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By partnering with Cloudiway, you have a vast number of opportunities to address. Cloudiway provides the software and services for achieving seamless migrations of your customers' data with zero impact on business users and operations.

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List of Partners

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The expertise of CCP Software GmbH enables companies and public institutions to use software and cloud services economically. The range of services includes Software Asset Management (SAM), cloud, sourcing, and security. CCP offers support, operational implementation, and special managed services.

In sourcing, CCP provides modern services through global procurement, negotiation, and billing software licenses and cloud services. We research, study, design, and procure customer-specific licenses from random software to complex, individual enterprise licenses from well-known software vendors.

Information Workers Group (Italy)

IWGroup, con professionisti che operano nel settore da oltre 20 anni, è in grado di analizzare le esigenze organizzative del cliente e di disegnare, implementare e seguire un percorso realizzativo sino a completamento del progetto.

Dinamica IT (Italy)

Dinamica IT è la società di Gruppo Levia, system integrator di riferimento dal 1963, specializzata in infrastrutture IT custom-made.
La sua mission: semplificare l’Information Technology, fornendo ad Aziende e Studi soluzioni complete, innovative e personalizzate e un servizio assistenza di alta qualità.

Tonazzi (Switzerland)

The range of IT products and services is growing rapidly. Anyone who does not familiarize themselves with the many different areas of IT on a daily basis runs the risk of quickly losing track of the big picture. Since 2001, tonazzi dot net has been advising customers on the effective use of a wide spectrum of technologies, thereby helping to reduce IT-related complexity and create competitive advantages within companies.

TriSys IT Solutions Ltd. (Hungary)

We provide enterprise IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses based on Microsoft technologies. In addition to ongoing operational support, we can provide professional assistance in the following areas: licensing, planning, consulting, migration, implementation, and training.
Our team is made up of experienced people with manufacturer qualifications who have already proven their expertise in a number of projects.

Eyetech Ltd (Malta, North Africa, Italy)

Eyetech Ltd was established in 2002 and during the years has been providing IT services to several clients with presence in Malta, North Africa and Italy.

We offer a complete IT support service that is dependable, personal and cost effective. Whatever your IT requirements, we will work with you to understand your needs and those of your business, and we will build the solution that’s best for you at the reasonable prices. We work with your preferred communications, hardware or software supplier too.

Terrabit GmbH (Germany)

Als vielfach ausgezeichnete, mittelständische Unternehmensgruppe mit Sitz in Reutlingen / Tübingen (Metropolregion Stuttgart) sowie Niederlassungen in Karlsruhe / Ettlingen und Hamburg haben wir uns auf innovative IT-Lösungen spezialisiert.

Maßgeschneidert an die Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden angepasst und dennoch höchst flexibel ausgelegt.

Com Co Labs (Germany)

Lassen Sie uns zusammenarbeiten
Office 365, Prozesse, Cloud, Sicherheit, CRM, Besser zusammenarbeiten, Deutsche Cloud, Datenschutz, Digitalisierung, SharePoint, Compliance, Lizenzkosten, Azure, Anwender, Lösungen
​Noch Fragen? ​Wir haben Antworten!

Central Networks and Technologies (United Kingdom)

Central Networks and Technologies Ltd is a leading provider of integrated ICT solutions and services to organisations across the UK.

Our Hosted Desktop / Tenant Digital Access solutions are designed to help you optimise efficiency, implement greener IT solutions, maximise customer service and achieve a greater return on technology investment.

From a 24×7 ITIL based Support Desk offering 1st, 2nd and 3rd line services, to the provision of full time onsite engineers; Central Networks offers a full portfolio of flexible services.

Concat (Germany)

Since 1990, Concat ( has earned a reputation as a trustworthy systems integrator implementing custom-tailored IT solutions. If required, these will be enhanced by support services through its’ own Helpdesk (24×7).

Concat furthermore offers private cloud enterprise solutions and fully managed hybrid and public cloud services. The acquisition of Synergy Systems ( added data center and hosting capabilities to the portfolio. The team of Synergy Systems operates data centres in major German cities.

Headquartered in Bensheim, Concat is represented with eleven branch and sales offices throughout Germany. In the 2012 fiscal year, 200 employees generated sales of 97 million euros. Since 2006, Concat has been a part of the renowned Meridian Group International Inc., USA (

H-ITS (Germany)

Sprechen Sie Technisch? Nein? Das müssen Sie auch nicht. Dafür haben Sie uns. Wir sind Spezialisten in der IT und kümmern uns darum, dass Ihre läuft und Sie in Ihrem Arbeitsalltag unterstützt.

Wir betrachten uns selbst als ausgelagerte IT-Abteilung. Schnell greifbar, persönlich und lösungsorientiert.
Fragen Sie uns! We make IT happen.

ACESI (France)

Le Groupe ACESI est une société de Service-Conseil spécialisée en INFRASTRUCTURES, SYSTEMES et RESEAUX.

L’excellence est au cœur de nos préoccupations : dans un souci d’efficacité et de maintien des services au meilleur de l’état de l’art, nous vous aidons à améliorer en continu vos processus informatiques sur la base des référentiels de bonnes pratiques utilisés dans :
– les opérations (ITIL : Information Technology Infrastructure Library) : définit la gestion des services (mise en production, exploitation, traitement des incidents…)
– les projets (PMI : Project Management Institute) : se concentre sur les processus de l’entreprise qui aideront à
– la réalisation de projets adaptés à votre environnement et à votre métier
– l’audit (COBIT) : propose un cadre d’audit, de contrôle et de gestion des risques des SI

LEXIT ICT Consulting (Netherlands)

De rechtspraak in Nederland digitaliseert. Rechtbanken, gerechtshoven, het College van Beroep voor het Bedrijfsleven, de Centrale Raad van Beroep, de Hoge Raad en de Raad van State: in 2017 zullen deze organen digitaal werken. Dat heeft verstrekkende gevolgen voor de praktijkuitoefening van advocaten.

ICT is de ‘back bone’ van ieder advocatenkantoor en moet daarom áltijd werken. En: veilig zijn.

LEXIT ICT Consulting in Den Haag is gespecialiseerd in de digitalisering van de advocatuur en rechtspraak. Met onze juridische achtergrond en jarenlange ervaring in de ICT, zorgen wij dat uw kantoor die digitaliseringsslag probleemloos maakt.

Lexit ICT Consulting is uw eigen ICT-afdeling, extern maar altijd dichtbij.

CFB-IT (Germany)

Consulting for your Business
Ihr Partner für IT-Consulting und IT-Lösungen in den Bereichen IT-Security, Office 365, Microsoft Azure und der Microsoft On Premise Welt uvam. Entdecken Sie unter LEISTUNGEN, was wir noch für Sie tun können.

