Case Study: 8,000 Microsoft Teams Migrations

Cloudiway helps Nero Blanco achieve 8000 Microsoft Teams Migrations, one of the highlights of more than a year of Teams migrations experienced by Cloudiway partners around the world.

Meet the Partner

With a migration of more than 8,000 teams, Nero Blanco has been one of the favorites among the many Microsoft Teams migration projects led by Cloudiway since its release.

nero blanco msp partner

Nero Blanco was formed by highly skilled and experienced independent contractors. Nero Blanco helps organizations with mixed IT environments to make a seamless transition to the latest technology.

Improving Microsoft Teams Migration over a year of experience

Built on the Azure platform, Cloudiway provides a secure and efficient migration experience, solving even the most complex enterprise transformations by allowing coexistence between the source, and target environments so that users can keep working during the move.

Cloudiway is a pioneer on the market having launched the Teams migration solution in early 2019.

Providing a known issues and limitations document, the experience for Nero Blanco was straightforward, and Cloudiway recorded all the steps to evolve the whole platform into a new version coming in 2020.

MS Teams Functionnality

Teams migrations require no additional software installation or overhead migrations can be performed securely and quickly.

Easy access rights and functionality

“The Cloudiway Expert was fantastic to work with, very knowledgeable and helpful” said Conrad Murray, Director and Messaging Architect at Nero Blanco.

Cloudiway provides a user-friendly interface, comprehensive reporting, security, and access rights control to tailor business needs.

Multiple Migration Accounts can be used, allowing better flexibility and secure rights to achieve migration smoothly.

Cloudiway Partner

Conrad points to the functionality available from the start of the Cloudiway Teams migration solution, including planners, and wiki migration.

The tool allows for renaming to the target based on a mapping file, allowing us to be more accurate in the migration.

With Cloudiway, you can split the Teams Workloads, Conversations, Files, Permissions, and even the Group Inbox Messages.

Cloudiway creates the Conditional Access policy to perform the migrations, and there is no need to create another Azure App Service Account.

Time for a Revamp!

Time for a revampAfter more than a year of experience, Cloudiway is evolving its Microsoft Teams migration offer launched back in February 2019 by relying on a new robust and intuitive solution.

This new offer will allow you to safely complete the entire migration and coexistence process, with flexibility and confidence.

Wait no more, ask our experts for an introduction demo to our new platform!

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