Save Up To 70% On Your SharePoint Migration Tool

Let’s Migrate SharePoint Sites!

As you may know, moving SharePoint sites is not an easy task, depending on the site architecture and configuration, moving data to your new tenant can quickly become a nightmare. This is why getting the help of a migration tool is sometimes necessary to achieve a successful transition.

The question is: How to save up to 70% on your SharePoint Migration Tool?

Well, each migration tool has an associated set of costs and compatibilities to consider, and usually, when it comes to SharePoint, things start to become pricey.

Here’s where Cloudiway can help, in making a significant cost reduction to migrate SharePoint sites for your customers.

Cloudiway’s platform provides a professional tool to audit and migrate SharePoint sites. The complete set of features is designed to remove complexity and offers great performance. The configuration is easy and can be done from any web browser, no server installation is required and the technical support is free. We know that troubleshooting is time-consuming this is why during your migration, you’re not left alone, a live chat is at your disposal in the graphical interface to ask questions or to get some help.

Cost efficiency

We measured in average 70%* of cost saving compared to other solutions. The annual subscription for $999 is a great value to deal with small projects and migrate up to 20 site collections per project. It’s an immediate impact on your profitability and business. No need to spend thousands of dollars to make a smart move! (*Insights from over 100 IT partners)

What can be Migrated?

The systems:

  • SharePoint 2013/2016
  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint On-Premises

The items:

Complete migration of wikis, blogs, discussions, memberships, note board, photos, recent activities, metadata-driven, top navigation & quick launch bars, permissions, the structure of the site, Sharepoint libraries and much more!

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Office 365 Groups Migration


Do you agree? It shouldn’t require so many different tools to migrate between Office 365 tenants. Involving three or more parties is time consuming and not always very easy to manage.

We are proud to release the Office 365 groups migration tool and it’s now available on Cloudiway coexistence and migration platform!



A useful tool to save time and make the most out of your Office 365 migration. Move Office 365 Groups from one tenant to another easily with a fully automated process.

Here’s where it gets good: you can choose to migrate to another unified group or to a shared mailbox.

Migrate to a unified O365 group:
Migrate easily from one Office 365 groups to another with just a few clicks. Save time and enjoy your new tenant architecture.

  • Conversations (emails, inbox only)
  • Documents
  • Calendar entries
  • Permissions (Owners and members, within the pre-processing task)
  • Notebook (next version)
  • Site (Pages and Site contents: next version)
  • Planner (next version)

Migrate to a shared mailbox:
Migrating to a shared mailbox is a possible option to keep your data and make clean archives.

  • Conversations (emails, inbox only)
  • Calendar entries
  • Permissions within the creation of a mail-enabled security group

Read this article to know more about the pre-processing tasks:

Our interface provides a complete toolset to manage Office 365 – Tenant to Tenant migration. We hope you will enjoy the new tool we have introduced, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Office 365 Migration Partner Program

At Cloudiway partners are welcome! Let’s team up for more efficiency

After launching a welcome offer for new partners, Cloudiway is now strengthening its partner-centric position with sales and marketing commitments. The goal is clear: to build long-term business relationships with upcoming partners and to offer more resources for better collaboration.




Why should I partner with Cloudiway?

In a fast-growing market, Cloudiway has already joined many alliances in Europe and internationally with IT integrators and digital services companies looking for a complete cloud migration solution to respond effectively to their customers. Cloudiway partner program has been created in order to deliver a complete collaboration in sales, marketing, pre-sales and technical support.

Here’s where it gets good:

Melanie Douglas, Partner Manager at Cloudiway says, “Offering a complete suite of powerful solutions is good but not enough. We want to help our partners to increase their know-how about migration and carry out more opportunities. Cloudiway migration platform allows partners to manage each migration project with ease in just a few clicks. A perfect match for IT professionals who want to enter a market segment that promises double-digit growth in the next five years”.

Don’t miss out:

Here is a reminder of what you get with the Cloudiway partner program: cost-efficient pricing, direct point of contact, specialized training, access to a network of opportunities, marketing cooperation for lead generation, communication actions, help from technical consultants and support by phone.

If you want to start providing IT services for Office 365 migration or any other scenario please contact us 

Coexistence and migration of messaging systems following company mergers or acquisitions

During the past few years, the competitive climate has increased the number of companies merging or acquiring new businesses. This has affected companies, small and large, from all sectors and has important repercussions on each business’s information technology infrastructures. Today, beyond the human resources aspect of a merger or acquisition, IT resource management is at the center of all business models. Data is the new oil.

IT restructuring has the potential, if not managed correctly, to generate important losses in revenue and business opportunities. Therefore, the major challenge is to manage a global data migration without impacting operational activities.

This key factor is often forgotten. Success is largely dependent upon including the management of IT resources in the early stages of a merger or acquisition project. This is especially important for large companies where the number of employees and the multiplicity of environments increases technical complexity.

It is of special importance to maintain operations between different messaging systems after a merger. A solution of coexistence between each environment will have to be set up to avoid business downtime during data migrations.

