data migration solutions with multiple levels of performance depending upon the complexity of the project.



The growth of cloud-based data migration solutions.

The recent popularity of cloud software is boosting the number of data migrations and increasing the interest of editors in migration solutions. The promise of new market opportunities attracts more and more market leaders to this business. This strong signal demonstrates that the market is now mature and that the commercial and technical war is open. A recent study from the IDC research company has forecast that there will be an overall increase of 24.4% in spending on cloud services in 2017 compared to 2016.

Cloud computing responds to a real need of speed and flexibility in today’s business world. The advantages of this system are numerous. It is easy to use, develop and implement. It offers the possibility and freedom of changing IT environments and is financially very accessible.

Leading software editors are on the offensive by promoting their own migration tools, free to use with the purchase of their software licenses

This evolution is motivated by a double challenge: win new customers with offers of free services and control the market of data migration. It is therefore a well-executed marketing strategy that consists in testing the potential a growing market. The advantages are at first sight attractive: an unbeatable cost because migration is free for the customer and a guarantee of satisfaction because of working with leading technology providers. For example with Microsoft and Fasttrack.

If we take a closer look these free migration solutions have limitations

Firstly, the number of features are limited and do not allow a complete migration which could lead to loosing important data. This is particularly crucial for major accounts which are the main players concerned by an advanced use of data. Next, implementation can be very long and there is a lack of freedom on the choice of destinations of cloud systems. Finally, mention should be made of the risk of additional costs associated with these offers: simple and free migration, but with expensive options that can quickly increase the costs.

What about paid solutions in this market?

In parallel to the range of free solutions described previously there are also paid cloud data migration tools often developed by smaller but expert actors. These solutions are custom made to suit specific needs. With high performance and a strong network of partners, users are guided through the entire process. Considered as premium tools these solutions have greater automation with no data or user limits. They are ideal for large and complex migrations. A clear vision on the costs of this type of solution prevents going over budget. After consideration, free migration solutions are not necessarily the most advantageous path for your business.

To conclude, it is advisable to be cautious. Do not rush into a free migration solution without knowing the product’s features and the scope of your project. Do not forget that data loss is irrecoverable. Free migration solutions can turn out expensive because of the cost of optional features and the lack of support can get you into difficult situations! There is no single answer. It is advisable to take the time to evaluate the different offers and to properly evaluate the needs of your technical environment. An in-depth analysis is therefore necessary before embarking on such a project and it is recommended not to just listen to marketing promises. Don’t forget that choosing the right tools is a guarantee of success for your migration project. Remember, this is about managing data which is one of the most important assets of any company.

Author: Sacha Blaise, Marketing Manager