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2. Mail Routing with Cloudiway

Mail Routing table

2.1.1. Considerations

The TTL (‘Time To Live’ setting) of your DNS MX records may be cached and still point to the old value. The issue may be addressed by decreasing the value of the TTL to the allowed minimum. The TTL is displayed in seconds, so 3600 is equal to 1 hour, for example. The minimum is often 15 minutes, which is equivalent to 900 seconds. 

3. Security

For more security information, please refer to this article.

4. Setup Mailrouting

5. Setup MX records for Mail Routing

You can prepare your configuration in advance in the cloudiway platform and push it to the server. It will not be used as long as you are not pointing your MX record to the mail relay server. 

5.1. Update your MX records for inbound routing

When you are ready for your cutover, you should point your MX record to the Cloudiway server. 

It may take a moment to propagate (due to the TTL of your DNS records). 

As soon as it is propagated, you may safely start detaching your domain from the source and reattach it to the new tenant 

For more information, click here.

Mail server addresses:

  1. USA: 
  2. Europe :

How to verify which mail relay will be used? 

From the project list, edit your domain: 

The location of your project is displayed here:

Note that it cannot be modified, it is set when you are creating your project. 

5.2. Add the Mail Routing Server IP as an allowed IP address

To avoid having the incoming emails arrive in your spam folder, you have to add the mail routing server IP address as an allowed IP address in your target tenant. To do so follow the steps below:

  1.  Go to the Exchange admin center.
  2. Click on Protection, then click on Connection Filter.
  3. Click on the pen to edit, then click on connection filtering and add the IP address to the IP Allow List as shown in the screenshot below.

6. Post-Activation Options

6.1. Check logs

The Cloudiway mail routing platform provides a text log of actions performed. You can check it at any time from the Relay area of the platform and by clicking on the Mail Routing Server / Logs tab.

mail server logs mail routing
decomission data mail routing

7. Troubleshooting

Cloudiway provides an extensive knowledge base with many resources, including common error messages, video guides, and downloads.

Please visit the entire knowledge base here (where you can search for keywords or read through topics):

The knowledge base also contains information on how you can ask for further support, should you require it.