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Avoid configuration headaches during your Google GMail to Microsoft 365 migration. You can migrate your mailboxes from GMail to Office 365 using Cloudiway SaaS.

Use Cloudiway’s user-friendly interface to complete mail migration in a flash.

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Your fast and flexible Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Migration Solution

Cloudiway is a cloud-based solution that allows users to move their emails from one system to another. This means that you can easily transfer your data from Gmail to Office 365 without having to worry about losing any of your contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.

Many of our clients migrate to Office 365. Google Workspace (G Suite) to Microsoft Office 365 migration is our most sought-after solution.

Therefore, Cloudiway’s email migration platform provides a range of flexible options to ensure you can achieve the results you’re after. You can choose to include or exclude notes, tasks, and even the trash folder during migration.

Gmail to Microsoft 365 migration, and more

Cloudiway has been a Migration expert for over 10 years. Not only Gmail to Outlook, whatever the version if it’s Gmail to Outlook 2016 or 365 mail migration. We pursue our expertise in many systems such as Lotus, Zimbra, and recently Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Step-by-step: New Admin Guide

Built on Microsoft’s Azure framework, the Cloudiway migration platform is secure and fast. It has been designed to make the process easy and hassle-free.

It’s capable of coping with large-scale migrations of thousands of users. Cloudiway’s mail migration is one component of an entire Google Apps to Microsoft 365 migration suite that works together to provide a one-stop migration solution.

Support and knowledgebase, you’re not alone!

With more than 10 years of experience, our dedicated support team can assist you anytime during your migration. In case you face any issues while migrating your data, contact the support team at Cloudiway. We will guide you through the entire process.

We also provide a wealth of information in our Help Center.

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  • Migration compatible with coexistence platform
  • Part of full Google Workpace to Microsoft 365 migration suite
  • Cloud-to-cloud migration in real time — nothing to install
  • Cost-effective and flexible migration solution for all situations

What’s migrated?

  • The Cloudiway mail migration platform will migrate Google mailboxes and data to Office 365. Cloudiway provides a provisioning tool that will automatically create the target resources for you to make Office 365 adoption easier. Check out the complete list.

    Items Migrated

    • Mailboxes
      • Emails
      • Labels
      • Contacts
      • Contact groups
      • Contact Lists
      • Primary and secondary calendars
      • Meeting Details
      • Permissions and delegations on calendars
      • Attachments
  • Tasks
  • Rooms and resources
  • Google Vault (deleted emails and files, separate migration license required)
  • Rules


Not Migrated:

  • Out of Office Messages
  • Suggested and cached contacts
  • Signatures
  • Attached documents on Calendar invites


Do more than migrate – collaborate

The coexistence suite provides seamless free/busy calendar collaboration and more between Google Workspace and Office 365 or Exchange. Enable communication without interruption – vital for any merger or acquisition

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Coexistence between Google and Microsoft 365

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