1.Lotus Notes to Microsoft 365 migration with Cloudiway

lotus notes to microsoft 365 migration

How Lotus Notes to Microsoft 365 Migration Works?

CloudiwayAccount to configure the Cloudiway Platform for your migration.https://portal.cloudiway.com
Lotus Notes. A notes.id with access to all mailboxesThis ID will be used with the Cloudiway agent (downloadable in the steps below) to communicate with your Lotus Notes server.Local PC with Lotus Notes client installed. Make sure your notes.ini file refers to this notes.id. We recommend you create a migration account and use its notes.id, then delete it after migration.
Target: Google AdminTo configure the Google feeds.https://admin.google.com
Target: Microsoft 365 AdminUsed to configure Azure Active Directory Application and associated permissions.https://portal.azure.com

6. Lotus Notes to Microsoft 365 migration

6.1. Create your connectors

For Cloudiway to migrate your Mailboxes, it needs to be able to communicate with both your source (Lotus Notes) and target (Office365/Exchange or Google) domains. To do this, Cloudiway uses connectors. You will need to set up a connector for each source tenant you wish to migrate and each target tenant that mail should be migrated to. Follow the steps from the page below to configure your connectors:

Mail Migration Global Settings
Mails migration User Listing
2. Click on MANAGE and select Import
Mails migration UserList Import

3. If required, click on Download sample CSV and add your users to the CSV file using the sample headers (FirstName; LastName; SourceEmail; TargetEmail; BatchName)

4. When you have a complete CSV file with the correct headers, click on the BROWSE button

5. Locate your CSV file within your own file system, and double-click on it to select it

6. Select the appropriate connectors in the Source and Target fields

7. Click on the UPLOAD button.

CSV lotus notes

Option 2: Create a single user

Many of our first-time customers create a single user for testing purposes. This provides a means of watching the migration process without affecting all users.

Click on MANAGE > Create User and enter the following details:

Lotus Create New User


You can create user batches from the Batches tab to easily group subset of mailboxes. Click on the + icon and enter a batch name:


After creating the different batch, under Users tab, select the users you want to assign to a specific batch, click on BATCH button and Add to Batch:


6.5 Start Lotus Notes to Microsoft 365 migration

You can start the migration of individual users or batches of users.

To start your migration, select the users or batch you wish to migrate.

  • For users, under Users tab, select all the users you want to submit and click on MIGRATION, then the Start button.
Start Google migration
  • For user batch, under Batches tab, select the user batch you want to submit and click on MIGRATION, then the Start button.

Your Lotus Notes to Microsoft 365 migration will be scheduled and will begin as soon as cloud resources are available.