Google Groups to microsoft 365 migration

Migrate Google Groups to Microsoft 365

Need to move your Google Groups to Microsoft 365?

Discover, Audit and easily move your groups

Migrate Google Groups to Microsoft 365

Leave no data behind during your migration from GSuite to Microsoft 365.
Since Microsoft renamed Office 365 to Microsoft 365 and added rich features, more and more customer are moving from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 and need to migrate content such as Google Groups.

Migrate Google Groups to Microsoft 365

Google Groups
migration simplified

Migrate your Google Groups to Microsoft 365 groups, Teams or Shared Mailboxes

What is migrated

What’s migrated?

  • Conversations
  • Replies
  • Attachments
  • Metadata (author, created date)
  • Group membership and roles

The Cloudiway migration suite includes Google Groups to Microsoft 365 Groups migration, offering a complete cloud migration solution that no other company can match.
Nothing to install, migration is performed in SAAS mode.
The choice is always yours. 
All migrations take place in real-time and with the backing of the trusted Azure framework, migrations are always fast and secure.

With Cloudiway Platform, you can:

  • List your groups and populate your migration list.
  • Audit you groups (discover content and volumetry)
  • Migrate your groups wherever you want ( into SharedMailboxes, Teams or Unified groups)

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Want to migrate
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Asked Questions

This involves moving your HTML discussions to a new destination such as Microsoft teams or Shared Mailboxes.

Companies might want to migrate their data for a variety of reasons, such as cost savings, better integration with other tools they use, more suitable features in another service, a changes in company policy, or more simply an acquisition and a move to a new Google Workspace tenant or Microsoft 365 tenant

The main challenge is to select the right destination type, extract the data from the source and move it to the target without loss, as quickly as possible.

Steps usually involve discovery, audit, preprocessing and migration.
Discovery to get the list, audit to get the volumetry, preprocessing to recreate/precreate the drives with permissions at the target and migration to migrate the content.

Migration is performed through a Google Vault export.

It may take some time as extraction is performed through Google Vault and this service allows a maximum of 20 extractions ( 20 Google Groups) in parallal.

Yes, Cloudiway platform is secure and meets security best practices. No data is stored in Cloudiway platform. Data transits through the platform through TLS 1.2 secured connexions.

Yes, data is accessed in read-only mode and remains fully available during the migration.

Cloudiway proposes basic support (free and by mail) and premium support. Please read the Cloudiway support page for more information.

Yes you can. If you need further assistance, you can purchase few hours of Cloudiway Consulting services to help you start.

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