Create Connectors Guide

Cloudiway uses connectors to store information (credentials, URL, etc.) that are used to connect the different systems. On security matters, credentials are encrypted using AES256.


  1. Multi connectors (Pool)
  2. Create a connector
  3. Configuration

1. Multi connectors (Pool)

Most collaboration systems have throttling mechanisms to prevent you from consuming too many resources. Therefore, it impacts migration performances by limiting the number of concurrent migrations.

To bypass these constraints, Cloudiway can use several connectors in parallel.

All you have to do is to create different connectors of the same type and store them in a pool. Cloudiway will automatically use the connectors of the pool to maximize the performances.

For instance, when a migration account is throttled, Cloudiway will automatically switch to another connector.

Most of the time, a single connector is sufficient. Using several connectors per pool should be done only when recommended by Cloudiway.

To avoid you having to take care of pools, by default, the first connector is automatically assigned to the default source pool, and the first target connector is assigned to the default target pool. When you create a second connector, the option to manage pools appear (where you can create and delete pools).

Note: a pool can contain only connectors with credentials of the same tenant: when starting a migration, the platform will automatically pick up an available connector within the pool.

2. Create a connector

Once you are in your project, click on Connectors.

Cloudiway Connectors

Click on NEW.


Select the connector type:

Connector List

Set a name.

Click on NEXT.

Select Product(s):

Select Products

Set if it’s a Source or Target Connector.

Click on NEXT.

3. Configuration

Depending on your migration or coexistence scenario, continue to set up your connector:

For Mail (Office 365, Gmail, Exchange, Zimbra and IMAP), File (OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, DropBox and Azure Blob Storage), Sites ( SharePoint and Google Sites) and Groups (Microsoft Teams & Groups, Google Groups and Slack):

For GalSync and FreeBusy coexistence scenario, continue to set up your connector:


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