Secure mail routing and domain sharing

Flexible mail routing options from any mail system to any mail system, or between Microsoft 365 tenants.

Share a domain name for email users on different remote systems.

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Flexible mail routing and domain sharing options during mail migration

Cloudiway’s mail routing tool helps businesses implement elaborate mail forwarding systems through a simple SaaS interface. Unlike traditional email management software, Cloudiway requires no additional software installation or overhead. Simply point your MX records to Cloudiway’s platform to get started!

Email routing can be performed between two or more different email systems, as well as between Microsoft 365 tenants. If you require a simple mail forwarding service during mail migration, Cloudiway has the solution.

Mail Routing & Domain Sharing Cloudiway

Benefits during mail migration

After a cutover mail migration between Office 365 tenants, moving domain names can take up to 48 hours. To avoid non-delivery reports for any emails sent to those domains, Cloudiway’s platform ensures all incoming mail is routed to the intended user regardless of the status of the domain.

During a staged mail migration, remote systems must be able to carry on as normal, adding or deleting users, or perhaps adding or depreciating DNS domains. Mail routing also performs proxy server services.

Contact us if you have any questions and explore our documentation to learn more:

  • Flexible solution for every business need and setup
  • Particularly useful for sharing domains across Microsoft 365 tenants
  • Secure, SaaS-based solution with nothing to install
  • Use independently or with any of Cloudiway’s other tools

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