Coexistence and migration of messaging systems

Coexistence during migration of messaging systems following company mergers or acquisitions

During the past few years, the competitive climate has increased the number of companies merging or acquiring new businesses. This has affected companies, small and large, from all sectors and has important repercussions on each business’s information technology infrastructures.

Today, beyond the human resources aspect of a merger or acquisition, IT resource management is at the center of all business models. Data is the new oil.

IT restructuring has the potential, if not managed correctly, to generate important losses in revenue and business opportunities. Therefore, the major challenge is to manage a global data migration without impacting operational activities.

This key factor is often forgotten. Success is largely dependent upon including the management of IT resources in the early stages of a merger or acquisition project. This is especially important for large companies where the number of employees and the multiplicity of environments increases technical complexity.

It is of special importance to maintain operations between different messaging systems after a merger. A solution of coexistence between each environment will have to be set up to avoid business downtime during data migrations.

For example, employees of two different entities using different mail systems should be able to:

-Search for calendar availability, Free/busy
-Receive and send emails during migration, (coexistence between environments sharing the same messaging domain name);
-Automatically create shared contacts
-Maintain and update contacts and address books in both environments.

These examples highlight how useful coexistence solutions are for end-users to keep up with business.

Operating a merger or an acquisition requires a deep understanding of computing and information systems.

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