Frequently Asked Questions, 3 sections to prepare for a successful project

Frequently Asked Questions

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As a starter, we have included below some of the more common questions we encounter split into 3 sections:

  1. Licensing and Pricing
  2. The Cloudiway platform
  3. Support and Services


Questions about Licensing and Pricing

Please contact our sales department using our online contact form to get an accurate price quote for your project.

Please provide as much information as possible using the methods below so that we can respond to your request as suitably possible:

User Migration
How many mailboxes?
How many drives?
How many drives larger than 25 GB? We need their size for quoting additional data packages

Site Migration (SharePoint or Google Sites)
How many sites and subsites?
How many sites or subsites larger than 25 GB? We need their size for quoting additional data packages
We have an audit tool free of charge for collecting this information if needed.
Register yourself to determine the size of your data.

Archive Migration (Office 365 Inline or Google Vault)
If you have any mail archives to move, we need their size for quoting additional data packages

Mail Routing 
Office 365 multi-tenant switch? Yes or No
If your new tenant has the same domain name, Cloudiway lets you avoid downtime thanks to our optional routing platform add-on.
For more information about Cloudiway mail routing, please read the following article.

Google Group Migration
How many Google Groups?

Migration Strategy
You could use by default pre-staging strategy for your migration project with unlimited passes. This means you will switch all users in the same time at the end of data move.
If you would like to move users per batches, you will need Cloudiway coexistence with a set of powerful functions such as calendar free/busy queries, global address lists sync, and mail routing for the whole migration period.

During migration, Cloudiway needs to push data to the target mailboxes, so they must already be created (provisioned). Therefore, you need to provide them for migration. We can help you with this task if you don’t have your own tools.

Register and create an account on to start your free trial. You can migrate one user and up to 100 MB of data for emails and 100 MB for drives. No credit card is required.

Licenses are necessary to use the features of the migration platform. A license is considered as expired once the migration status is completed.

You can purchase licenses at any time. Login to your account or sign in
Registration is free and will only take a few minutes.
You can also read the following article that explains the process.

If you have a large-scale migration project, please contact our sales department using our online contact form to accurately define the project requirements and estimate costs

You can track your license stock in the account summary section.

You can upgrade your license with an additional data package available in the Buy section or by contacting the sales team.

Learn more:

You will need to purchase an additional data package for the data over 25 GB. You can buy it directly from our platform

We welcome Partners, and thank customer loyalty!

The Cloudiway Partner Program provides access to a wide range of benefits and resources that will contribute to achieving your goals during each phase of your business cycle. Customized to suit your business, your membership entitles you to support and tools, depending on your chosen plan, to help you manage and grow your business. You will also enjoy special discount rates.
The partner interface is intended for customers with the need to manage several projects at the same time.

This interface provides tools such as:

  • multiple project creation;
  • license management between projects;
  • direct access to all your projects;
  • project closure and removal upon completion; and,
  • access delegation for each project.

We continuously monitor the needs and demands of our customers to continue to offer original and unique technological solutions.
Cloudiway innovates on your behalf and keeps you up to date with the latest technological advances; with our products, you’ll continue to stand out in a very competitive market.

To get this interface, please contact our sales department using our online contact form.

Due to data transfer costs using Microsoft Azure, Cloudiway non-profit and educational licenses have a limited data size.

Licenses cost $3/user for standard (mailbox only) and $5 /user for premium (mailbox & drive) with a limited size of 3 GB for Standard and 6 GB for premium. Therefore, you should limit the amount of emails to move.
In comparison, our regular licenses cost $9.50 /user for Standard and $14 /user for premium, where you can move unlimited data.

We also offer a 15% discount on Google Sites migration.

Important: Cloudiway requires proof that you belong to one of these organizations.

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. To upgrade your licenses, you need to login into your account on Cloudiway Platform

If you are experiencing issues when upgrading your users, please read the following article.

Once you have reached the trial limitations you can directly buy and assign a license to the same user, continue the process, and complete your project.


The Cloudiway platform
Everything you need to know about migration, collaboration, privacy, security and more

The Cloudiway platform (migration, coexistence and Identity Management) is a cloud-based application hosted in Windows Azure.
We take your privacy and security seriously and as such we have invested significant effort in making our platform and your data secure.

Please read this information carefully to understand our policies and practices regarding your data and how we will treat it.

