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Access to the best range of data migration tools and enterprise coexistence solutions. We support Office 365, G Suite, IBM Notes, and lots more.

Moving your company from one environment to another can appear complex, our platform has been designed to help you automate painful and time-consuming tasks!

Migrate emails, files, sites, groups, archives, and teams securely and easily.

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Find a migration or coexistence solution to meet your needs

With so many cloud migration tools available, choosing one can be overwhelming. On this page, we’ll help you choose the right tools for your migration project.

At Cloudiway, we're always developing new products to meet the demands of our customers. Data migration to the cloud has become a necessity for those wishing to embrace new technology, and that's where Cloudiway steps in. The Cloudiway platform provides an array of useful migration tools plus an enterprise coexistence solution to avoid business downtime. 

All our products are cloud-based (SaaS), running on Microsoft Azure. That means there's nothing to download, and your data is migrated in real-time to your target system only. You're always in control of your data with Cloudiway's fast, secure and flexible data migration solutions. We even provide a range of support options to ensure your migration runs smoothly.

Enterprise coexistence

Allow users on different remote systems to collaborate seamlessly with enterprise coexistence. Choose to implement any or all of the three coexistence components that Cloudiway offers – free/busy calendar sharing, global address list synchronization, and mail routing. Coexistence can be implemented between two or more remote systems. It can communicate between any combination of G Suite, Office 365, and Exchange.

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Teams migration

Migrate hundreds of teams per day. Without regard to the number of teams the user is part of! Migrate channels, conversations, guests, Planner, documents, notes, attachments, members, and permissions with Cloudiway tools. A robust and structured approach for migrating data between Office 365 tenants.

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Mail migration

One of Cloudiway’s most popular products is mail migration. We’ve created a mail migration platform that provides a range of options for how and when migration should take place that make the platform suitable for both one-shot migrations or staged migrations.

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File migration

Cloudiway is an easy-to-use file migration solution that allows users to easily transfer files between different cloud services. Cloudiway provides tools to migrate any on-premises file system along with many cloud-based storage systems to a variety of targets. Retain your data, permissions, and more when you use the Cloudiway platform to migrate files – securely, in real-time.

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Archive migration

Cloudiway accelerates and ensures accurate migration of legacy email archives to the cloud. The premier global email archive migration solution designed specifically to handle even the most complex migration project.

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Collaboration site migration

If you thought it wasn’t possible to migrate collaboration sites such as Google Sites or SharePoint, think again. Cloudiway provides all sorts of site migration tools including pre-migration auditing, and logs and reporting throughout the migration. A collaboration migration tool that helps organizations migrate sites from one cloud platform to another.

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Group migration

Currently the only solution for group migration on the market, and one that delivers. Cloudiway’s group migration utility supports you during every step of the process, providing handy auditing tools before you start and following through until completion.

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Update Global Address Books across different systems. SaaS communication tool for multi-tenant architecture, mergers and acquisitions, or during a mail migration.

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Calendar Free/Busy

Share calendar free/busy between Exchange, Office 365, and Google tenants. Stand-alone, or part of the full enterprise coexistence suite.

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