Redcom (Spain)

Redcom Cibernético es una empresa de sistemas y tecnología, orientada a tecnologías Microsoft.
Creada en el año 2003, forma parte del Grupo Sapimsa lo que le permite complementar su conocimiento Microsoft con la tecnología SAP.
Las áreas de conocimiento de Redcom Cibernético son SharePoint, Project y Duet Enterprise.

GAB ExactlyIT Solutions (Germany)

GAB ExactlyIT Solutions GmbH is a globally experienced and professional system integrator for state-of-the-art Microsoft technologies. As a multi-certified Microsoft Gold Partner, we are an international specialist for the implementation, transformation and operation of private, hybrid and public infrastructures.

GAB ExactlyIT Solutions GmbH maintains a very close partner relationship with Microsoft and constantly invests in this partnership. This ensures that our team is always up to date with Microsoft technologies:

Microsoft FastTrack Partner
10x Microsoft GOLD Partner
2x Microsoft SILVER Partner
Microsoft ELITE Partner Microsoft ISV Partner
Microsoft Fast Forward Partner
Microsoft Direct Partner CSP – Cloud Solution Provider Programm
Microsoft Solution Partner Office 365 und Azure
Microsoft SAP on Azure

As longstanding experts in the field of IT infrastructure migration, we are pioneers, when it comes to migrating IT environments into the cloud.

If you wish to transform your present IT landscape into a modern hybrid-,
private-, public-cloud organization, we are your partner of choice.


OPENTEAM, entreprise de services du numérique pour PME, a été fondée en 2008. OPENTEAM propose différents services informatiques pour permettre aux PME de se concentrer sur leur cœur de métier :

– Infogérance système et réseau, sécurisation d’infrastructure informatique, sauvegarde externalisée
– Audit d’infrastructure informatique
– Hébergement très haut niveau depuis 1 serveur à plusieurs salles sur plusieurs pays (France/Belgique/Royaume-Uni)
– Fourniture d’accès internet multi-opérateurs pour une disponibilité maximale
– Distribution et installation de systèmes et réseaux informatiques
– Installation de câblage réseau
– Déploiement de réseaux WIFI managés et supervisés (hôtels, cliniques…)


PROJETLYS est une Entreprise de Services du Numérique (ESN). Nous accompagnons nos clients Grands Comptes et Pme-PMI selon un catalogue de service approprié à leurs stratégies. Notre positionnement transverse au travers de nos 4 départements que sont : « Expertise Technique » (Développement, Téléphonie, Infrastructure) « Pilotage de Projet » « Accompagnement au changement & Formation » « Cloud Computing » nous permet de privilégier une approche globale pour les projets qui nous sont confiés.

Nordlo (Sweden)

Nordic presence, local roots
For us, digitisation is a human handicraft, where the right digital solutions simplify and improve everyday life. Together, we are able to create sustainable growth in setting up your organisation for the future, with the power to create a better society.

Our journey began already in the 1980s as five independent companies — Office IT-Partner, Dicom, Zetup NetComp and Norwegian IT total. Over the years we have handled various industries and challenges, always with a focus on people. It is the closeness to the customer that have been and is the key to our success.

CPS (United Kingdom)

As an established full-service consultancy, CPS will help you identify, design and implement flexible future-proof solutions that will transform your project and business performance. CPS is an accredited and trusted provider of professional services, solutions and technologies that will improve the quality, productivity and value of your investments. Expertise in Microsoft Project Server, SharePoint, Office 365, Recruitment, and P3M Consulting.


Studiamo soluzioni su misura per le diverse realtà informatiche on promise / on cloud dei propri clienti, dal singolo componente all’intero sistema. Ci occupiamo principalmente di servizi informatici professionali ma, nello stesso modo in cui eroga i medesimi, ci occupiamo di fornitura di apparecchiature hardware e di licenze software.

Dutchman IT (Netherlands)

Dutchman IT was founded in 2016 and is specialized in consultancy for internet, telephony, and cloud services.

Enimbos (Spain)

Currently the cloud is the main option for the consolidation of information systems, being a highly innovative environment that will have a great development in the coming years. Our values ​as a company are Innovation, providing the most current solutions; Adaptability to the requirements of each client and the passion of our team. Our solutions range from the migration of applications to new environments in a planned way, the provision of multi-cloud infrastructures guaranteeing maximum efficiency and control, the monitoring and operation of systems in 24/7 and the management of Business Continuity.

Risksoft (Romania)

We are a dynamic team committed to supporting our various clients in the current fast-evolving IT climate. Over 18 year experience background in the SMB market enables us to tackle a large array of IT challenges. We offer full solutions for our clients, ranging from helpdesk support to server administration and business solutions. We help our clients build a reliable IT infrastructure that enables them to maximize their business potential by supporting their core processes, cutting costs and improving productivity. Our company vision is structured around a few central pillars: Reliability, Expertise, Swiftness, Flexibility. We pride ourselves in setting up a reliable network infrastructures and using our long term accumulated expertise in choosing the most effective hardware solutions. It doesn’t stop here though: we are dedicated to managing our clients’ IT equipment such as servers, workstations, peripherals, networking equipment, storage, and backup solutions in a swift and comprehensive manner. Balancing performance, business requirements, growth potential and cost are the key aspects when choosing the right software and hardware, be it in regard to development and customization or setting up business suites or cloud computing. It all comes down to flexibility.

DataPacific (United Kingdom)

Data Pacific is a leading provider of IT, telephony solutions, software development and technical support for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the UK. Since 1990 we have been helping organisations use IT to obtain real benefits through cost savings and productivity gains.

PCS Group (Italy)

Nata a Perugia nel 1996 come punto di incontro di esperienze diverse nel settore tecnico e sistemistico, Pc Service acquisisce nel tempo capacità e referenze tali da collocarsi tra le più significative realtà informatiche della regione. Consta di una struttura di 35 risorse, tra commerciali e tecnici certificati, costantemente aggiornati nelle più recenti tecnologie in ambito Networking, Sicurezza e Wireless, Telecomunicazioni. Una selezione attenta dei brend di più elevata qualità e le Certificazioni conseguite negli anni, consentono di soddisfare le esigenze in tutti gli ambiti dell’Information Tecnology. I nostri clienti costituiscono un gruppo estremamente variegato che comprende grandi e piccole aziende, enti, professionisti, ma anche singoli individui, con necessità estremamente diverse, ma uniti da un unico comune denominatore: la necessità di partner estremamente efficienti, che siano in grado di fornire tempestivamente il più alto grado di servizi con esperienza e professionalità. Le tre sedi di Perugia, Terni e Pistoia e l’appartenenza ad una struttura organizzativa nazionale consentono l’erogazione dei servizi e la vendita di prodotti in tutto il territorio italiano.

Baliosoft (Liechtenstein)

Wir liefern seit 2001 Leistungen zum Thema SharePoint: Beratungen, Migrationen, Prozessoptimierung, Architektur, Lösungsentwicklung, Infrastruktur, Reporting, Business Intelligenz und Schulungen.

