Cloudiway Release Notes August 2022

Release Notes | August 2022

We’ve made various improvements to our user experience, this release notes highlights the latest Cloudiway data migration updates, with a focus on usability, modernization, and logs activities.

👇 Take a closer look at our list below and feel free to contact us to discuss about your next migration project!

UI UX Improvements
  • API activity logs enhanced
  • Global Bytes Written statistics resolved
  • Support Function: Tool for License Troubleshooting
  • Ability to display only the users that haven’t been started or without a license consumed
  • Resolved Pagination User List, Pagination & Filter on server for Users & Resources List page
  • Filter users without a batch assigned. Filter for Type / Status in View File/Site items added
Mail Migration Enhancement
  • Performance and email statistics for Contacts & Calendar
  • Import CSV – Connector pools not for Mails
  • Resolved loop when migrating large number of Google Tasks
  • Resolved Shared Mailbox edit error
  • Added Mail_Group Logs support function
  • Import Rooms & Equipment requires LastName
  • Room provisioning: Set target smtp address to be the one defined in the user list
  • Migrate delegations during Preprocessing of Rooms and Equipment
  • Batch: Deleting entries in batch doesn’t update batch stats
  • The “Not found” message is displayed after filtering by the “Equal” state in the “Start Date” filter on the Mail Dashboard page
  • Disable Audit for Google Vault
  • Upload Archive CSV updates the users in the Mail List
File Migration Improvement
  • Performance and migration of large OneDrive
  • The “Permissions” button is displayed on the Files > User List > Batch tab
  • Ability to run migration through the batch with empty entry on the Batch tab
  • Resolved duplicated importing csv file users and manually created users
  • The “None Started” state displays in the filter drop down “Status” on the Dashboard page
  • File Archive – User List shows also non-archive entries after adding/deleting a batch
Sites / Teams Improvement
  • Google Sites: Resolved an issue for displaying an image stored in a google document (image saved in document instead of saved as image)
  • New Google Sites: records sitename that we couldn’t get the publication URL
  • Sites: Get List incomplete if exception
  • Resolved “Team Chat History” URL
Enterprise Coexistence
  • “View Simulation” and Duplicate User Logs fixed in GALSync
  • The “Copyright” tittle overlaps the pagination menu in the footer of the Galsync -> History page
  • The “Can`t found job ID” error is displayed below the “View Simulation” button of the successful job on the GalSync -> History page
  • The “Stop job” button is displayed cropped on the Galsync -> History page
  • Resolved FreeBusy Pull group with several domains
And several other improvements & bug fixes
  • Groups migration target connector and Logs list enhancement
  • Google Group: Resolved error message not inserted for topics in error
  • Resolved a problem with Folder class created programmatically by the customer under Tasks with wrong class type (folder instead of Taskfolder).
  • The user is able to fill the invalid data to the “FOLDER ID REDIRECTED USER” field on the “Routing Table” page
  • Resolved the help ID for Archive popup
  • The IsReminderOn attribute is now migrated to the target
  • Resolved format HTML and format loss in event description
  • Cosmetic: Export empty list
  • Batch: Add to Batch error

Enhancement to Signature:

  • Pull User Logs tab is displayed without logs after the “Get List” job on the “Users & Groups” page
  • The “Value cannot be null. (Parameter ‘json’) Run Job Signature State unsuccessful.” error message is displayed after clicking on the “Run” button on the Profiles page

Last but not least, cloud security is always on our minds. Our CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) is here to answer your questions and ensure that all migrations are well protected and secure.

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Hope you find it helpful and thanks for reading!