Cross Tenant OneDrive Migration Tool

Introducing the OneDrive migration tool

In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizational changes such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and corporate rebranding are commonplace. As organizations evolve, so do their IT needs, particularly when two or more entities with existing Microsoft 365 environments come together. Enter cross-tenant Microsoft 365 migrations, a process that addresses these requirements by enabling the movement of data and users between separate Microsoft 365 tenants.

For instance, companies may envisage Cross-tenant migrations for unified collaboration ( having all users under a single tenant) or branding and identity: for companies looking to consolidate their brand identity post-merger or acquisition, having a unified email domain and user identity is essential. Cross-tenant migrations facilitate this consolidation.

Enter the OneDrive Migration Tool, powered by Cloudiway

A Tailored Solution for Complex Scenarios

During events like mergers or divestitures, businesses need a reliable tool to move users’ OneDrive accounts seamlessly into a new Microsoft 365 tenant. Cloudiway’s OneDrive Migration Tool provides tenant administrators with a familiar environment to facilitate this transition with ease.

Navigating Path Size Constraints

One of the critical challenges during migrations is the Microsoft-enforced 400-character limit on paths. This restriction encapsulates the entire path, not just filenames. Hence, when planning migrations, it’s essential to scrutinize the length of OneDrive URL names in your target tenant.

Thanks to Cloudiway’s intelligent detection, migrations are safeguarded against these pitfalls. The tool automatically identifies if the character limit is breached. In such instances, collaboration with the site owner ensures restructuring of the file/folder directory to adhere to the prescribed path lengths.

Managing OneDrive Account Capacities

Each OneDrive account comes with specific size limitations – a cap of either 2 TB of content or 1 million items. Cloudiway’s OneDrive Migration Tool has been designed keeping these constraints in mind, ensuring a seamless transition without overloading the destination accounts.

OneDrive Provisioning

By default, OneDrive Accounts are provisioned on demand, the first time that user is trying to access his personal OneDrive. Migration Tools must be able to provisioning the OneDrives before starting the migration. 

The Cloudiway Platform is automatically provisioning the OneDrive urls before starting the migration.

Preserving Permissions Impeccably

A standout feature of the Cloudiway tool is its commitment to maintaining permissions. All users and groups listed in the identity mapping file, once uploaded to the target tenant, will retain their corresponding permissions relative to the migrated OneDrive site.

Seamless Transition of Shared Files

Cloudiway understands the collaborative essence of businesses. Post-migration, if anyone taps on a shared link pointing to the old OneDrive location, they’re automatically redirected to the new site, assuming access privileges remain unchanged. These redirections persist until the source tenant undergoes decommissioning, providing businesses with ample flexibility. Additionally, administrators possess the capability to selectively revoke redirects based on individual sites. 


Microsoft 365 Cross Tenant Migration

The migration of OneDrive accounts represents just one facet of a broader spectrum. Organizations often grapple with the intricate task of transferring diverse data types, each carrying its unique set of challenges.

Mail Migration

The transition of emails is about safeguarding communication threads, maintaining folder structures, preserving timestamps, and ensuring that integrations with calendar events and contacts remain intact.


Teams Migration

Migrating Microsoft Teams involves the meticulous transfer of channels, chats, meeting histories, and attachments. Keeping team structures cohesive and ensuring that permissions and membership data transfer correctly is vital for the collaboration continuity of any enterprise.


SharePoint Migration

SharePoint, being a hub for collaboration and content management, poses its unique complexities. The migration involves transitioning site collections, lists, libraries, workflows, and customizations, all while preserving the permissions and metadata.


The Power of a Unified Tool

In this intricate migration landscape, bouncing between different tools for each migration type can be not just cumbersome but error-prone. Cloudiway understands this challenge and underscores the importance of a unified migration solution. A single, comprehensive tool that can adeptly handle the migration of mails, OneDrive accounts, Teams, SharePoint, and more not only streamlines the process but also ensures consistency, security, and reliability throughout the migration journey.


Having all your migration needs addressed under one umbrella minimizes risks, reduces overheads, and guarantees a smoother transition. With Cloudiway, you’re not just migrating data; you’re ensuring that your organization’s digital pulse continues to beat strongly and seamlessly.