Wir haben umfangreiche Projekterfahrung bei Gross- und Kleinkunden in Liechtenstein, Schweiz, Deutschland, Österreich und Italien. Unsere Kunden stammen aus verschiedenen Branchen wie z.B. Industrie, Automobilzulieferer, Banken, Versicherungen, Beratungsunternehmen.

Eccora (Spain)

Located in Madrid, éccora is a company specialized in the distribution of software solutions. Our technology partners are both market leading companies and emerging companies, highly specialized in the different sectors for which they develop their software products and solutions.

This positioning allows us to provide constant innovation and the level of service demanded by our clients; placing them at the center of our business model, we are committed to providing an excellent level of support with the flexibility and agility that they need.

848 (United Kingdom)

Here at 848, we are product agnostic, meaning we take into consideration your business needs, user requirements, growth strategies and future goals, ensuring the solution recommended to you is a perfect fit for your organisational requirements.

As experts in Digital Transformation and Optimisation, we ensure your technologies, where possible, are built on an op-ex model and are evergreen in their upkeep.

Kuiper (Spain)

Consultanos sin compromiso como poder realizar las adaptaciones tecnológicas necesarias para rentabilizar tu negocio. Estamos en condiciones de aportarle nuestros conocimientos para satisfacer todas sus necesidades, actuales y futuras, relacionadas con la tecnología y la informática.

Xgeneration (United Kingdom)

Xgeneration are a 365 Microsoft Gold Cloud Solution provider and have worked with many organisations to migrate their on-premise solution to the 365 Cloud. With the Cloud now being a fully mature offering, there are many occasions when businesses need to move between cloud providers such as GMAIL to 365, or even 365 to 365 (Tenant 2 Tenant).

Mobit Levanger (Norway)

Mobit Levanger is an it-solutions provider for small businesses in Trøndelag, Norway. We have delivered cloud-, networking- and hardware solutions for the last 20 years.

Dendrio (Romania)

Dendrio represents the reunion of three companies well-known on the Romanian market: Gecad Net, Bittnet and Crescendo. Dendrio inherited the values, competencies, portfolios and teams of some of the most well-known integrators in the IT market in Romania and further builds the integration business from the position of Secured Hybrid Multi-Cloud Integrator.


Société drômoise à taille humaine alliant expertise, engagement et proximité, MEGAO INFORMATIQUE est née en 1986 et est devenue au fil du temps une référence de l’informatique de gestion.
Nos équipes Commerciale, Technique et de Développement comptent 22 personnes fortement impliquées et motivées pour vous garantir des réponses rapides et pertinentes dans nos deux spécialités : l’édition de logiciels de gestion et l’intégration d’infrastructures réseau.
Parce que chaque organisation est unique, nous vous proposons des solutions ouvertes et évolutives. Nos spécialistes en développement logiciel et architecture réseau sont à votre disposition en permanence et proposeront les meilleures réponses à vos besoins.
Pour plus d’informations, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter au 04 75 784 784.
Site web:

MB Solutions (United Kingdom)

Since 1994 we have been concentrating on delivering premium service to our customers, helping them with a broad range of IT related issues. Today we are focused on hosting on Microsoft Azure where we deliver comprehensive set of services, including assessment, migration and IT operations.

We are specialized in:

  • Cloud hosting
  • Microsoft & Office 365
  • Azure
  • Cloud backup
  • Cloud security

Incus Technologies (United Kingdom)

Established in 2014, Incus Technologies is the result of two like minded individuals who wanted to create a IT company truly focused around the customer.
Having experience at some of the biggest hosting providers allowed the two co-founders to see some of the challenges these companies faced and led them to come up with ways in which they could improve upon the service offered.
Our expertise lies in migrations of servers, websites, mailboxes and providing server management support to leading ecommerce companies.
Within the last years, Incus Technologies has increased its ability to support customers by growing the team of dedicated System Administrators to offer 24 x 7 support and leveraging key partners to provide bespoke development work.
Incus Technologies work with some of the best and innovative hosting providers such as UKFast, Memset and ElasticHosts to provide additional customer support and provide services not included in the traditional hosting provider model.
Our upfront approach to pricing, first class customer service and attention to detail means we have become a trusted partner for our own customers and hosting providers alike.

MostWare (Netherlands)

Bij MostWare geloven we dat iedere organisatie toegang moet hebben tot de mooiste IT-oplossingen. Daarom delen wij al sinds 1990 graag onze kennis en kunde. Inspireren met IT noemen we dat. Nu de cloud volwassenheid heeft bereikt, komen er iedere dag meer en meer hightech oplossingen bij. Onze specialisten kunnen je alles vertellen over de uitgebreide mogelijkheden van deze oplossingen. Omdat we bovendien begrijpen dat je niet overal verstand van kunt hebben, doen we dat op een begrijpelijke manier. Ook de volledige implementatie, gebruikersinstructies en het beheer nemen we met plezier uit handen. Zo maken wij met nieuwe technologie de werkdag leuker en beter. Voor onszelf én voor onze klanten.

FBL Italia (Italy)

FBLItalia s.r.l.s.


Tell. +39 02 54104623

Groupe Cyllene (France)

Infogérance Cloud (Azure, AWS,…), Cloud Privé, gestion de la sécurité, infrastructures, développement, hybridation, services collaboratifs, services opérateurs… Les expertises du groupe Cyllene sont multiples et se complètent pour proposer aux entreprises performantes des solutions pour la gestion de leur système d’information (du modèle industriel au sur-mesure).

WESAFE (Sweden)

“WeSafe started in the cloud in 2013 and has since then helped our customers to solve the equation, to redistribute time and finances from operation to innovation, to ensure that IT becomes a crucial competitive advantage.”


3SR (France)

3SR est une société de conseil en informatique qui a été créé en 2012, et a pour objectif principal d’accompagner les entreprises dans leurs transformations vers le Cloud Microsoft. Son fondateur, Alexandre GIRAUD, avec 20 ans d’expérience dans les SSII, et 8 années en tant que MVP Microsoft, a souhaité créer un service de proximité auprès des entreprises pour apporter des compétences autour des solutions Cloud Microsoft (Azure/Office 365), sa sa sécurité et gouvernance.

Selectron IT (Netherlands)

For more than a quarter of a century, Selectron-IT has been delivering solutions and providing services in the ICT sector to private and corporate customers in the Netherlands, Europe and further. The company’s services are based on the latest achievements and state-of-the-art developments in the field of software and hardware. Selectron-IT provides a full range of ICT services, including software, private cloud services, and data backup. The company focuses on server and workstation management, engages in network administration, provides information security, and offers consulting and support services.

