Migrate Google Chats to Microsoft Teams
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Migrate Google Chat to Microsoft Teams

The first and only solution of the market to migrate Google chat to Microsoft Teams.

Google Chat to Microsoft Teams Migration Solution

Audit, Reorganize, Provision,  Migrate Google Chat to Microsoft Teams

Discover your infrastructure.
Rename, split, reorganize your channels.
Migrate your Google Chat Messages to Microsoft Team chats.
Migrate your Google Spaces to Microsoft Team

Want to migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365?

Would you like to grow your business and help your Google customers to migrate to Office 365? Cloudiway helps you create new business opportunities with no effort.

Migrate Google Chat to Microsoft Teams
  • Audit, create, rename, and discover your Google Chats and Google Spaces to migrate.
  • Split, and merge your Spaces.
  • Migrate your Google chat and inject them directly into Microsoft Teams Chats.
  • Migrate your Google Spaces into Microsoft Teams channels.
  • Maximum throughput, working around throttling limitations using Microsoft API’s.
  • Automatically provision your Microsoft Teams
  • Migrate Permissions and membership.
  • Central migration by the administrator
  • Nothing to install (SAAS)

Asked Questions

This involves transferring data Google chat messages and Google Spaces messages into Microsoft Teams

During a Google workspace to Microsoft Teams migration, all relevant data including Google Chat data needs to be transferred to Microsoft 365.

The main challenge is throttling and performances.

The second challenge is to migrate the private messages (Google chat messages) and reinject them into Microsoft chats.


  1. Run a Discovery to get the list of spaces and the list of u sers to migrate.
  2. Run a preprocessing to recreate the channels and teams at the target.
  3. Run the migration.

This essentially depends on the number of messages and replies as Microsoft is heavily throttling the calls.

One way to increase peformance is to inject only the most recent messages and migrate the rest of the messages into an html file.

Cloudiway platform is secure and meets security best practices. Data resides in memory and is transfered over TLS 1.2 channels.

Yes, data is accessed in read-only and remains fully available during the migration.

Cloudiway proposes basic support (free and by mail) and premium support. Please read the Cloudiway support page (/support) for more information.

Yes you can. Cloudiway also offers Consulting services if you need assistance to plan an scop your project.

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