intune migration tool

Migrate Intune Settings

Migrate your Intune settings and laptops between Microsoft 365 tenants.

Migrate Intune Settings between Tenants

The first and only solution to migrate your Intune Infrastructure between 2 Microsoft 365 tenants

Migrate your Intune Settings between tenants

Migrate your devices, applications, security settings and baselines and much more.

OneDrive Synchronization Agent
Migrate Intune settings between tenants
Migrate your laptops and Cloud pcs

Change the 
Azure AD registered  or 
Azure AD Joined settings

Migrate the Office Licenses

( Word, Excel) between tenants.

Reconfigure the OneDrive
Synchronization Agent

Intune and Laptop
Migration simplified

What is migrated
Migrate your Intune infrastructure and settings:
Most of intune setting are migrated:
  • Devices and enrollment settings
  • Compliance policies
  • Configuration profiles
  • Enpoint Security Policies
  • Assignments
  • Application, Application Settings, Application Policies.
Laptop reconfiguration and migration:

The first and only solution of the market to: 
Break the AD Registration or Joined settings to allow to rejoin the laptop to the new tenant.
Delete the existing Office Licenses (Word, Excel, PowerPoint,etc…) to allow reassignation of target tenant licenses once the user is migrated.
Delete the OneDrive Synchronization settings with the source tenant to allow resynchronization with the target once the user is migrated to the target tenant.

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Migrate Intune Settings between Tenants
Migrate Laptops between Tenants

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is exactly the Intune Migration Solution?

The Cloudiway Intune Migration engine migrates Intune configuration, settings and policies between Microsoft tenants.

It also migrates and reconfigures laptops during the migration of your users between two Microsoft 365 tenants.

How does the Intune Migration Works?

Everything is centralized from the Cloudiway Platform. A discovery is performed that discovers settings, policies and users. Intune settings and policies can then be migrated from the Cloudiway Migration interface.

How does the laptop migration work?

An agent must be installed on each laptop. The agent is in charge of performing the migration. 

Migration stands for migration of the Office licenses, migration of the OneDrive synchronization agent and migration of the Azure AD registration or joining

How can the Cloudiway agent be deployed?

The agent can be deployed in self service from the Cloudiway platform, or using your favorite softwared distribution solution or GPO deployment.

What permission is needed to install and execute the local agent?

End Users must be administrator of their computer.

How is licensed the Intune Migration Product?

It is licensed as a yearly subscription. You can use the subscription to migrate your Intune Settings, your laptops and migrate your tenants using the Microsoft Cross tenant migration engine.

Screenshots of Intune Settings

Apps protection policies for intune migration
Endpoint Security for intune migration
Security Baselines for Intune Migration