EXE (Slovakia)

“For the past 25 years, we have been a proud partner of Microsoft. The experiences gained in that time saw us expand from licence sales and system solution integration to deal also with translation services and software localization. Now, with hundreds of complex and very successful projects behind us, we never forget our humble beginnings and look to the future with respect. We hold to the same principles we set out for the company from the very beginning. The experiences we’ve gained fill us with a healthy sense of self-confidence, but also respect for the customer’s needs. We never mislead our clients and always produce only solutions in which we ourselves have complete faith. It is simply who we are.”

Laknova (EMEA)

IT Services and Software distribution. Laknova is a successful IT services company operating in EMEA market. “Our primary goal is to provide qualified technical support and fast software delivery and distribution. Our professional team offer top class software solutions at competitive prices and flexible conditions for customers and business partners. We are supporting companies through all stages of getting IT services, including first-in-class network solutions in planning, technical, operating assistance and support activities. We were professionals, doing a professional job.”

Infologo (Switzerland)

“Fondée à Genève en 1987 au moment où la micro-informatique concernait principalement les passionnés et les grandes entreprises, notre société a su évoluer avec son marché et s’imposer comme le spécialiste de l’accompagnement des entreprises et des professionnels pour leurs besoins en informatique et communications unifiées. Infologo propose ses services aux PME et professionnels situés sur l’arc lémanique afin de leur apporter les outils informatiques de leur croissance. Depuis toujours, notre sens de l’écoute, nos compétences et notre professionnalisme sont les valeurs clés de notre renommée.”

Chorus (United Kingdom)

“We are an IT services company, working with companies across the UK implementing, improving and supporting their infrastructure and business software. Our experienced outsourced IT helpdesk and consultants combined with our expertise across business applications and software means that we understand the complete IT landscape. We believe that technology enables organisations to do great things and we help our clients achieve this by combining our technical expertise with our friendly and service-driven approach.”

720 Tec (Spain)

“Technological services, outsourcing, strategic consulting and organizational design, summarize our main lines of business. This is where our company wants to perform the role of catalyst, to ensure that the needs and desires of our customers become reality, through the use of technology in a practical and efficient way, always aimed at achieving the objective (Agile) . The ability to continuously improve and adapt business design is a critical factor for success. For this reason, we articulate a set of products and services that allow our clients to develop innovative activities aimed at the creation and use of knowledge through technology, which increase their ability to solve problems and contribute to the generation of competitive advantages sustainable over time.”

Viadex (United Kingdom)

Viadex focus on supporting globally dispersed mid-market businesses, with multiple datacentre instances and geo-dispersed users. Viadex plan, deliver and manage your global projects across four continents and over 130 countries. Viadex blend cloud and localised infrastructure solutions with an extensive range of support services for every technology need. Since 2001, its experience of global IT supply and logistics has been brought into play to help companies thrive and grow globally.

Insight (Spain)

Insight is a leader in providing smart, cutting-edge technology solutions for global organizations of all sizes. From developing unique strategies to delivering the products, services and expertise, it will help your business run more efficiently and modernize through Insight Intelligent Technology Solutions™.

Unipartner (Portugal)

Unipartner IT Services is an information technology services company that works with government organizations, financial institutions and commercial enterprises to solve their most demanding IT and business challenges.

Unipartner is a privately held company created following the reorganisation of Unisys’ business in 2015. This redefined Unisys’ operations in EMEA and in Portugal, the company now supports clients through an indirect presence. To support the new model, Unipartner has been made a Unisys Service Partner ensure the continuity of projects and business relationships for a wide number of clients and engagements.

PI Services (France)

PI Services is a consulting and engineering company specializing in Microsoft enterprise platforms. Architect and Microsoft Distributed Infrastructure Manager (On-Premise and Cloud). Experience with Active Directory and Exchange platforms since 1997 Pragmatic approach to projects based on publishers’ best practices and always oriented towards “exploitation” End-to-end project management. Since its creation, PI Services ensures a technological watch which allows it to be a leader in certain domains (supervision, archiving, security …)

Prodware (France)

Founded in 1989, Prodware is a software editor and integrator for the IT business. Prodware offers its technological know-how and its expertise of new uses and trades to companies for a successful transformation. A leader in Microsoft Dynamics, Sage and Autodesk solutions, Prodware is one of the only players able to support you throughout your Information System, both in France and internationally.

Neroblanco (United Kingdom)

Nero Blanco has a rich history of providing consulting support. From upgrading operating systems, migrating from one AD to another, or migrating from multiple ADs to a completely clean environment, we have the technical talent you need to meet your business objectives. From messaging infrastructure, networking and security, to storage and server hardware, and virtualisation for multiple operating systems, we provide a rarely found level of skill, knowledge and understanding across most platforms. Our technical team has over 50 years combined experience carrying out complex migration projects for Office 365 migration, Active Directory (AD), Microsoft Exchange, and IBM Lotus Notes/Domino.

Silversands (United Kingdom)

Firmly Established in the UK as a Leading Cloud & Hybrid Consultancy, Silversands has been providing exceptional consulting, planning, design and implementation of IT for 29 years, ensuring our customers always make the best informed and most effective investments, backed up with exemplary service. Our team of highly skilled and dedicated technicians can apply the same level of service to all Cloud and Hybrid applications by offering a level of experience and expertise that is second to none.

Longstone IT (United Kingdom)

Longstone IT is customer focused managed cloud services provider, specialising in helping small business move to and make best use of cloud services.

Neos SDI (France)

Since 2001, Neos-SDI propose innovative usage and business transformation for large and medium sized companies thru specialized services for Office 365 deployments, SharePoint integration, CRM solutions, Application developments and Cloud infrastructure. Neos-SDI is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Solvion (Austria)

Solvion is a leading Austrian consulting company with 15 years of experience in Modern Workplace Solutions in the German speaking market. In 2015 Solvion were presented with the Microsoft Partner of the Year award, demonstrating customer satisfaction and delivering innovative Modern Workplace Solutions. Increasing mobility and flexibility is deeply changing our new world of work. We strongly believe in the potential of innovation. Therefore we provide strategic consultancy and solutions for

  • Modern Collaboration
  • Modern Communication
  • Modern Mobility
  • Digital Processes

Solvion Transition Consulting is based on innovative methods like Design Thinking, and places customers and people in the center of businesses. With our consulting know-how and agile approach to solution development we guide medium- and large-scale enterprises to new possibilities in digitalization.


Certfied Microsoft Gold and DellEMC Gold Partner, ISI Expert specializes in digital transformation and modernisation of IT systems using Saas/PaaS/Cloud/Azure methodes.

Adactit (Denmark)

Winner of the Worldwide 2015 ‘Microsoft Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions Partner of the Year’ Award, Adactit focus on delivering Microsoft cloud solutions for enterprises and public organization.

Kinetix (Malta)

Kinetix specializes in the design, implementation, support and optimization of ICT solutions for the corporate sector.

