G Suite to Office 365 Migration

The most complete solution to migrate businesses and organizations from Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to Office 365. With Cloudiway’s cloud platform, automate migration tasks with ease!

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A complete solution to migrate Gmail, Google Drive, Google Groups, Google Sites and Google Vault to Office 365

Migrate from G Suite to Office 365

Our range of tools ensures a smooth G Suite (Google Workspace – Apps) to Office 365 migration. The platform interface is user-friendly, straightforward, and built to handle projects of all sizes from small to large volumes of data.

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Designed to integrate with Google and Office 365

Migrate Gmail mailboxes and Google Vaults as well as attachments, calendars, contacts, folders, tasks, and lots more. We also support Google Drive data to OneDrive or SharePoint Online, Google Sites to SharePoint Online, and Google Groups to Office 365 groups.

Powerful features for G Suite to Office 365

Enjoy our all-in-one solution with high performance: high speed, high security, and no data loss. Get your cloud migration started quickly with a leading and proven technology.

A trusted experience with a global reach

We are experts in Google and Office 365 migration — it’s the most popular cloud migration scenario that we support. We offer a wide range of migration approaches for businesses of all types and sizes, from local IT integrators to leading technology companies.

An exceptional support and knowledge base

With more than 10 years of experience, our dedicated support team can assist you anytime during your migration. We also provide a wealth of information in our knowledgebase, our following article will inspire you:
How to migrate your mailboxes from Google Apps to Office 365

G Suite to Office 365 Migration
  • A complete solution for Google Workspace (G Suite) to Office 365 migration
  • A Google Drive migration solution that preserves the permissions
  • We support Google Sites and Google Groups migration
  • A unique coexistence and complete solution
  • Keep your business running and avoid downtimes
  • Free/busy calendar sharing, domain sharing, GALsync


The Cloudiway mail migration platform will migrate Google mailboxes and data to Office 365. Cloudiway provides a provisioning tool that will automatically create the target resources for you to make Office 365 adoption easier.

Items Migrated

  • User mailboxes
  • Attachments
  • Labels
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Secondary calendars
  • Delegations and permissions
  • Resources
  • Tasks, task attachments
  • Archives (Google Vault)

Migrate customer files and folders with full fidelity at lighting speed to Office 365. Cloudiway puts all of your Google data in one place without data degradation. Cloudiway will automatically convert file formats from Drive formats to available Office 365 formats, as well as migrate non-native files such as PDFs.

Items Migrated

  • Files
  • Shared files
  • Folders
  • Metadata

A unique technology that performs a permission assessment and helps determine what data should be migrated to SharePoint libraries rather than personal onedrives.

Fully benefit from your new cloud collaboration environment and keep continuous operations intact. During migration, Cloudiway creates the target objects (Office 365 groups and/or shared mailboxes) and automatically adds each object’s existing members and their roles.

Items Migrated

  • Conversation content including:
    • Answers
    • Attachments
    • Metadata (author, date of creation)
  • Group memberships
  • Memberships roles

Benefit from the most complete solution for G Suite to Office 365 migration. Move Google Team Drives to Office 365 groups with an easy and automated process.

Items Migrated

  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Slideshows
  • Permissions
  • Folders
  • Uploaded files (eg: .pdf, .jpg)
  • Convert Google docs to Office 365 format

Cloudiway is the only SaaS platform capable of migrating Google Sites to SharePoint Online. As well as offering a simple and seamless solution for site migration, Cloudiway offers flexibility and fast migrations in a secure environment.

Items Migrated

  • Sites structures
  • Menu
  • Pages content
  • Google Gadgets
  • Web pages
  • File cabinets
  • List pages
  • Permissions
  • Metadata


Collaborate – G Suite to Office 365

The coexistence suite provides seamless collaboration between G Suite and Office 365 or Exchange. Enable communication without interruption – vital for any merger or acquisition.

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Coexistence between GSuite and Office 365

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