Enterprise coexistence between Office 365 tenants with GALSync

“Cloudiway has been exceptionally helpful throughout our implementation.
During the first day of our corporate partnership, they have been responsive and tireless in getting to the bottom of some teething issues.”
– Peter Stephens
IT Infrastructure Team Leader

About Radian

Coexistence in a new partnership

To help both representatives of Radian and Yarlington to work hand-in-hand, Peter Stephens, IT Infrastructure Team Leader at Radian created an account at Cloudiway, a leader in coexistence and migration. Thanks to a well-articulated strategy that blended Office 365, GALSync, and IT tactics, Radian and Cloudiway made sure to achieve the coexistence at each stop.
Housing providers Radian and Yarlington have confirmed they have entered into a new partnership, creating an organization that manages 38,000 homes and assets, with 79,000 customers living in their homes across the south and south west of England. Radian Group is now one of the largest housing associations in England.

GALSync between Office 365 tenants

GALSync Job List
Coexistence GALSync Job List

Yarlington Housing Group and Radian Group Limited have officially formed a new partnership. To allow users to find internal contacts on different or the same email systems, Cloudiway developed a new Coexistence solution with Global Address List Synchronization (GALSync).

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Cloudiway worked closely with Radian to ensure the coexistence would be ready on time.


How Cloudiway and Radian worked to achieve the coexistence

Radian created an account a few weeks before the final maturity date of November 5, 2019. Cloudiway verified the account and accesses for two administrators of both companies. Following the configuration phase, Peter Stephens imported all contact addresses on the platform.
Cloudiway’s team helped him to validate the different connectors; then, after a testing phase among the official partnership, Peter led the final production with success.
More than 6000 addresses were synchronized during the first week of November, and all employees of both entities have now access to all contacts.

The configuration and activation was a smashing success. The GALSync coexistence was fully established between both companies, Radian and Yarlington.
Cloudiway built credibility and relevance with Radian by assisting the coexistence project the entire way.

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