Olileo (Belgium)

Olileo delivers a complete set of ICT in cloud computing and on-premises for small and medium business.

Prolival (France)

Prolival is an IT services company, specialised in outsourcing, cloud services, consulting and integration.

Onestop IT (Scotland)

Onestop provides IT services, IT consulting and IT project management to small and medium-sized business … The company’s portfolio includes a variety IT services and products from business communication and cloud solutions to hardware, software and support services.

Cheops (France)

Cheops Technology is a France-based company providing computer engineering services. The Company is structured in three segments: design, integration and customization of complex computer infrastructures.

VNext (France)

Certfied Microsoft Gold Partner,vNext is positioned in the market of new technologies,usages and distribution methods of type Saas/PaaS/Cloud/Azure.

Prodware (EMEA)

Prodware is Microsoft’s leading partner in the EMEA area and Sage’s leading partner in French-speaking countries. Our 19,000 customers are supported by nearly 1,425 employees in 15 countries, and we have services available in over 75 countries.

Eliade (FRANCE)

Leader in the integration of Microsoft infrastructure solutions, Eliade is a service company based in the Lille region. Eliade has with Microsoft very close relations both technically and commercially.

OM Conseil (FRANCE)

OM Conseil is an IT services company and telecom accompanying organizations in the optimization and the daily operation of their information systems.

Synergie Informatique (FRANCE)

Since 2010 Synergie Informatique is positioned as an integrator of cloud solutions and has established a new competence center “Cloud & Social Business” ensuring the promotion of major solutions of the collaboration market leading cloud client projects.

Mandarine BS (FRANCE)

Optimize the Sale of your Office 365 licenses! Mandarine BS has created a complete portfolio of solutions in white label: it allows you answering your customers’ expectations in term of guidance and training, but also gives you additional revenues.

Ozitem Groupe (FRANCE)

Known for 25 years as an innovative company, and with more than 300 employees today, Ozitem responds with flexibly and efficiently to all needs, whether from SMEs or large corporations.

DynaMips (FRANCE)

Dynamips is an IT services company for TPE-SMEs, Local Authorities and Associations. The company was founded in 1992 and is experiencing continuous growth for over 20 years. Through its network of local branches, dynamips shines on the regions Pays de la Loire and Brittany and offers optimal responsiveness.


ACCESS IT is a consulting company based in France.

Ergo (Ireland)

As Ireland’s leading cloud & IT managed services provider, Ergo excels in matching technology to business needs & has been helping organisations achieve their strategic goals for 23 years.

Rain Systems (Netherlands)

RSprojects professionals perform in a professional manner IT projects at home and abroad. Since 1989 rsprojects works on behalf of government, industry and other organizations to improve IT processes and IT systems.

Go://Bit (Netherlands)

Gobit is a consulting company based in the Netherlands.

Ventex (Croatia)

Ventex is an IT company based in Croatia.

Nortec (Norway)

Nortec is an IT company based in Norway.

Softline Group (Russia)

Softline is a leading global IT (information technology) solution and service provider focused on emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Americas, South-East Asia, India. Our services include public and private cloud solutions, end-to-end technology solutions, software licensing, hardware products and broad array of associated products. We serve over 60 000 Enterprise and SMB clients, both from private and public sectors. Over 1300 sales representatives, 600 engineers and technical specialists help our customers navigate through the ever-changing complex IT environment. We build long-term relationships with our clients, partners and employees.  Softline has partnerships with more than 3000 software and hardware manufacturers and has highest partner status with all our key partners. We provide a unique marketing and sales channel for our partners in all the markets where we operate.  Softline is always customer centric and provides brand independent solutions which best serve customer’s needs.

Holistic Technologies Ltd (United Kingdom)

Since 2003, they’ve been supporting clients from across South Yorkshire and around the UK, providing the technology, solutions and IT support needed to improve organisations and drive businesses forward

Reflex Solutions (South Africa)

With over ten years experience in delivering effective communication and in providing clients with a business partner who can be relied on to stay ahead of the game, Reflex is the ideal partner to provide best of breed Information Technology, Networking and Communication solutions to help grow your business. Enterprise business demands a top level of skill from their partners, and Reflex Solutions delivers on this requirement with a highly skilled, partner certified and enterprise experienced team. Reflex Solutions are recognised Avaya Experts, certified Microsoft Gold Partners and HP Gold Partners.

Lotus Beta Analytics LTD (Nigeria)

We seek to contribute to the advancement of the global digital economy the world over. In the next 20 years, we will take advantage of the abundant market opportunities in Africa to challenge other global players. In partnership with our customers, we will empower them with agile solutions to enable them to achieve their aspirations and be winners in their marketplace. We will be proactive, responsive, and customer-friendly and focused, realizing that people are ultimate beneficiaries of our technology.

DimensionData (South Africa)

Dimension Data (Nigeria) Dimension Data is a global ICT leader that accelerates your ambition by delivering ICT solutions and services that enable, operate, and transform your business.

Soarsoft international (South Africa)

Soarsoft is a leading provider of specialist Information Management solutions. We deliver simple yet effective solutions that empower large and medium organisations to effectively manage and optimise unstructured data – like emails, instant messaging, files and documents.

Laknova – IT Services and software distribution

Today JSC Laknova is a successful IT services company operating in EMEA market. Our primary goal is to provide qualified technical support and fast software delivery and distribution. Our professional team offer top class software solutions at competitive prices and flexible conditions for customers and business partners. We are supporting companies through all stages of getting IT services, including first-in-class network solutions in planning, technical, operating assistance and support activities. We were professionals, doing a professional job.

Phalanx Security Solutions (USA)

We are one of the leading and most trusted providers of cyber-security and compliance solutions. Our innovative and diverse array of security tools are the only defense you’ll need to protect your network and data.

Our company’s name is derived from an ancient Greek defensive formation that combined a diverse array of weapons and armor to create an impenetrable shield wall. This is our vision; a coming together of various aspects of security, compliance, and technology to strengthen our clients’ systems and provide them with the tools they need to stave off threats in the modern era.

IT Resources (USA)

Our main goal is always to ensure your business is protected and productive. We proactively solve issues by building a solid network foundation and ecosystem where your computer systems can function as they were intended to. This is a major shift from the traditional “plug and play” IT model that has been implemented for years.

Many IT companies focus on keeping networks and computer systems running using a reactive approach; meaning, when you have a problem, you notify them. We work on the other side of the spectrum, the proactive side. We protect your business and solve issues before they occur on your screen. This drastically reduces reactive computer issues and support tickets.

Strategic SaaS (USA)

Strategic SaaS is an experienced cloud services partner helping companies transition their core infrastructure, messaging and unified communications to the cloud. With hundreds of successful implementations under our belt and a growing list of exceedingly satisfied clients, we have the knowledge and experience to guide customers during their move to the cloud.

