Intune Migration
Tenant Migration

Intune Migration

Migrate your Intune settings between Microsoft 365 tenants. Migrate your Azure AD joined devices between tenants. Migrate your Azure AD registered devices between tenants.
migrate intune
Migrate your Intune Settings

Devices, applications, security settings and baselines and much more.

intune migration licenses
Migrate the Office Licenses

Switch the Office licenses (Word, Excel) when moving to a new tenant.

configure intune migration
Reconfigure OneDrive

Automatically reconfigure OneDrive synchronization agent.

cross tenant intune migration
Reconfigure Outlook

Reconfigure Outlook when moving to the new tenant.

migrate intune between tenants
Migrate your laptops and Cloud pcs

Migrate your Azure AD registered  devices.
Migrate your Azure AD Joined devices.

Intune Synchronization
Migrate your Windows profile

Switch your AD joined account and preserve your Windows profile.

Migrate your Intune infrastructure and settings: Most of intune setting are migrated:

  • Devices and enrollment settings
  • Compliance policies
  • Configuration profiles
  • Enpoint Security Policies
  • Assignments
  • Application, Application Settings, Application Policies.
Intune Migration Solution

Laptop reconfiguration and migration:

  • Central Migration
  • Automated process
  • Laptop Migration
  • Deregister from source Intune
  • ReEnroll in target Intune
  • Migrate Windows profile
  • Join new tenant
  •  Reconfigure OneDrive, Outlook, Microsoft Office licenses
Migrate Intune
 Benefits & Functionalities

Migrate Intune Settings between tenants

  • Discover Intune Settings, Compliance baselines and Policies
  • Migrate Intune Settings,Compliance baselines and Policies
  • Migrate the assignments (group inclusions and exclusions)

Migrate your devices between tenants

  • Centrally deploy an agent in every laptop
  • Plan and Schedule the migration
  • Migrate the laptop settings
  • Migrate by batches
  • Migrate all user laptops, including non managed laptops
  • Plan the date of the migration

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is exactly the Intune Migration Solution?

The Cloudiway Intune Migration engine migrates Intune configuration, settings and policies between Microsoft tenants.

It also migrates laptops from the source tenant to the target tenant.

Everything is centralized from the Cloudiway Platform. A discovery is performed that discovers settings, policies and users. Intune settings and policies are then migrated to the new tenant.

An agent must be installed on each laptop. The agent is in charge of performing the migration. 

2 types of devices can be migrated:

Azure AD Registered devices: Accounts are unregistered, OFfice licenses are removed. The synchronization of the OneDrive agent with the source tenant is stopped. The outlook profile is removed.

Azure AD Joined devices:

It performs the same action that for Azure AD Registered devices. It also joins the new tenant and migrate the Windows profile.

The agent can be deployed in self service from the Cloudiway platform, or using your favorite softwared distribution solution or GPO deployment.

Note that for migrating Azure AD joined devices, the agent must be installed using MSI (not through the platform).

End Users must be administrator of their computer.

It is licensed as a yearly subscription. You can use the subscription to migrate your Intune Settings, your laptops and migrate your tenants using the Microsoft Cross tenant migration engine.

Screenshots of Intune Settings

Apps protection policies for intune migration
Endpoint Security for intune migration
Security Baselines for Intune Migration