Microsoft SSPA Audit Successfully Passed

08 | 31 | 2020
Microsoft SSPA Audit Successfully Passed

Microsoft SSPA Audit Successfully Passed

Cloudiway has successfully passed the external audit for the Microsoft SSPA (Supplier Security and Privacy Assurance) compliance program. The audit proves that Cloudiway is performing its duties to a standard that can be trusted by MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and IT Professionals.

Cloudiway attaches great importance to meeting high standards and has already received significant recognition from Microsoft.

The purpose of this engagement was to perform specific agreed-upon test procedures concerning the design effectiveness of the controls of Cloudiway over Microsoft Personal Data and Confidential Data.

The audit included performing the following activities:

  • Determining in-scope locations and applicable DPRs (Data Protection Requirements).
  • Specifying the controls that meet the applicable requirements.
  • Designing, implementing, and documenting the controls to meet the DPR.

Cloudiway does not collect sensitive Microsoft Personal Data nor do they collect data from Third-parties. Cloudiway uses logical isolation to segregate each customer’s data (migration lists, connectors, etc.), and the infrastructure is fully hosted in Microsoft Azure and leverages Azure security. Cloudiway Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) leverages the Azure Infrastructure and ensures that the production environment is available 24×7*365 with an SLA (Service Level Agreement) above 99.9%.

Earlier this year, we also passed a security assessment and pentest from Microsoft Teams, and the result met their expectations.

Technology is always changing, and staying compliant involves high dedication. We are delighted to report on the excellent results of the audits. It is not only to give you peace of mind in using our cloud migration tools but to show our performance and that Cloudiway is committed to the highest standards.

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