Cyclotron (USA)

Cyclotron was proudly founded in San Francisco in 2014 with the sole intent of accelerating the success of our clients by solving mission-critical business and technology challenges, through a proven network of industry-specific frameworks. We’re a trusted strategic partner to many innovative organizations in the financial, health and life sciences, public, retail, and technology sectors. Our solutions combined with your investment with us boosts productivity, enhances collaboration, and integrates intelligence across your entire enterprise.

MCS Geeks (USA)

MCS GEEKS is a Managed IT Service Provider serving Houston for over a decade. Our expert certified technicians believe in providing our clients with proactive, custom IT solutions.

CenterSoft (USA)

CenterSoft consultants help companies buy, build, integrate and manage innovative solutions that improve processes and deliver better business results.

Intellinet (USA)

Intellinet is a purpose-driven digital transformation services firm. We use technology to build meaningful experiences that solve your business challenges and provide measurable results.

Intellinet partners with future-minded corporate leaders who value execution excellence in both business and digital transformation. With an experience-driven mindset, we lead boldly and innovate alongside our clients, enabling them to realize the full business value of today’s technologies. Intellinet is an independent subsidiary of FPT (, a global leader in digital transformation with offices across southeast Asia, Europe, and the US.

Icon (USA)

When you partner with Icon, your business strategies and IT productivity have intelligent back up with our keen technicians. Our techs are experts with Server Platforms, Hardware and Software issues, virus & spyware removal, and data recovery. Our team at has the skills to get the job done right with the latest technologies available.

We offer a wide range of services for residential and commercial customers including walk-in, on-site, and remote repairs. The friendly staff at Icon Computer Solutions are standing by to answer your question, and solve all your computer problems.

FastBreakTech (USA)

Our core service is keeping you up and running.  In addition to this, the more we can integrate our services into your business the better we can serve your total IT infrastructure.

Stability Networks (USA)

Stability Networks is a managed service provider based in Boise, Idaho and serving the northwest part of the United States. Our mission is to change the way managed IT is provided.

12:34 MicroTechnologies (USA)

Founded in 1998, 12:34 MicroTechnologies, Inc. is an IT company located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, that is focused on helping you utilize technology efficiently and effectively for greater success in your business. We are proud to offer an array of services and products for your needs: IT support, cloud services, hosting, custom software and web app development. Our Microsoft Certified professionals take care of your small/medium size business.

Uncommon Solutions (USA)

Whether you are in need of outsourced IT support or in seeking development services, our technology experts start with strategy. Our experience has shown that by first thoroughly understanding your business challenges and exploring your opportunities, we are better able to help you develop solutions that are tightly aligned to your business goals. And, as a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner, we can tackle the toughest IT challenges with familiar tools that make work easy.

Dataserv (USA)

Dataserv is an experienced, versatile, and professional IT firm based in Spring Lake, NJ. We are a Network Managed Security Service Provider specializing in Connectivity, SonicWall Security Services, On-Premise and Virtual Servers, Secure Backup Services, App Management, Cloud-Based Hosted Email Services including Security Planning and Disaster Recovery.

Engineering-IT (USA)

Engineering-IT Inc. provides networking, engineering and security services to businesses and other IT professionals.

Digital Data Comm. (USA)

Digital Data & Communications, Inc (dba Digital DataComm) believes our customers come first, and it shows. We take great pride in offering the best service at the best possible price. We work with a wide variety of businesses from small individual endeavours up to large corporations with hundreds of employees. We provide professional Information Technology consulting and the solutions to make our recommendations come to life. We are technical people without the “techie” attitude.

Creative Technology (USA)

Creative Technology Solutions is a Managed Services Provider / IT Consulting Group based in Chicago, IL, servicing small to large businesses nationwide. Focused on Customer Service and efficiency, Creative Tech works closely with our clients to ensure that every aspect of their IT is fully taken care of. Creative Tech has consistently been rated one of the fastest growing IT Consulting Groups in the nation, with service response times a quarter of what the national average is, while handling 3 times as many support tickets.

Create Simple (Canada)

Create Simple inc. is a results-driven company supporting companies across Canada with our head office located in Edmonton, Alberta. Our extensive experience in SharePoint on Premise, SharePoint Online (Office365), .NET Development and Server Infrastructure Solutions allows us to build business solutions that truly provide business value. What sets us apart is our unique ability to architect a full solution that includes development and server infrastructure technologies.

Netsmartz (USA)

Netsmartz is a full service IT company with a wide range of services and solutions. We add efficiency to your operations with our enterprise solutions, increase the visibility of your online presence to expand your reach, provide innovative digital learning solutions so your teams perform better, and keep your infrastructure in peak condition. Netsmartz has been recognized by KPMG as one of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies in the Rochester area.

Yancey Works (USA)

For most IT business it is all about the technology and the latest wiz bang toy, and trust me we love all of that too. In the end, though it is about our relationships, how we relate our tools to your business needs that really makes the difference. I have worked in technology long enough to know that it is about commitment, attitude, and willingness to meet your client’s needs day in and day out that count. So whether the latest tech fad is Cloud computing or the new iPad we can ensure it works for you, and not the other way around.

Carrier Access, Inc (USA)

Carrier Access is an award-winning, leading carrier-neutral organization that works with 50+ telecommunications and technology providers across the United States.

By working with Carrier Access instead of directly with the carrier, you will get a neutral, highly devoted partner that provides the best options at the best prices. From procurement to full lifecycle support, we are your single point of contact that’s invested in your long term success.

Olive + Goose (USA)

Olive + Goose is an agile, quality-focused company, trusted by small and large businesses alike. We innovate, support, and drive success with our customers by offering business consulting, technical consulting, and managed services custom-tailored to the businesses we work with, and the scenarios they are facing. Our deep customer commitment is matched with industry expertise and subject-matter knowledge, leveraging years of inside experience at companies like Microsoft, Apple, Unisys, and WiPro.

Arraya Solutions (USA)

Arraya Solutions is a leading technology consulting firm and managed services provider. With a proven track record of meeting the needs of customers of all sizes and industries, our objective is to serve as a strategic partner. This drives us to work closely with our customers to develop and implement IT solutions that deliver real, meaningful business value. In the process, Arraya’s engineers educate, engage, and empower IT departments and entire companies to succeed.

Onix (USA)

Onix Networking is one of the leading provider of world-class IT solutions and services to a broad range of corporate and government customers worldwide.

Databind (Canada)

DataBind has built a solid reputation for being able to design and deliver complex and award winning SharePoint solutions (on premise, in cloud, or hybrid) across industry sectors.

