Cloud migration platform Upgrade: Step Up Your Efficiency!

06 | 21 | 2017
Cloud migration platform Upgrade: Step Up Your Efficiency!

Cloud migration platform Upgrade: Step Up Your Efficiency!

Cloudiway migration platform: The new upgrade

Cloudiway has launched a series of new features on its migration platform which makes it easier to use when planning projects.

Cloudiway provides a unique range of solution to answer various scenarios of data migration for mail, files, sites and coexistence. A smart tool to easily manage data at each step of your business growth during mergers, acquisitions or cohabitation between subsidiaries using two different environments.

A real asset

These are situations where migration and interoperability are strategic for business performance and a real challenge for IT services.

New features

The new platform version allows easy project implementation with a quicker setup process. The User experience has been re-designed for intuitive navigation. The online helpdesk has also been improved, a great helper to configure migration settings.

Move faster & grow your business

Another big step forward is the new general layout to manage multiple migration projects on the same interface and with the same account, a real-time saver. This mode allows an easy planning and organization of each workflow.

New Support management

Cloudiway has rebuilt its offer of services with a clear distinction between support and consulting.
Technical support is now split into two proposals:

  • Free Basic Support for business hours
  •  Premium Support available upon request with 24×7 coverage and short response time.

Consulting services are an important part of our dedication

Consulting services are a must-have for new customers and partners to understand the right process to set up and configure their migration.

“To strengthen our customer dedication, we created consulting services to help new customers with the configuration of the platform and learn “how to” migrate data. The continuous improvement of our solutions is a strategic requirement. We offer an integrated cloud solution allowing our customers and partners to simply realize their business cohabitation and migration projects.” Orang Gholikani, Sales Manager, Cloudiway

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