Cloudiway Announces Update to Migration Product for Microsoft Teams

09 | 8 | 2020
Microsoft Teams Migration Update

Cloudiway Announces Update to Migration Product for Microsoft Teams

After almost two years of experience, Cloudiway is evolving its Microsoft Teams migration product launched back in February 2019 by relying on a robust and intuitive solution. It allows you to complete the entire Microsoft Teams migration process, with flexibility and confidence.



Manage the success of your Teams migration

Microsoft Logo“Microsoft Teams usage continues to grow worldwide, and migration between different teams or from different collaboration systems can be a requirement. With years of experience and a new interface, Cloudiway offers a solution to MSPs and IT Professionals.”
Mike Ammerlaan
Director of Microsoft 365 Ecosystem marketing at Microsoft Corp.
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The expansion of Teams within companies and especially large accounts is a strong trend towards cloud computing and collaboration tools that will continue to develop.
The migration to this environment is, therefore, a strategic operation that must be carried out in order not to restrain employees and allow them to use Teams while preserving their data.

Our solution offers all the guarantees to carry out the migration. We have already completed many migration and coexistence projects, recently one that involved more than 8,000 teams.

Simple SaaS interface, a complete set of features

A secure, fast and efficient tool for all migration needs, the Cloudiway Teams migration solution helps companies perform technical migrations via a simple SaaS interface.

Therefore, migrations using the Cloudiway migration product for Teams do not require any software installation and can allow quick and secure migrations.

Cloudiway Logo“Now more than never, MSPs have strong vendor preferences and look for a fast path to profitability. With over 10 years of experience, Cloudiway helped thousands of customers manage their migration. We are now releasing a new powerful interface, new scenarios such as Slack or private channels migrations and a great improvement for large migrations.”
Emmanuel Dreux, CEO, Cloudiway.


Some features of the Cloudiway migration product for Teams migrations:

  • Advanced Team Audit, creation and renaming
  • Manage and migrate all Teams, Group, and Microsoft SharePoint content
  • Migration of channels, emails, files, conversations, tabs, Microsoft OneNote, Teams settings, etc.

Note also that it is possible to migrate collaborative tools like Google Team Drives or Slack to Teams and to rationalize the communication points and increase productivity.

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Finally, consulting services complete the solution and make it possible to rely on an expert consultant during the implementation of your migration project to Microsoft Teams.

Download Microsoft Teams Migration Updated Brochure Download PDF Here

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