Managed Solution (USA)

Managed Solution was founded in 2002 and was quickly recognized as one of San Diego’s 40 fastest growing companies, awarded one of the 40 companies with owners under 40 years old and recognized as the 27th fastest growing IT company in Southern California

Computer Technology, Inc. (USA)

Originally established in 1984 as a small software development firm, CTI has grown to provide a wide range of custom development and IT support services. We take the time to understand your needs so that everything we do – for businesses large or small – still carries a personal touch. Over the years, we have enjoyed long-term relationships with many of our diverse clients by providing tailor-made solutions that over-perform, come in under budget, and exceed expectations.


We provide IT solutions that meet the needs of your unique business and budget. With our monthly subscription services you’ll have one predictable monthly cost that scales with you. Learn more about our solutions!

Chicago Infotech (USA)

We are IT people who provide professional and affordable IT support to small businesses, non profit organizations, retail stores, restaurants, and charter schools.

Leadthemconsulting (USA)

WLeadThem Consulting is a full-service IT consulting firm with a vast knowledge base of Microsoft, Oracle, Quest Software, Novell and Unix/Linux products.

RAID Computing (USA)

RAID Computing is an IT Services provider focused on small to medium size businesses specialized in providing all aspects of IT services (Personalized Help Desk, Remote IT Support, Virus protection and removal, Data backup and recovery, Business relocation….) has built a solid reputation for being able to design and deliver complex and award winning SharePoint solutions (on premise, in cloud, or hybrid) across industry sectors.

Forsyte IT Solutions (USA)

Forsyte IT Solutions is “born in the cloud” Microsoft partner that is focused on delivering creative Microsoft Cloud solutions. They deliver highly available and scalable cloud based IT solutions using Microsoft technology that is secure and provides value.

Perception Group (Argentina)

Perception Group honored by Microsoft as the best company in Latin America and the Caribbean in the messaging category for the implementation of corporate email solutions in the cloud.

Meridian Solutions Pvt Ltd. (India)

Meridian Solutions is the leading Security and Cloud Solutions partner in India with 1000+ customer relationships. Meridian is a Gold Certified Cloud Productivity Partner of Microsoft and is also an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001:2005 certified organization

Meridian specializes in providing solutions for all the IT Applications and Infrastructure requirements of an organization. We have in-depth experience across verticals spanning healthcare, telecom, manufacturing, government and public sector. We pride ourselves in bringing value to the customers through our expert and certified resources. Further, with our global partnerships, we are equipped to provide your organization with a comprehensive suite of IT Applications, Infrastructure solutions & services and more.

Netway Communication (Thailand)

With the distinctive experience in professional support, as well as the strong virtual environment, superior service quality, more than 15 years expertised in this field of business, and high security system, all of which have made Netway Communication become highly reliable and popular among those of clients including Government and Private sectors, Organizations, and SMBs for both corporate and individual level to serve those businesses countrywide.

Tylers (Mauritius)

Tylers is now a leader in Information Security and also a full fledge provider from Training, Consultancy, Implementation, and Development up to complete Outsourcing of IT.
Our team of certified engineers with years of experience in the IT industry is committed to provide our customers state-of-the-art solutions that are cost-effective, robust and have a strong focus on IT Security.
Tylers Training Department is in partnership with Microsoft, EC-Council, and ISACA to provide advanced Training mostly ending with professional Certifications. As a Prometric Testing Center many professional Certifications can be done on Tylers` premises.

WebLink (Taiwan)

Weblink International Inc. wholesales and markets electronic products. The Company offers computer peripherals, multimedia products, network products, computer application softwares, electronic parts, telecommunication products, system products, and other products. Weblink International markets its products throughout the world.

Lantera (Israel)

Lantera is everything you would expect from an IT manager working for you as part of the business: efficient and mission-driven, available, taking responsibility, and thinking about the future of business. We set up Lantra in 2006: “We”, namely Avi Targan and Lior Vizansky, after having worked in the computer field for over 15 years. Our idea was to offer small and medium businesses smart computing services over time and in a pleasant and personal atmosphere. Lantra’s uniqueness is in the comprehensive systemic thinking, just like in a large company, with an understanding of the aspirations and needs of the business. We believe that such an understanding is a necessary tool on the way to the most appropriate computing solution. We are committed to not being committed to a specific vendor or technology – we are committed to your business, and for the good of you only.

Enfrasys (Malaysia)

Enfrasys Consulting offers business solution that communicating business needs, people and technologies. We leverage our skills in Information Technology to help streamline the business and people process.

Enfrasys Consulting is Malaysian based company that formed on year 2008; After 2 years of business growing, the company is registered as Enfrasys Consulting Sdn Bhd on year 2010.

SaaSplaza (Singapore)

SaaSplaza is experienced and successfully migrated business critical applications to Azure multiple times. We can advise which workloads to migrate first, considering cost, immediate benefits, security/compliancy. Through our extensive experience, we understand that some deployments can be very simple, but others can be incredibly complex. The integration of multiple systems and applications with mission critical infrastructure under a single commercial model and SLA is something that SaaSplaza has been taking the lead of for over a decade.

SoftwareOne (Hong Kong)

SoftwareONE is a leading global platform, solutions and services provider with 30 years of experience in software and technology. Our offering spans from software licensing and procurement to software lifecycle management and every aspect of cloud-first advisory, delivery and managed solutions. We have the expertise to support our clients throughout their technology roadmap in today’s digital world.

Hozek Technologies (Israel)

We in “Hozek Technologies” believe that we can deliver quality and credibility to any customer by joining to his road to digital transformation hand in hand while understand deeply his challenges and business needs.

We are here to make sure our customers can leverage their existing environment capabilities up to its maximum potential and if needed provide the right technology solution to expend it, while making sure we enable a strong and efficient work environment.

Agile Cloud Solutions (United Arab Emirates)

Agile Cloud Solutions (AGCS) is a niche IT Services organization with profound efficiency in Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Our services include end-to-end technology solutions, public and private clouds and broad array of associated services. We have implemented potentially more projects in Microsoft EMS than any other Cloud Solutions Provider Partner across Middle East and Asia Pacific. AGCS has operations across Middle East, Africa and India, backed with a powerful Global Business Development Center (GDC) in India.
AGCS leverages disruptive technology trends with a reliable line of sight on the horizon and deliver value to our customers through insights like what users will expect, what technology will be available for main stream, how fast networks will move, and where the next disruption will emerge.

NewWave (India)

NewWave Computing Pvt Ltd is a leading Systems Integrator and IT Infrastructure solution provider focused on empowering organizations with its innovative IT product, solutions & services portfolio, both on-premises and cloud. Having started its operations in 1999, the organization with its mission ‘Passion for Success’ (clients success) has a proven track record of delivering predictable & sustainable IT solutions and services that drive business outcomes for Organizations.

Agiliztech (India)

“We adopt agile work processes to design, develop and deliver innovative digital solutions for our clientele. Our portfolio spans a diverse range of industries – Renewable energy, Telecom, Ecommerce, Legal services, Travel, Automotive, Home Improvement, across geographies – USA, Australia, India. Our collaborative approach and structured project management teams enable us to manage projects smoothly and deliver top-notch quality, on-time.”

