Microsoft Teams Migration

02 | 18 | 2019

Microsoft Teams Migration

Microsoft Teams is a cloud collaborative place where the members of your organization can cooperate, work as a team, and have conversations, all in one place.

Microsoft Teams is built on Office 365 Groups. Creating a Team creates an Office 365 Group with the membership you chose to designate. In the same way, these Groups create a number of workspaces in other Office 365 Apps, such as plan in Planner and a site in SharePoint.

Microsoft Teams is the right place to do simultaneous work, therefore more and more organizations are using Microsoft Teams as their new workspaces in Office 365. Cloudiway has developed the first migration tool that allows you to migrate Microsoft Teams from one Office 365 tenant to another, to help businesses to run fast and easy migration of your Microsoft Teams data.

We are proud to announce that at this time, the Cloudiway migration platform is the only tool on the market that allows businesses to move their Microsoft Teams smoothly from one tenant to another. It is now supported and available at

What is migrated during Microsoft Teams migration?

  • Channels
  • Conversations
  • Files
  • Attachments
  • Notes
  • Associated mailbox and SharePoint site
  • Permissions
  • Membership roles
  • Planners
  • OneNote tabs

If you’re looking to migrate Microsoft Teams, you can contact our team to get some advice and best migration practices for free at or use the contact form

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