Google Vault to microsoft 365 Migration

Google Vault to microsoft 365 Migration, When Precision Counts

Used to archive information from Google Workspace, such as Google Drive, Google Shared Drives, Groups, etc. Cloudiway can migrate Google Vault to Office 365 without losing a bit of data, and this solution is now on the new platform!

Why do you need to envisage a Google Vault to Microsoft 365 migration?

There can be several reasons why you may want to envisage a Google Vault to Microsoft 365 migration. As part of your strategic reorganization or acquisition by another company, you may have to leave Google Workspace and move your content to a Microsoft 365 tenant without leaving any data behind. Google data without api to automatice the extraction process used to be a real issue that Cloudiway migration platform is going to address for you.

Pushing the boundaries of Google Vault to Microsoft 365 Migration

Information governance is essential for any organization willing to be prepared for unexpected situations such as customer claims, lawsuits, litigation, and compliance audits.

Nowadays, business flexibility is a crucial success factor, mergers, acquisitions, or splits are common scenarios on the market and closely related to content management. In this situation, moving sensitive content from one company to another in a different environment is a real struggle. The process for migrating Google Vaults to Office 365 is not the easiest project to manage.

Google Vault is a web-based service that is an integral component of Google Workspace. Most of the time used for the reasons mentioned above but also searches and data exports.

Note: we also provide a complete Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration solution

Cloudiway Cloud Migration Platform, the shortcut everyone should know

Most of the users are stuck when they need to migrate Google Vault to Office 365. Microsoft provides no native method to import Vault archived content to Office 365.

Cloudiway migration tools have been developed to manage critical information and sophisticated processes with one unique and straightforward cloud-based platform.

Built to automate your process, Migrate Google Vault to Microsoft Office 365

During the development of this solution, the technical teams were driven by finding the key solution that migrates and manages all critical information from Google Vault Archive to Office 365 regardless of the size or type of legacy data and without losing any data.

In addition to the existent overall package, Cloudiway Google Vault migration proves to be an absolute satisfaction for the company’s requirements to migrate in a fast and secure way without committing to potentially expensive infrastructure costs. No Azure subscription is needed; we got you covered

Explore our new admin guide that introduces the complete migration process. Our migration experts do all the hard work and take the pain out of your move to the cloud. This migration guide contains only the necessary steps to perform the migration. 

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