Migrate SharePoint Online

Migrate SharePoint Online

Given SharePoint’s role as a central element in numerous organizations’ collaborative and communicative infrastructures, the need for a reliable SharePoint migration tool cannot be overstated. A substantial portion of documents and other valuable assets generated within Microsoft Teams channels are housed in SharePoint libraries.

Cloudiway SharePoint Online Migration Tool stands out as a SharePoint migration solution that simplifies the process of migrating SharePoint server data. It achieves this while ensuring uninterrupted access and security, preserving site and document permissions, and retaining content metadata to uphold compliance standards.

Cloudiway simplifies SharePoint migrations.

Migrate SharePoint Online sites between tenants and keep file hierarchies and permissions intact.

SharePoint to SharePoint migration with Cloudiway

Migrating your existing SharePoint site collections, file hierarchies, and permissions between SharePoint Online tenants should be straightforward, and Cloudiway’s migration tools ensure that it is!

The migration platform, built on the secure Azure framework, handles throttling and more, minimizing time and effort during the migration process.

Cloudiway leverages the latest technology and APIs for fast and simple migrations The robust set of features and flexible options let you maintain data integrity, permission levels, version histories, and metadata.
More importantly, Cloudiway provides auditing and reporting tools to help plan, configure, and granularly migrate content through a single user interface.

Easy to use migration solution to help you migrate SharePoint Online content and sites between Microsoft 365 tenants.

Migrate SharePoint Online Tool

SharePoint sites can be moved from one tenant to another using the online Cloudiway migration tool.

SharePoint Sites migration simplified

What is migrated
  • Migrate Classic and Modern team sites to your target Microsoft 365 tenant
  • Flexible yet straightforward SharePoint migration platform
  • Auditing tool
  • Migration reports
  • Low-cost solution for all SharePoint to SharePoint site migrations
  • File hierarchies and permissions maintained between SharePoint tenants

What’s migrated?

  • Top Navigation bar
  • Quick Launch bar
  • Permissions
  • Structure of site
  • Welcome Page
  • URLs are rewritten during the migration
  • Sharepoint Libraries (pages, files, lists)
  • Discussion board
  • Microfeed
  • Announcement
  • Metadata
  • Webparts
  • TermStore (Taxonomy)
  • Content-Type
  • Web Fields (columns)
  • Composed Look included in SharePoint Foundation

Migrate SharePoint Online Content between Microsoft 365 tenants

Mergers And Acquisitions

Merge your SharePoint sites after a merge or acquisition.

Discovery And Audit

Discover your sites and Audit them to identify volumetry and potential issues.

Effective Migration

Easily Migrate from a Single SAAS Interface.

Incremental Migration

Run Delta passes and update only new or modified content.

Monitor your Migration

A powerful Dashboard to monitor the status of your migration.


Overcome throttling limitations in Microsoft 365 and migrate at the fastest possible speed

Cross Tenant Migration

Migrate Between tenants, split, reorganize, consolidate, merge your data

Minimal Disruption

Limitless Speed. No Data Limits. Seamless Migration. Leverage Microsoft Import Apis

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Want to merge or split your Microsoft 365 tenants?

Would you like to grow your business and help your  customers merge or split their Microsoft 365 tenants? Cloudiway helps you create new business opportunities with no effort.

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