• Files and folders
  • Metadata (Creation data, author, …)
  • Permissions and account mapping
  • Automatic conversion of Google documents to Office formats
  • Creation of target accounts
  • Supports delta mode migration (migration of what has changed between two passes)


Reduced costs
Fast, efficient and the most cost effective solution on the market
SAAS Platform build on top of Azure
Improved business agility with zero local deployment
The fastest migration on the market
Whatever the size of your business, migrate in the most efficient way possible
Self-service platform
Simplifies and accelerates your purchasing process

Simplify and automate migration of business content using Cloudiway file migration for Google Drive, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online

Transfering files from one cloud storage service to another might sound adventurous, but rest easy, you don’t need to be an expert. Cloudiway puts all of your data in one place without data degradation.

There is no harware to deploy or software to install, simply use an internet connection and a web browser for migrating your business content. Cloudiway also does the hard work for you. It preserves existing files and permissions and automatically converts document formats between Google Apps and Office 365.

What about my shared files?

Cloudiway handles migration according to heterogeneous environment restrictions. Documents shared on Google Drive can be migrated to OneDrive for business or SharePoint depending on how they’ve been shared. We also provide flexible options to ensure files remain easy to locate.

Cloudiway makes migration easy by leveraging the latest technology to drive a seamless transition without needing the credentials of all your business users.

File migration uses the same user-friendly platform as mailboxes migration so you can perfom concurrent migrations to your new cloud-based system.

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