For example, employees of two different entities using different mail systems should be able to:

-Search for calendar availability, Free/busy
-Receive and send emails during migration, (coexistence between environments sharing the same messaging domain name);
-Automatically create shared contacts
-Maintain and update contacts and address books in both environments.

These examples highlight how useful coexistence solutions are for end users to keep up with business.

Operating a merger or an acquisition requires a deep understanding of computing and information systems.

Read more about how we create a smooth transition during a company merger with our partner Silversands.

Cloudiway provides innovative solutions for efficient data migrations. A smart ally to master each transition. Managing data is strategic as it is vital to be able to ensure productivity and best business performance.

Author: Sacha Blaise, Marketing Manager

Google vault to office 365 migration: when precision counts

“Did you know that Cloudiway’s large range of cloud migration solutions also includes a Google Vault to Office 365 migration tool? A great helper for organizations concerned with information governance…”


Pushing the boundaries of Google Vault Migration to Office 365

Information governance is an important subject for any organization willing to be prepared for unexpected situations such as customer claims, lawsuits, litigation and compliance audits.

Nowadays, business flexibility is a key success factor, mergers, acquisitions or splits are common scenarios on the market and closely related to content management. In this situation, moving sensitive content from one company to another in a different environment is a real struggle. The process for migrating Google Vaults to Office 365 is not the easiest project to manage.

Cloudiway migration platform, the shortcut everyone should know

Cloudiway migration tools have been developed with the strong goal of managing critical information and sophisticated processes with one simple and unique cloud-based platform.

Built to automate your process

During the development of this solution, the technical teams were driven by finding the key solution that migrates and manages all critical information from Google Vault Archive to Office 365 regardless the size or type of legacy data. This tool is now available at

In addition to the existent overall package, Cloudiway Google Vault migration proves to be a real satisfaction for company’s requirements to migrate in a fast and secure way without having to commit to potentially expensive infrastructure costs.

Unlimited SharePoint migration, a real game changer for IT pros! Jump to Office 365!

Cloudiway is known for its SaaS migration platform – – a smart tool, powerful and user-friendly to fully automate migration processes and easily move data, contents and users to the cloud. The growing popularity of cloud solutions has completely reshaped customer expectations with a high demand for flexible solutions available at your fingertips.


The ultimate tool: above and beyond limits

Cloudiway is following this shift with the release of an unlimited SharePoint migration solution. A real game changer for IT professionals signing the end of long sales and implementation processes. The SaaS platform requires no installation and the simplified configuration makes project management much easier. This subscription will allow multiple migrations throughout the year for $999* with no extra cost. Microsoft cloud suite is today the leading solution for business content management and collaboration, our offer a direct shortcut solution to move businesses to the cloud in Office 365.

“Designing this offer was a real challenge. It was all about putting partners’ requirements in the first place to improve their business” says Melanie Douglas Partner Manager.

During the one-year subscription period, you can start your migration at any time with no limit of administrators. Once your project is completed you will immediately be ready for the next one, a real time saver!

The migration scenarios

The migration of collaborative sites has become a must-have to help businesses going through a merger, an acquisition or a split. The scenarios supported by this new release are SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint Online and SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online.

The opportunity to improve your expertise and boost your business:

The unlimited SharePoint subscription is a unique opportunity to impact your everyday business with its high technical performances to accomplish more in less time and increase your profitability with a cost-efficient pricing. We are constantly sharing our know-how and technology to ensure the success of our partners.

Contact us for more information:

For more information, please contact our team at

*$999 per year unlimited projects and administrators. Max 20 site collections per project. Can be upgraded upon request.

Cloudiway’s unlimited SharePoint migration is coming!

Satya Nadella has defined Microsoft’s next challenge by saying: “Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”.

The global and expanding demand for cloud solutions has driven the computing sector to change and improve its sales, marketing and technical approach with customers. The focus is now clearly to push productivity to its highest level by partnering with managed service providers and engineering success with end users.


Cloudiway is a major player in this shift with the launch of a new solution providing unlimited SharePoint migration to the cloud. “Improving business performance by delivering advanced services and greater flexibility is our top priority”, says Sacha Blaise, Marketing Manager.

Moving seamlessly to SharePoint Online is not something easy – especially with customized components (web parts, master page, etc…). This challenge may cause a project to be delayed or to go over budget, costing precious resources and putting businesses at risk.

Directed to your needs:

With a straightforward approach, Cloudiway wants to prevent organisations from facing crisis situations by offering direct shortcuts at each step of a SharePoint migration. Available from any web browser Cloudiway’s platform will provide this solution as a 1-year subscription with no limit of projects or users.

The ultimate migration solution with a complete suite of features:

The unlimited SharePoint migration solution will include a range of features such as auditing and reporting tools to fully migrate all your collaborative content with high fidelity. The short sales process and the speedy setup together with competitive pricing are strong benefits for the users. In addition, the dedicated team of consultants and experts can deliver an extra value by helping and supporting all projects with convenience during business hours or weekends. Please check our SLA statement for more details.

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