Microsoft Teams migration tool

Microsoft Teams Migration Tool

Migrate your Microsoft Teams between Microsoft 365 tenants or to  Google Workspace.

Migrate your One-One chat messages (private messages) and inject them directly into Microsoft chat or Google chats. 

Merge, split, reorganize your tenants

Move your Microsoft teams from one tenant to another one or plan and organize your transition to Google Workspace with Cloudiway.

SAAS Based solution

Secure, highly performant, nothing to install. 

No hidden costs compared to On-Premises solution. 

Full scalability. Migrate thousands of Teams without having to scale your migration infrastructure.

Discover, Audit, Reorganize, Migrate

A powerful set of features to make your migration easy.

Discovery Task: Scan your source and discover your Teams, channels and users

Audit: Assess your source Teams and channels and discover the volumetry, number of messages and number of files

Pre-Processing: Recreate your teams and channels, migrate the membership before the data migration

Migration and Report: Migrate your data and use the Dashboard to determine the progress of your migration.


Microsoft Teams to Google Chat Migration

Microsoft Teams to Google Spaces Migration

The first tool of the market that migrates Microsoft Teams to Google Chat:

  • Migrate your channels to Google spaces 
  • Migrate your one-one chat messages to Google Chat

Microsoft Teams to Teams Migration

Microsoft Teams Migration tool

Cloudiway automates your migration between Microsoft 365 tenants.  Have full control over when, how, and what is migrated through a single and intuitive interface with high-fidelity data and architecture reconciliation.




Audit, create, rename, and discover your Teams and channels to migrate.



Manage and migrate all Teams, Groups, and Microsoft SharePoint content.

Convert Office 365 Groups to Teams


Convert your Office 365 Groups to Microsoft Teams

Delta passes

Delta passes

Support any migration scenario such as bigbang, staged, cutover thanks to the delta passes mechanisms

Migrate Private Messages

Migrate Private Messages

Inject your one-one chat messages directly into Microsoft chats and Google chats



Complete Rest API support for scripting your entire migration

Map and Migrate


Map, migrate Permissions and membership.

Map and Migrate


Automatically handle throttling. Add connectors to maximize throughput.



Reorganize,Split, and merge your teams (one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-one channel)  everywhere you want (Teams, SharePoint sites, libraries, or folders).


Zero downtime


Reduce Migration Time


Perform entire tenant migration Simultaneously perform Mail, drives, sites and teams migration. Migrate your intune settings and move your laptops.


Monitor Migration progress through the Migration dashboards.

What is migrated

Teams chat and channels


Cloudiway has a powerful SharePoint migration engine. The associated SharePoint site of the team is entirely migrated. Including menu, publishing pages, libraries, fields, Termstore, subsites, etc.