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Microsoft 365 Cross Tenant Migration: 12 Key Considerations & Why Cloudiway is the Ideal Choice

Embarking on a Microsoft 365 tenant migration is quite an adventure given the number of tasks to accomplish and the variety of different data types involved.

This mini guide lists the 12 key essential elements to keep in mind when carrying out a migration between Microsoft 365 tenants.

1. Cross Tenant Migration : Mail Migration

One of the most critical components, email and calendar migration, demands precision. Migrating without data loss or downtime is a priority.  When choosing a mail migration tool, pay a particular attention to the quality of migration of complex calendars containing lots of recurrences and exceptions.

Only vendors like  Cloudiway having a dozen of years of experience in mail migration or more, can guarantee a high quality migration of calendars. Also few vendors – like Cloudiway – will be able to cover the full scope of mailbox migration, including permissions migrations, secondary calendars, Rooms & Equipments, Shared Mailboxes, archives, distribution lists recreation.

With Cloudiway’s robust email migration tools, businesses can smoothly transfer without losing data integrity.

2. Migrate OneDrives between tenants

Personal storage like OneDrive houses essential documents for users. Maintaining access and ensuring no data is lost during transition is vital. 

Why choose Cloudiway?

 Its dedicated OneDrive migration tools make the process seamless, retaining folder structures, shared documents and permissions. The set of associated tools ( Audit, preprocessing, remediation) help you decrease the risk of loss of data and decrease the complexity of your migration. 

3. Microsoft Teams Cross tenant Migration

Microsoft Teams has become the central hub for collaboration. Migrating chats, channels, and meetings requires an intricate approach. 

Why choose Cloudiway?

  • Cloudiway ensures that Teams data, from messages to files, is migrated efficiently. Channels are recreated with their original settings. 
  • Also, Cloudiway’s propose a unique solution to migrate the one-one private messages and reinject them automatically into chats at the destination. This important feature makes the solution unique. When assessing the solutions of the market, verify that your product is able to migrate the one one chat messages and the associated SharePoint site of the Team. Very few vendors like Cloudiway are able to do so. 

4. SharePoint Sites Migration

Organizations use SharePoint for a variety of collaborative purposes. Whether it’s document libraries or lists or pages, everything needs to be moved with care.

Cloudiway solution: Cloudiway’s SharePoint migration capabilities ensure sites, lists, and libraries retain their configurations and permissions. The tool, easy to use, offers all the necessary functionalities from discovery, to audit, migration with delta passes and advanced reporting, all located in a user friendly interface.

5. User & Group Reprovisioning

Beyond data, migrating user accounts, group memberships, and roles is essential for business continuity.

Cloudiway offers a group provisioning feature that allows you to migrate your distribution groups between tenants.

6. Coexistence During Migration

It’s not always feasible to migrate everything at once. Maintaining coexistence ensures business processes aren’t disrupted. 

Why Cloudiway? The coexistence modules of the Cloudiway platform allows for phased migrations with uninterrupted access thanks to the GalSync (Global Address list synchronization) module, the freebusy module that allows you query the availability of users located in the other tenant(s) and the mail forwarder fonctionality that ensures mail routing during the migration.

7. SMTP & Mail Flow during Cross Tenant Migration

Ensuring mail routing remains unaffected is essential to maintain communications. Proper handling of SMTP addresses, routing configurations, and domain transfers is crucial.  In addition, moving a domain name between 2 Microsoft 365 tenants generates a downtime during the transition.

Why Cloudiway? Cloudiway ensures smooth mail flow before, during, and after the migration, minimizing disruption.  Domain Name detaching and reattaching is transparent and without downtime with the Cloudiway solution.

8.Security & Compliance:

Migrations can expose vulnerabilities. Adhering to security protocols and maintaining compliance is non-negotiable. 

Why Cloudiway? The Cloudiway secure migration environment adheres to best practices, ensuring data remains protected throughout the process. Cloudiway is in the process of beeing certified ISO27001.

9. Migration between tenants : Migration Speed

Downtime means loss. The quicker the migration, the better. 

Why Cloudiway? We pride ourselves on rapid data transfer rates without compromising data integrity. You can create as many connectors as you want  on the platform to obtain  virtually an unlimitted number of parallal migrations.

10. Intune migration between tenants

The adoption of Intune has surged as organizations seek a unified endpoint management solution to enhance device security and support remote workforces. More and more tenants are using Intune. 

Why Cloudiway: Don’t leave your intune settings behind or recreate them manually. The Cloudiway Intune migration module will take care of that smoothly and automatically. It is currently the only solution of the market. 

11. Laptop : Migrate between tenants

One of the most complex tasks is to reconfigure every laptop: Azure AD Joined or Registered devices, Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) licenses to reconfigure, OneDrive Synchronization agent to reconfigure once the user is transitioned.

Why Cloudiway: newly launched, Cloudiway’s laptop migration module reconfigures remote laptops, even those not accessible

12.Pre-Migration Analysis

Successful migrations often require groundwork to understand potential pitfalls. 

Why Cloudiway? Our tools provide comprehensive pre-migration audit and analysis, helping businesses identify and rectify issues before they become problems.


Migration can be fraught with complexities. Each facet of the process requires dedicated attention. With varied workloads and the need for a seamless transition, businesses require a solution that is both comprehensive and efficient. Cloudiway emerges as the only vendor with a holistic approach, making it the prime choice for addressing all migration problematics.

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Happy Journey!