GALsync between Office 365 and G Suite tenants

Update Global Address Books across different systems

SaaS communication tool for multi-tenant architecture, mergers and acquisitions or during a mail migration

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Secure and reliable tool for Global Address List synchronization

Adapt to any business situation
Mergers and acquisitions can lead to a business using more than one mail system, but how do users find internal contacts on different email systems? The answer is GALSync from Cloudiway. Automatically sync contacts in all global address lists (GAL) so that all mail systems remain up to date without any manual intervention.

Designed for flexibility
GALSync works with any combination of Office 365 tenants and G Suite for Business so your users can communicate seamlessly.

Powerful features and options
GALSync checks and updates user details, contact lists and group information stored in your Global Address Lists on each remote system. As part of the Cloudiway enterprise coexistence suite, it can also be used with mail routing and/or calendar free/busy lookup. Use GALSync as a long-term solution or a short-term fix during mail migration.

Online platform
With nothing to install, simply configure GALSync online and set your preferred sync interval. Cloudiway GALSync tool does the rest.

Our support team can assist you during your project. We provide plenty of information in our knowledge base, take a peek at our KB:


Our GALsync benefits:

  • Save time and costs with automated and scheduled processes
  • No installation – online configuration from your web browser
  • We support Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Gmail systems
  • Long-term SaaS solution for address book synchronization needs


  • Compatible with Free/busy and mail routing features
  • Data security and integrity with encryption
  • Keep contact information available in multiple architecture (Active Directory, Exchange)

GALsync cloud-based collaboration platform

GALsync synchronises Office 365 Global Address Lists with each other and with G Suite for Business Global Address Books. Sync contacts in both environments automatically at an interval you choose during configuration.

The Cloudiway GALSync tool can be used independently or in conjunction with Cloudiway’s full enterprise coexistence suite of tools (free/busy calendar lookup and super-flexible mail routing for inbound and outbound mail). It can be used during mail migration to ensure address lists are kept up to date with any email address changes or general user changes, as well as any domain name changes.

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