Microsoft Teams Migration

Migrate hundreds of teams per day.

Migrate channels, Planner, conversations, files, documents, notes, attachments, members, guests, permissions, and more with Cloudiway migration tools. A robust and structured approach for migrating data between Microsoft 365 tenants.

The platform supports the migration of private channels and subteams.

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Microsoft Teams Migration Tool

At the basic level, SharePoint provides the underlying engine for Teams and Groups. Cloudiway helps you understand the relationships between Microsoft SharePoint sites, Teams, and Groups.

Microsoft Teams is now widespread but can be overwhelming when migrating them. Cloudiway helps you automate the entire Microsoft 365 Microsoft Teams migration with a comprehensive solution taking into account all collaboration aspects of the Microsoft Suite.

A Complete Microsoft 365 Migration

More than just a tool to move Teams, it brings along SharePoint content, retrieves Office 365 Groups, and avoids data duplication. Without regard to the number of Teams the user is part of, Cloudiway is the right migration tool you need, understanding the links between the organization’s SharePoint sites, Teams, and Groups.

Check out the new Teams Migration Tenant to Tenant White Paper.

Benefit from the best of Microsoft collaboration tools. Microsoft Teams Migration tool migrates all channels, conversations, team members, files, notes across tenants. Migration between Office 365 tenants has never been easier!

Have full control over when, how, and what is migrated through a single and intuitive interface with high-fidelity data and architecture reconciliation.

Enlist the services of experienced Microsoft migration experts.

Get inspired by the experience of a leader in migration and coexistence; our support team can assist you during your project. We also provide a wealth of information in our knowledge base and more: Admin GuideHow Teams Migration Works.

  • Audit, create, rename, and discover your teams and channels to migrate.
  • Manage and migrate all teams, Group, and Microsoft SharePoint content.
  • Split, and merge your teams (one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-one channel).
  • Everywhere you want (Teams, SharePoint sites, libraries, or folders).
  • If the source is an Office 365 group (not a team), there is an option to convert it to a team.
  • Maximum throughput, working around throttling limitations using Microsoft API’s.
  • Automatically creates teams at the target.
  • Permissions and membership retention.
  • Batch migration and delta passes: You can migrate the teams whenever you need and run delta passes. Changes are migrated during delta passes. Deletions are not propagated.

What is Migrated?

  • Office 365 groups are migrated as groups or teams.
  • O365 Group Emails, Teams may have mailboxes. Mailbox content is migrated as part of the migration.
  • Files in channels with all associated metadata and permissions.
  • Membership is migrated (members, owners) with the use of a mapping table for address conversion.
  • Logo, description.
  • Teams settings are migrated (allowUserDeleteMessages, allowUserEditMessages, allowTeamMentions, etc…).
  • Tabs are migrated.
  • External users permissions & access.


  • Each team and Office 365 Group is created with a Microsoft Planner, Retrieving statistics for Planner usage is not possible,
  • Task Title, Buckets, Assignees, Progress, Start and end dates are migrated.
  • Labels and Checklists are migrated,
  • Description and Attachments (Links pointing to old SharePoint sites will not be translated).

Teams chat migration

  • Messages are migrated into an HTML file in the target, read more.
  • Personal team chat messages (or 1:1 chats) are migrated with a mailbox migration license.

The messages are migrated in the mailbox, visible in Outlook, in a folder named TeamChatHistory.

Please beware that due to Microsoft Graph API limitations, the chat messages are posted with a timestamp of the migration and appear on the message thread’s bottom. Please note: if a message error occurs and you restart the migration, the message will be pushed during a delta pass and appear again on the bottom.


Cloudiway has a powerful SharePoint migration engine. The associated SharePoint site of the team is entirely migrated. Including menu, publishing pages, libraries, fields, Termstore, subsites, etc.

Microsoft OneNote

Note also that it is possible to migrate collaborative tools like Google Team Drives or Slack to Teams and to rationalize the communication points.


Do more than migrate – collaborate

The coexistence suite provides seamless collaboration between Google Workspace (G Suite) and Microsoft Office 365 or Exchange. Enable communication without interruption – vital for any merger or acquisition

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Coexistence between Google and Microsoft 365

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