Enterprise Coexistence Migration
Enterprise coexistence

Enterprise Coexistence

A suite of technical solutions that allow businesses to coexist as one during mergers and acquisitions.
Enable long-term or short-term full interoperability between Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Exchange On-Premises, and Office 365 (Microsoft 365).

Enterprise Coexistence Migration Solution

Enterprise Coexistence during mergers, acquisitions or divestitures

We allow end-users to collaborate as if they’re on the same system during mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures. A great way to enhance communications between different platforms with no impact on day-to-day operations.
Whether you’re looking for a seamless, short-term tool during mail migration or a reliable long-term solution for users on multiple environments, the Cloudiway coexistence suite provides everything you need.

Take away the configuration headache of coexistence with Cloudiway. Our 2 main components are Calendar Free/Busy, and GALSync. 

  • Share free/busy time between users on different platforms
  • Synchronize your Global Address Lists between tenants


Use the GALSync directory synchronization tool to synchronize your global address lists between Google, Microsoft 365 tenants and Exchange On-Premises.


Share in real time your frebusy informations (calendar availability) between multiple tenants:

  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft 365
  • Exchange On-Premises


Enterprise coexistence between Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 (Office 365)

  • The only product on the market to offer full coexistence between multiple systems
  • Collaborate between any mix of Office 365 and Google Workspaces
  • Can be used during data migration without any user downtime
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 Benefits & Functionalities
  • Intuitive platform and market-leading solutions

Full-fidelity architecture and data reconciliation

  • SAAS platform powered by Microsoft Azure

Improved business agility with zero local deployment

  • Self-service platform

Save money, time and resources

  • Flexible migration options

Supports your chosen strategy without business interruption

  • Retain full interoperability

Ensure coexistence during large migration or for long-term communication

  • Migrate your laptops and intune configuration

Asked Questions

Enterprise Coexistence involves putting in place Calendar Freebusy sharing and address book synchronization between Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 tenants

The Cloudiway Enterprise Coexistence Platform offers Freebusy lookup between tenant and GalSync synchronization. GalSync stands for Global Address List Synchronization.

The most frequent scenario is a diversiture, merging or acquisition where 2 or more companies have to collaborate temporarily before envisaging a migration of their tenants.

Steps usually involve configuring freebusy in the sources such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 or Exchange On Premises, and then configure the Cloudiway Platform for GalSync Synchronization

One day is generally sufficient to setup freebusy and GalSync between 2 tenants. It may require additional days if you have more than 2 tenants to synchronize.

Yes, Cloudiway platform is secure and meets security best practices. See the security page for more information.

Cloudiway proposes basic support (free and by mail) and premium support. Please read the Cloudiway support page for more information.

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