Managed Migration

You are not alone in this. Remove complexity and save time! For Office 365, G Suite, and nearly all systems.

Our experience has shown that opting for a managed migration service can save you time and money!

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Let us perform your migration to ensure a smooth and successful move.
Share your technical details and let our experts deal with the complexity.

Managed Migration Services for Office 365 and G Suite:

The managed migration license delivers a complete solution with both the features of Cloudiway platform and migration services.

Our team of experts are dedicated to your migration project and ensure a successful transition for all users. Faithful to our proven methodology, you can enjoy results without the hassle.

Clear migration benefits:

  • Migrate from nearly any source to any destination
  • For Mailboxes, Drives, Email archive, Groups, Sites
  • Avoid migration errors or complex issues
  • External access to follow the migration
  • Respect of the project schedule

Plan and prepare your managed migration

First we collect technical information to plan and prepare your project:

  • Tenant ownership confirmation and migration agreement
  • Admin account credentials for source and destination systems
  • The complete list of users or items to be copied
  • Collect specific requirements
  • Expected project timeline

Getting started: Project verification

The verification process ensures that we have all we need to start

  • Verify access to source and destination mail systems
  • Confirmation of the cost and the project timeline
  • Capabilities check and requirements validation
  • Approval of the migration strategy (First pass, cut over…)

Scope of work

OUR responsibilities during the migration:

  • Match source and destination user accounts
  • First & delta pass migration with no downtime
  • Plan a cutover date to complete the final pass
  • Ensure smooth migration and data fidelity

YOUR responsibilities during the project:

  • Configuration of the source and destination system
  • Local and change management of end-users
  • DNS configuration (MX records, autodiscover…)
  • Support end-users for reconfiguration


Do more than migrate – collaborate

The coexistence suite provides seamless collaboration between G Suite and Office 365 or Exchange. Enable communication without interruption – vital for any merger or acquisition

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