Google Shared Drives to Office 365 Groups / MS Teams Migration

A complete data migration tools for Google and Office 365 collaboration systems. A cloud to cloud migration path to move Google shared documents, contents, and specific drives.


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Migrate From Google Shared Drives to Office 365 groups

Improving Office 365 adoption is part of our know-how. Cloudiway powerful cloud migration platform is able to migrate Google Team Drives to Office 365 Groups. The automated process provides flexibility and control over your data.

Migrate your data by using a user-friendly interface with a large choice of settings. The migration platform is ready to use and the configuration has been designed to be very straightforward: Once your source Google Team drive and target Office 365 group connector are in place, you’re ready to import your users and press “start” to migrate!

Groups in Office 365 are a great way to collaborate with a set of people and easily set up a library of resources such as a shared inbox, shared calendar or a document library to allow multiple workers to work on the same files.

With Office 365 Groups you don’t need to assign permissions to all resources because adding members to the group automatically grant them the permissions they need.  Office 365 groups are an improved version of the distribution lists or shared mailboxes.

google team drive to office 365 migration
  • Flexible approach to migration to match all business needs
  • Reports available from the setup to end of the migration
  • No business disruption for end-user
  • Migration of the permissions
  • Cloud migration platform, nothing to install


  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Slideshows
  • Permissions
  • Folders
  • Uploaded files (eg: .pdf, .jpg)
  • Convert Google docs to Office 365 format

Google Workspace & Office 365

Would you like to grow your business and help your Google Workspace (G Suite) customers to migrate to Office 365? Cloudiway helps you create new business opportunities with no effort.


Coexistence between G Suite and Office 365

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