Calendar FreeBusy Coexistence

Calendar FreeBusy Coexistence

The only solution of the market to share freebusy between multiple heterogeneous tenants between Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and Exchange OnPremises

Share calendar FreeBusy information between any Office 365 tenants, G Suite and Exchange

Freebusy calendar lookup

Cloudiway provides a calendar freebusy lookup tool that can be used independently or as part of Cloudiway’s full enterprise coexistence suite. Share user, room, and equipment calendar availability across remote systems seamlessly, so that everyone can get on with business.
Whether you’re merging businesses or consolidating remote systems, making calendar free busy information available to all your users means one less problem during your transition.

FreeBusy calendar lookup

How FreeBusy works

When a user wants to know if another user is available, the user creates a meeting request and clicks on the Find a Time tab (Google) to see FreeBusy time. From Microsoft 365, the user will click on “Scheduling Assistant” to see the FreeBusy time. Cloudiway sends the details between the different tenants and updates the FreeBusy display.
Freebusy calendar coexistence works with any number and combination of Microsoft 365 tenants, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) for Business systems and Exchange On-Premises servers.
Whether you’re looking for a long-term utility for calendar freebusy lookup a short-term remedy during mail migration, Cloudiway’s freebusy coexistence tool offers unrivaled functionality in a secure and stable environment — a unique solution in today’s technology environment.

Cloud Migration

Retrieve FreeBusy Calendar Details with Google and Microsoft 365

If you’re using Google Calendar, you can use the “FreeBusy” feature to see what meetings are scheduled for today and tomorrow. Cloudiway will retrieve the details from Google and Microsoft 365, and let you create events in both calendars.
Sharing Microsoft 365 calendars with Google Workspace is automatic thanks to Cloudiway. You only need to create your connectors for both of your tenants, you can get the list of users and then start the synchronization.

  • Seameless communication between multi-system environments
  • During Mail Migration
    During a migration using Cloudiway’s calendar freebusy synchronization and other coexistence tools, end users can continue working without interruption. When a mailbox is migrated, address books are synchronized, the mail is rerouted, and freebusy time is available at both the source of the migration and at the target.
  • Coupled with the GalSync, mailforwarding option or the mail routing, Cloudiway offers you a unique coexistence solution during your migration
  • During Coexistence
    During enterprise coexistence, a FreeBusy calendar look-up can continue to be used for as long as coexistence needs to be in place. Some customers use our calendar FreeBusy synchronization tools indefinitely, particularly during mergers and acquisitions. Cloudiway’s FreeBusy tool provides seamless communication, whatever the situation.

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