Managed Migrations

Sit back and let us do the hard work. Remove complexity and save time! For Office 365, G Suite and nearly all systems.

We deliver migration of multiple workloads such as mailboxes, drives, emails archive, groups, and sites.

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Let us perform your migration to ensure a smooth and successful move.
Share your technical details and let our experts deal with the complexity.

Managed Migration Services for Office 365 and G Suite:

The managed migration license delivers a complete solution with both the features of Cloudiway platform and migration services. Our team of experts are dedicated to your migration project and ensure a successful transition for all users. Faithful to our proven methodology, you can enjoy results without the hassle.

Clear migration benefits:

  • Migrate from nearly any source to any destination
  • For Mailboxes, Drives, Email archive, Groups, Sites
  • Avoid migration errors or complex issues
  • External access to follow the migration
  • Respect of the project schedule

Plan and prepare your managed migration

First we collect technical information to plan and prepare your project:

  • Tenant ownership confirmation and migration agreement
  • Admin account credentials for source and destination systems
  • The complete list of users or items to be copied
  • Collect specific requirements
  • Expected project timeline

Getting started: Project verification

The verification process ensures that we have all we need to start

  • Verify access to source and destination mail systems
  • Confirmation of the cost and the project timeline
  • Capabilities check and requirements validation
  • Approval of the migration strategy (First pass, cut over…)

Scope of work

OUR responsibilities during the migration:

  • Match source and destination user accounts
  • First & delta pass migration with no downtime
  • Plan a cutover date to complete the final pass
  • Ensure smooth migration and data fidelity

YOUR responsibilities during the project:

  • Configuration of the source and destination system
  • Local and change management of end-users
  • DNS configuration (MX records, autodiscover…)
  • Support end-users for reconfiguration

Undertaking a migration project is not easy, especially when it comes to merging multiple Office 365 tenants into one single tenant. Check out how Cloudiway managed migration services helped the internal IT team achieve this migration in a short period of time…


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