A complete MS Teams migration, With Office 365 Mails and Drives

“The choice of the Cloudiway solution was a guarantee of success given the experience acquired over many years and the need to migrate Teams that only Cloudiway was able to offer on the market at the time.
Experience has shown that Cloudiway is the ideal partner
– Olivier Mithouard
Project Director

About Teams Migration

Neos SDI Case Study MS Teams Migration
Since 2001, Neos-SDI, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner propose innovative usage and business solutions in Microsoft Technologies and Cloud infrastructure.
Neos-SDI and Cloudiway worked hand in hand together to achieve a complete migration, including Mails, Drives, and Microsoft Teams for Neopost, a global technology provider of digital communications, shipping, and mail solutions.
Neopost provides products ranging from physical mail processing systems to digital communications management, as well as supply chain and e-commerce process optimization solutions. From the point of sale to delivery, including associated tracking services.


Prioritize and Manage Different Migration Workloads

The cloud-based solution Cloudiway can manage mails, drives, groups, teams migration, and more whatever the size and location of the business. Neos-SDI, a trusted partner, worked closely with Cloudiway on several Office 365 projects. They engaged Cloudiway consultancy services and products to achieve a global Office 365 tenant to tenant migration project.
The decisional process was to find a migration platform with all these capabilities to meet Neos-SDI requirements, which include the migration of Mails, Drives, and the last implemented product of Cloudiway early in 2019, Microsoft Teams.

users drives and ms teams migration app

Collaboration and partnerships are fundamental to improving business outcomes, and we know that «two heads are better than one.» Within a clear and shared goal, Neos-SDI and Cloudiway managed to complete the migration on time.
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Manage Migration Batches

A great collaboration from both companies from the kickoff to post-migration helped Neos-SDI to have a successful migration process. Strong of a breadth of knowledge and experience in IT services and Microsoft solutions, both teams decided to split the project into two phases.

First and foremost, Neos-SDI has migrated the mails and drives, products that they are quite familiar with. Once phase 1 has been completed and implemented, phase 2 began with the migration of over 200 Microsoft Teams. The migration went very well using Cloudiway’s fully managed, cloud-based tools.


Neos-SDI, a Trusted Partner

Neos-SDI, a French tech company working with major accounts in France, is using Cloudiway’s platform to serve changing market needs. What Strikes us in this project is how we can work together and achieve a multi migration project at a smooth pace without cutting on timelines and security.

We all know that each migration is different, and Neos-SDI knew they can trust the Cloudiway migration tool to ensure the smooth working of all aspects of the migration.

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