Enterprise coexistence

A suite of technical solutions that allow businesses to coexist as one during mergers and acquisitions.

Enable long-term or short-term full interoperability between Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Exchange On-Premises 2007 or later, and Office 365.

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Enterprise coexistence between Google Workspace, and Office 365

Cloudiway is the only company to offer the complete suite of cross-platform collaboration tool services. If you are planning to run your migration over a few months, coexistence is the right way to go.

Our SaaS enterprise coexistence suite enables a multi-tenant architecture for all types of business and at all stages of a company’s development.

Enterprise Coexistence Collaboration Tool

Enterprise Coexistence During Mergers, Acquisitions or Divestitures

We allow end-users to collaborate as if they’re on the same system during mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures. A great way to enhance communications between different platforms with no impact on day-to-day operations.

Whether you’re looking for a seamless, short-term tool during mail migration or a reliable long-term solution for users on multiple environments, the Cloudiway coexistence suite provides everything you need.

Take away the configuration headache of coexistence with Cloudiway. Our 2 main components are Calendar Free/Busy, and GALSync. Share free/busy time between users on different platforms, use the GALSync directory sync tool to synchronize your Office 365 global address lists. Each can be purchased individually and work with any combination of Office 365, Exchange On-premises, and Google Workspace.

Your address books remain synchronized during migration, as well as your user passwords, groups, etc. You can migrate your users in batches. Using Cloudiway migration, you will be able to provision and migrate the users in each batch at a time and date of your choice.

A Well-Established Collaboration Tool

We are experts in Google and Microsoft migration. With more than 10 years of experience, we offer a wide range of migration strategies for businesses of all types and sizes, from local IT integrators to leading technology companies.

Get inspired by the experience of a leader in migration and coexistence; our support team can assist you during your project. We also provide a wealth of information, these guides will inspire you:

We’re always developing new and innovative products to help businesses coexist.

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  • The only product on the market to offer full coexistence between multiple systems
  • Choose only the components you need to save money and time
  • Collaborate between any mix of Office 365 and Google Workspace
  • Can be used during data migration without any user downtime


Free Busy Calendar

Cloudiway’s free/busy component provides calendar free busy look-up between different platforms such as Office 365 and Google Workspace. Free/busy also works with Exchange On-Premises, so cloud email users can collaborate with on-premises email users to share calendar free/busy time as well as resources such as room booking calendars.

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GALSync automatically checks and updates user details, contact lists, and group information stored in your global address lists on Google Workspace and Office 365. GALSync also works with Exchange On-Premises 2007 and later, it can be configured to check for address list changes as often as required, so each global address book remains up to date without any manual input.

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