Google Drive to SharePoint Migration

Preserve team collaboration when you migrate from Google Drive to SharePoint.

Migrate Google Drive to SharePoint Online and share files with your teams.

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Automated Google Drive to SharePoint migration tool

Cloudiway’s data migration suite streamlines and simplifies the entire migration process.

Automated tools take care of provisioning so you can get on with more important things. Cloudiway is built on the secure Azure framework, and migrations take place in real-time so your data is only ever copied from Google Drive directly to SharePoint Online.

Choose also where you would like data to go: Google Drive files can be migrated to SharePoint Online, OneDrive, or a mix of both.

Each file is migrated once only, so there’s no risk of duplication. And if you’re performing a full Google Workspace to Office 365 migration, Cloudiway has that covered too, with flexible and reliable tools for groups, mail, and more.

File migration Google Drive to Sharepoint Online
  • Migrate to SharePoint Online and OneDrive at the same time, if required
  • Unlimited scalability and speedy migration due to throttling workarounds
  • Convert Google docs to Office 365 format
  • Possible to use in conjunction with other migration products and coexistence
  • Cost-effective data migration solution to suit all business needs and sizes


  • Files
  • Folders
  • Metadata
  • Google docs converted to Office 365 format when possible
  • Root Site Level permissions are migrated (not individual folder and file level permissions).
  • Not migrated:
    • Google Forms
    • Google My Maps
    • Google Apps Scripts
    • Empty Folders

Google Workspace & Office 365

Would you like to grow your business and help your Google Workspace customers to migrate to Office 365? Cloudiway helps you create new business opportunities with no effort.

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Coexistence between Google and Microsoft 365

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