Case Study: On-Premise To Cloud Migration

How Cloud Temple helped a leading international energy supplier to seamlessly migrate its on-premise messaging platform to cloud using Cloudiway SaaS.

Cloud Temple

Cloud Temple is a French company specializing in cloud transformation, IT hosting, and outsourcing critical business applications.

Hybridized with the most popular Publics Clouds, Cloud Temple is one of the Private Cloud leaders (6 Data Centers, 18 PO storage, 1800 hypervisors).

Cloud Temple supports you in the modernization of your applications. Safely, we build your public, private, and hybrid hosting solutions.

Cloud Temple benefits from a recognized expertise in the migration of Open Source Email Platforms Exchange to Public Cloud solutions, using Cloudiway migration tools is essential for these projects.” said Norbert LACOMBE, Project Director at Cloud Temple.


On-Premise To Cloud Migration

Cloud Temple operates the Exchange On-Premise platform of EDF RENOUVELABLES (Renewables) on its Private Cloud.

The customer naturally turned to Cloud Temple to migrate its messaging platform to the Microsoft Public Cloud and more specifically, Exchange Online, Office 365.

2500 users performanceThe challenge was to migrate 2,500 users (spread across 21 separate domains) in 3 months. The migration under the Cloudiway platform was completed within a week.


On-Premise Vs. Cloud

It is essential to understand that Public Cloud benefits come alongside considerable challenges, including the need to improve availability and latency, scale the development process, and address cloud security challenges.

On-Premise to Cloud MigrationSecurity remains the number one barrier to a cloud computing deployment.

Cloud service providers such as Microsoft, AWS, Google have met the highest security standards in many sectors, whether the financial, medical or government.

They understand fully that thousands of customers entrust their data security to them.


Mailbox Migration

A successful migration should feel as seamless as possible to the organization, so work isn’t disrupted.

Cloud Temple deployed its roadmap to complete this migration and to meet the requirements (technical, time, and organizational).

Mailbox Migration ToolTo adapt to the structure of the customer EXCHANGE organization, Cloudiway makes it possible to define migration batches, automate migrations, to control the completeness of the various copies.

You can arrange settings that make it possible to adjust the flow rates and control the migration times.
Learn more about Mailbox Migration Tool.

The project was completed on time, and the changes to each of the email domains mostly took place during business hours with minimal impact on users.


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Following COVID-19’s Impact on Cloud-Based Collaboration Tools, but also the Exchange 2010 end of support at the end of this year. Cloud migration is the priority of most IT professionals around the world.

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