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The only solution available to manage Google Sites to SharePoint migration

Cloudiway is the only site migration solution on the market that thoroughly migrates Google Sites to Office 365 SharePoint Online. Overcome complex compatibility issues and let Cloudiway do the hard work for you. Cloudiway retains site structure and migrates shared content quickly and securely in real-time, converting file formats, with no risk of duplication.

Cloudiway’s auditing tool provides a means for checking and addressing key concerns prior to migration. Reports and logs during and after migration let you action and follow-up on any issues to ensure a successful data migration. Benefit from a robust set of features to migrate file hierarchies, permissions, metadata and much more with a simple user interface.

Google Sites to Sharepoint Guide

Spending too much time on migration tasks? Whatever the source and the target, we have you covered. We also provide documentation, like our Google Site To Sharepoint Migration: Prerequisites tutorial.

Site migration Google sites to Shrepoint Online
  • The only platform on the market that migrates Google Sites to SharePoint Online
  • Cloud-based SaaS platform ensures fast and secure site migrations
  • Unlimited scalability with throttling limitations addressed
  • Cost-effective and feature-rich site migration solution


  • Horizontal navigation bar
  • Vertical navigation bar
  • Permissions
  • Site structure (mapped to SP equivalent)
  • Welcome page
  • URLs (rewritten during migration)
  • Attachments (G Docs converted to Office format)
  • Web pages
  • Announcement pages
  • File cabinet
  • List pages
  • Google gadgets (if SP equivalent exists)
  • Viewers of documents (displayed inline)


Would you like to grow your business and help your G Suite customers to migrate to Office 365? Cloudiway helps you create new business opportunities with no effort.

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