intune migration

Intune Migration Tool

The first and only solution of the market to migrate your Intune environment (Server side configuration and laptop migration) between 2 Microsoft 365 tenants

Intune Migration Tool Overview

Since microsoft renamed Office 365 to Microsoft 365, many services have been added to the Microsoft 365 suite

When performing a Microsoft 365 Tenant-To-Tenant Migration, more and more data and configuration needs to be migrated.
This includes mailboxes, onedrives, Teams and Sites. 

But now you may also need to reconfigure your new Microsoft 365 tenant with the Intune rules and reconfigure or re-enroll your laptops and Cloud PCs.

Cloudiway is the only solution of the markets that covers this kind of migration.

Coupled with the laptop reconfiguration solution, move your AD registered devices to new Microsoft 365 tenants during your merging and acquistion scenarios.

Intune Migration Tool
Intune configuration

Discover Intune Configuration

Discover all existing Intune configuration settings and policies.

Intune configuration

Recreate Intune configuration

Recreate the configuration and policies in the destination tenant

Assignment groups

Map Intune Assignments

Automatically Map and recreate groups (Assignment groups)

Automatically reconfigure the laptop

Laptop Reconfiguration

Automatically reconfigure the laptop:

AD Joined

AD Joined Computers

Automatically breaks the AD Joined or registered relationship with the source Azure AD tenant so that the laptop can be re enrolled in the target tenant

Office 365

Microsoft Office Licenses

Automatically delete the Office (Word, Excel, etc…) licenses so that the new target licenses can be automatically reassigned

deconfigure the OneDrive Sync

OneDrive Reconfiguration

Automatically deconfigure the OneDrive Sync Agent so that it stops synchronization with the source


A new and unique solution to address an unaddressed requirement.


Manage centrally the reconfiguration of remote laptops.


Address all your needs during a tenant to tenant migration.


Add unique value to your business. Perform tenant to tenant migrations and cover areas that nobody else does.

Want to merge or split your Microsoft 365 tenants?

Would you like to grow your business and help your  customers merge or split their Microsoft 365 tenants? Cloudiway helps you create new business opportunities with no effort.

migrate teams from one tenant to another

Asked Questions

We provide the first solution on the market designed specifically for Intune migration. Our system is built to handle the complexities and nuances of Intune, ensuring a seamless migration process.

Given that we offer the first dedicated solution for Intune migrations, our tools and processes are tailored to meet the specific challenges of migrating Intune data and configurations.
We have dedicated resources to assist you during the migration.

Our solution has been designed from the ground up to handle Intune migrations.
It ensures all apps, policies, and configurations are accurately transferred to the new environment, something not possible with general migration tools.
A local agent deployed in all laptops allow migration of laptops settings and applications.

Yes, our solution is designed to scale with your needs. Being the first of its kind, it has been rigorously tested to handle migrations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Our solution is uniquely equipped to handle all data within the Intune system. This includes applications, policies, user and device data, and all configuration settings.
It also includes a unique laptop migration module

We provide comprehensive support throughout the migration process. Our team has extensive knowledge of Intune and is ready to assist with any unique challenges your migration may present.

While our solution is user-friendly, due to the technical nature of Intune migrations, we recommend that you utilize our experienced consulting team for the migration process. However, we do provide all necessary resources if you prefer a more hands-on approach.