Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace Migration
Tenant Migration

Migrate Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace

The most complete solution to migrate Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace.

Move your mailboxes, OneDrives, Microsoft Teams to Google Workspace.

microsoft 365 to Google workspace migration

Migrate Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace

As part of your merging, acquisition or diversiture, you need a robust tool to migrate your data from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace.

tenant integration

Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace Migration

Cloudiway provides a full suite of migration tool available from a single interface to migrate your mailboxes, drives and Teams to Google Workspace.

cross tenant migration features

Zero downtime

Migrate at your own pace, without downtime. Put in place a rich coexistence (GalSync and Free/Busy) if you’re planning a long term migration.

tenant to tenant migration trust

The Hidden Cost Of Free Cloud Migration Solutions

Don’t bet that free migration tool will be cheaper. Don’t hesitate to purchase a third party software and avoid the hidden cost of free tools would

tenant migration support provider

Merger, acquisitions and divestitures.

An essential toolbox for your merging or acquisition projects

Setup coexistence and/or migrate Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace


tenant to tenant migration support


Multiple tenants everywhere? Reorganize them and consolidate your data in a single tenant.

Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace Migration

Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace Migration

  • A complete solution for Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace migration
  • Exchange Online Mailboxes migration
  • OneDrive migration solution that preserves the permissions
  • Migrate Microsof Teams Channels to Google Spaces
  • Migrate Microsof Teams One-One Chat Messages to Google Chat
  • Free/busy calendar sharing, domain sharing, GALsync 
Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace Migration Solution

Enterprise coexistence.

Do more than migrate, collaborate

The coexistence suite provides seamless collaboration between Google Workspace (G Suite) and Office 365 or Exchange. Enable communication without interruption – vital for any merger or acquisition.

Migrate Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace
 Benefits & Functionalities
  • A single Platform

A single project, a single support team, a maximum of efficiency.

  • Secure SAAS platform

Built on Azure, your migration benefits from scalability and security

  • Multiple migration path

Ready for a big bang or migration by batches?

  • Coexistence

Ensure coexistence during large migration.

  • Run Delta passes

Asked Questions

Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace migration involves migrating your data from a Microsoft tenant to a Google tenant. This can be necessary during a merger or acquisition or if a company needs to restructure its IT environment.

Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace migration Challenges can include data loss, downtime, managing user identities and access, handling domain conflicts, ensuring data security during migration, and aligning policies and configurations between tenants.

The Microsoft 365 To Google Workspace solution migrates Mailboxes(email, contacts, calendars, permissions and delegations), OneDrive and Microsoft Teams.

Google may have free services for migrating the mailboxes and OneDrives. However, the hidden cost of performing the migration with these tools and associated inefficient support may lead you to spend more money than using the full Cloudiway migration stack.

There is no free solution for the Microsoft Teams to Google Chat migration.

It is impossible to answer without more details. This depends of the volume of data to migrate. The Cloudiway platform is scalable and can be tuned to perform your migration within the amount of time that you have.

  1. Plan
  2. Discover your workload
  3. Audit your tenant
  4. Reprovision and precreate your target environment
  5. Migrate.

Yes you can. Source content is accessed in read-only mode and remains available.

Read the Cloudiway support page for more information.

Yes you can. However, due to the complexity of the project, we highly encourage you to purchase few hours of service to get the assistance of our Consulting team.

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