MFEC Public Company Limited (Thailand)

“MFEC Public Company Limited (PCL) established in 1997, positioned as a premier IT service provider specializing in network computing and e-business, serving mainly large enterprise customers and industry leaders in both government and private sectors. Our services range from IT consulting, custom design and development, training and after sales services of the solution sets including hardware & software infrastructures, network equipment and services, software package customization & enhancement, and custom software development. Services are tailored to specific user requirements for their unique business needs. MFEC serves over 200 enterprise clients in Thailand and overseas.”

Max Solution (Malaysia)

“Max Solution (M) Sdn Bhd core business is focusing on Corporate IT Infrastructure, namely identity management using Microsoft Active Directory, Messaging solutions using Microsoft Exchange and cloud focusing on Office 365. These technologies are able to run on Virtualization technology, which are widely implemented by us for our customer.”

IAXCESS (United Arab Emirates)

IAXCESS is Gold Partner of Microsoft Dynamics Business and one of the leading Microsoft Solution and Service Partner for both (On Premise & Cloud) Offerings in GCC & Middle East Region. With more than 300 + Dynamics and CRM customers IAXCESS is among the Top 10 Microsoft Solutions and Service providers in Middle East & GCC.

Opt IT (India)

Opt IT is a vendor neutral IT Infrastructure Consulting and Cloud Services organisation. “Formed in 2009, our objective has been “To Enable IT as a competitive advantage for our customers business”. Given this background we have worked with SMB customers across industry verticals over the last ten years. Our focus has been towards helping our customers get the best ROI on IT infra and application investments that they have made.”

Huge Crown Technology Limited (Hong Kong)

As a Solution Integrated provider (SI) , Huge Crown Technology Limited helps businesses to reach, adapt and thrive in view of the challenging and ever-changing market conditions, We provide end-to-end and all-round service in partnering with our customers to better manage their total cost of ownership, ensure the maximum return on the IT investment and eliminate the hassle for the customers to shop around in acquiring the latest technology.

Notch 365 (Pakistan)

“We are complete IT company offering custom app development, deployment, migration, support and technical training.”

DELPHI (United Arab Emirates)

Technological advancement can be the most important factor in the economic growth of a business or a country. For example-By 2020, science and technology will contribute 60% to the country’s economic growth. We believe that technology can not only change the way you work but also change the perception of customers, prospective candidates, investors etc. With that philosophy to help organizations, we have formed a team of young energetic individuals and highly experienced and qualified consultants to guide and support organizations in their journey of growth through technology and innovation. “Delphi”-is famous as the ancient sanctuary that grew rich as the seat of the oracle that was consulted on important decisions throughout the ancient classical world. Our aim is to be able to help organizations with our expert technology consulting services and in turn, help the business economies to grow.

Refactor-IKS (Russia)

Refactor-IKS is a full-scope IT solution provider (Microsoft Consulting Services partner) located in Russia with branch offices in Czech Republic and Bulgaria. Company key competencies: enterprise software design and development, application support, IT infrastructure implementation.

SoftwareONE (Russia)

SoftwareONE’s 3000 technology consultants across 145 countries helps customers optimize their software spend by ensuring their IT investments are cost-effectively roadmapped from a compliance, commercial, and technical perspective through our comprehensive Software Portfolio Management methodology.

ADAA Cloud (United Arab Emirates)

ADAA Cloud is a reputed Microsoft Dynamics Partner that provides Microsoft Dynamics solutions to the various industries and sectors in all around UAE. Incidentally, our professionals combine technology, business and expertise of industry to arrange and set up solutions for achieving optimal results for their clients. We take an immense pride in having over a whooping clientele, digitally connected people across various countries; it’s indeed an amazing feat! This practice allows clients’ wisdom and thoughts for a mutual culture honoring diversity by reflecting the communities in which we operate.

iZone (Hong-Kong)

I-Zone Technology Limited developed since 2005. We are established to provide IT services and business solutions in Hong Kong and China.

IOP (Pakistan)

International Office Products (Pvt.) Ltd was formed in 1984, is one of the oldest and largest IT companies in Pakistan.

Live route (United Arab Emirates)

Your one stop shop to setup or move your business applications to the Cloud (Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Intune and CRM Online).

Intellect Information Technology Pty Ltd (Australia)

Intellect IT provides specialist expertise and service to solve your IT and communications challenges. As a trusted technology partner, we focus on understanding your business, communicating openly and delivering guaranteed service. This ensures expert care for your existing systems and the right approach to implement new IT solutions as your business continues to grow.

We are here with the right answer whenever you ask. And we work tirelessly behind the scenes with technology support for your business so that you don’t have to. This partnership approach provides certainty so your team can simply switch on and get on with their business day.

Whether your business has 50 or 1,000 staff and growing IT and communication needs, Intellect IT provides the certainty your business needs.

Leading Edge Information (Australia)

Leading Edge Information Pty Ltd, established in 1985 is a leading IT provider specialising in managed services with a primary focus on information security & data availability.
In addition to this we also assist in the area of Governance, Risk and Compliance and can offer these services in a cost effective, quick and easy manner.

Mac IT (Australia)

Mac IT is Managed Services Provider, that specializes in Cloud Migrations, Security and Devops.

Integral IT Management (Australia)

Integral IT Management is a Specialised relationship and service based organisation that offers tailored solutions in all aspects of IT and managed print.

Established in 2001, IITM is proudly Australian owned and operated consisting of no offshore support partners, preferring a localised presence and experience to ensure continuity, simplicity, and an optimal delivery of performance against customer expectations and requirements.

BizIT (Australia)

Commercial Computer Support, Sales, Service & Consulting.

NetCare (Australia)

NetCare focus on providing IT services, support and solutions that increase profits for our clients. We have been in business since 1990, providing IT support and IT services to the following industry sectors throughout the Greater Sydney region:

  • Professional Services
  • Construction & Project Management
  • Architects & Designers
  • Accountants & Lawyers
  • Wholesale & Distribution

IT SERVICES SYDNEY We are best suited to businesses that don’t have their own IT Department and that means that most of our clients have between 20 and 100 PCs. The foundation of our business is our NetCare range of support services. We currently have over 70 clients, representing over 2000 users, who have entrusted the support of their IT systems to our team via NetCare agreements. Our focus for each and every one of our clients is to provide them with industry-leading system reliability, performance and security.

Dienst (Australia)

Dienst Consulting is an Australian-owned professional IT services company. Our customers are focused in many verticals including Government, Education and Resources. All of our customers use Dienst Consulting as a trusted advisor, and they know that we have their needs and best interests as a core objective.

Nortec IT (Australia)

Nortec IT is a Total Solution Provider with over 20 years of successful operations in the Information Technology /IP communications field (equipment, installation, services, and continuing maintenance and support).

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