Save Up To 70% On Your SharePoint Migration Tool

03 | 30 | 2018
SharePoint migration

Save Up To 70% On Your SharePoint Migration Tool

Let’s Migrate SharePoint Sites!

As you may know, moving SharePoint sites is not an easy task, depending on the site architecture and configuration, moving data to your new tenant can quickly become a nightmare. This is why getting the help of a migration tool is sometimes necessary to achieve a successful transition.

The question is: How to save up to 70% on your SharePoint Migration Tool?

Well, each migration tool has an associated set of costs and compatibilities to consider, and usually, when it comes to SharePoint, things start to become pricey.

Here’s where Cloudiway can help, in making a significant cost reduction to migrate SharePoint sites for your customers.

Cloudiway’s platform provides a professional tool to audit and migrate SharePoint sites. The complete set of features is designed to remove complexity and offers great performance. The configuration is easy and can be done from any web browser, no server installation is required and the technical support is free. We know that troubleshooting is time-consuming this is why during your migration, you’re not left alone, a live chat is at your disposal in the graphical interface to ask questions or to get some help.

Cost efficiency

We measured in average 70%* of cost saving compared to other solutions. The annual subscription for $999 is a great value to deal with small projects and migrate up to 20 site collections per project. It’s an immediate impact on your profitability and business. No need to spend thousands of dollars to make a smart move! (*Insights from over 100 IT partners)

What can be Migrated?

The systems:

  • SharePoint 2013/2016
  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint On-Premises

The items:

Complete migration of wikis, blogs, discussions, memberships, note board, photos, recent activities, metadata-driven, top navigation & quick launch bars, permissions, the structure of the site, Sharepoint libraries and much more!

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