Tips and inspirations from the Cloudiway teams

Exchange 2010 Migration

Best Exchange Migration Tool

Cloudiway Exchange Migration Tool: A Comprehensive Guide In the modern business landscape, migrating data from one platform to another is a necessity for numerous reasons,

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Cloud migration tool

Best Cloud Migration Tool

Demystifying Cloud Migration with Cloudiway: Your best Cloud Migration Tool “Cloud migration” denotes the act of relocating a set of workloads. These workloads encompass emails,

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Tool for Slack to Teams Migration

Forwarding vs. Mail Routing

Cloudiway has two tools to help you. Using Cloudiway’s tools you can either: Apply forwarding rules on user mailboxes. Or: Route emails to the correct address before they even get to your tenant…

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Slack VS Teams

Slack VS Teams, The Fight Goes On

Despite the “return to work” movement, Slack and Microsoft Teams are still booming, and both apps allow us to operate from home effectively, to communicate with one another through text messages…

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