Cloudiway enterprise coexistence enables seamless collaboration between Google Apps, Office 365, and Exchange users. It provides interoperability between these mail platforms during the migration or for long-term, multiple system usage.

About using Cloudiway enterprise coexistence 

  • Cloudiway enterprise coexistence is a SaaS application that can be used from any web browser.
  • Registration is free and will only take a few minutes!
  • Cloud-based approach: no software to install (updates are included in your subscription).
  • Flexible pricing tailored to your needs: monthly, bi-annual, or annual subscriptions.
  • Subscribe all users or a defined set of users.

How does it work?

1. Free/busy queries between Google, Office 365, and Exchange Server (on-premises) allows users to query the availability of external users, rooms, and equipment, providing immediate answers.
Note: to maintain users’ confidential information, additional details are not disclosed.

2. Address book synchronization (also called GalSync – Global Address List Synchronization) automatically creates users from one messaging system as shared contacts in the other(s) to keep all global address lists up to date.

3. Mail routing provides interoperability between two tenants. Users can send and receive emails in case of long-term migration experience using the mail routing engine.

This service is not available by default. A dedicated pool of virtual machines will be built and installed close to your location.

Please contact our sales department using our online contact form to get an accurate price quote for your project.

Google and SharePoint have architectural differences.
The following chart shows the difference between Google sites and SharePoint sites: hierarchical vs. flat organization.

Primary Site
collection #1
Root site
Primary Site
collection #2
Root site
Primary Site
collection #n
Root site
Subsite #1 Subsite #2 Subsite #1 Subsite #1
Subsite #1 Subsite #2 Subsite #… Subsite #… Subsite #… Subsite #…
Subsite #…

​In SharePoint, sites are hierarchically organized. A SharePoint sites tenant is a set of sites collections.
Each site collection contains a root site (the top site). The top site may have several subsites, which also may have subsites and so on.

Google sites tenant
Site #1 Site #2 Site #3 Site #4

Google sites are organized directly in a flat way in the tenant. The notion of Subsite does not exist on Google sites.
In this way, Cloudiway Platform proceeds by equivalence to migrate the different Google elements to a collaborative SharePoint site.

Cloudiway doesn’t provide any trial license for site migrations, but you can run a GetSites and Audit of your collaborative sites, which is free of charge.

Unfortunately, Cloudiway doesn’t support this migration scenario. We do, however, offer the only solution for Google Sites to SharePoint migration, as well as a SharePoint to SharePoint migration solution.

Unfortunately, Cloudiway doesn’t support public folder migration.

The migration of archives is not included within Standard mail licenses.

When you purchase licenses for data migration, you can also move archives, but you need to buy an additional data package.
You’ll need to evaluate the size of your archive and purchase a data package to match the volume of your migration project.

Please contact our sales department using our online contact form to get an accurate price quote or purchase an additional package through the Cloudiway platform.


Support and Services
Understand the difference between our support and services, also known as consulting

The Cloudiway helpdesk has strict regulations and handles one issue per ticket.
Any additional requests will not be processed and closed. Support teams are very busy and need to be able to quickly resolve the problem to ensure risk is eliminated before it has an adverse impact on end-users.

Please provide as much detail as possible about your issue;

  • Your login name on the Cloudiway platform
  • A user or site impacted (source email address, site name or URL)
  • File name and/or folder name
  • Mail or calendar item impacted (subject, date, folder)

Cloudiway doesn’t provide support over the phone/email.

Please open a ticket using our Platform

Migrating from one system to another is always a complex task because it requires specific configuration in both systems and high network reliability.
Cloudiway consulting services are not mandatory. However, we strongly encourage you to buy consulting services if you are using the Cloudiway Platform for the first time. This will ensure that you deliver the best service possible to your customer as well as become competent in using the platform. If you feel experienced enough, you might not want/need additional service packages. In this case, without professional services, you will only have access to support using our Platform.

Scope of Cloudiway consulting services:
Cloudiway teams assist you during your migration projects and help you in defining your migration path, planning your migration and determining the amount of resources that need to be dedicated to for your project.
During the project, Cloudiway brings high value, monitoring your migration and generating relevant migration reports.
We help you stay on track with your deadlines and send you action plans.
More than a service, you get the engagement of the consultant that your migration will be completed on time with a quality of migration greater than 99.9%.
During this managed migration mode, a project manager is assigned to your migration project and becomes your point of contact until completion.

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