Google Team Drives to Microsoft Teams

Cloudiway helps a global telecommunications provider achieve a multi-tenant G Suite to Office 365 cloud migration with coexistence, including Google Team Drives.

A Global Service Cloud Provider

Cloudiway worked closely with The B2B branch of the provider, serving integrated IT and telecoms solutions to over 4000 multinational customers.
To conduct a significant and time-sensitive G Suite (including Google Team Drives) to Office 365 migration project, offering complete migration and coexistence solutions.

With over 7 years of experience and partnership with Cloudiway, the multinational’s cloud migration used the Cloudiway platform to accomplish the Google Team Drives to Microsoft Teams migration combining coexistence and Mail Routing solutions.

More than 300 France-based store

Migration over multi stores and vast amounts of dataThe end customer operates an international network of more than 1,100 retail stores.

Through mergers and acquisitions, the company was looking to migrate from G Suite to Office 365, store by store, securely and transparently for users.

Among vast amounts of data, including Google Drive and Team Drives, and facilitating communication between store branches, and HQ.


Google Team Drives to Microsoft Teams, including Office 365 Mailboxes & Files

Cloudiway aids in performing the migration from G Suite, with calendar and contact information in addition to mailbox data to Office 365.

Besides, Google Team Drives have been migrated to Microsoft Teams, including:

• DocumentsGoogle Team Drives to Office 365 Teams
• Spreadsheets
• Slideshows
• Permissions
• Folders
• Uploaded files (eg: .pdf, .jpg)
• Convert Google docs to Office 365 format

The project was complex as the migration needed to be set up for different stores and without interrupting business operations.

Answer the need for progressive migration

Migration solutionWith the help of Cloudiway migration and coexistence partner, the multinational’s cloud migration used a phased approach to minimize business disruption.

Migrations happened intermittently over 6 months, which was previously required since the migration concerned dozens of stores.

While most of the providers focus on shortening migration timelines, Cloudiway experts consider each project differently, allowing a progressive migration and final customers to perform the transition with no downtime or data loss.


Migration Stats Users Files Team Drives

The Cloudiway Saas architecture enabled the provider to manage this project and migrate users, Google Drive, and Team Drives in multiple batches and during a considerable time.

Downtimes and data loss can have a significant impact on the business

Achieving a smooth migration with security and performance, with little to no impact on end-users, combined with the need to migrate store by store, is
a significant challenge.

Both teams worked together to establish long-term full interoperability between G Suite and Office 365. Allowing teams to work on G Suite and Office 365 until the final migration.

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