Senior Backend Software Developer

Release Notes | December 2022

Our SaaS platform has been upgraded with new features and bug fixes. We have added more options to help you manage your migrations.

We provide more accurate stats in the different dashboards, we increased the Disk available volume for Vault to 50Gbs.

Check out the complete release notes below:

UI UX Improvements
  • More accurate statistics for sites migrations.
  • More accurate logs for Groups migrations.
  • Improved user experience with a scrollable user screen in every product.
  • Pagination has been added to the mapping table.
  • Fixing issues with the scroll and the sorter on the dashboard page of file migration.
Mail Migration Enhancement
  • Disk available volume for Vault is from now on at 50Gbs.
  • Implemented the ability to migrate slack messages to HTML file.
  • Fixing an issue on mail migration from Office to Office.
  • Managing to select multiple users for the “migrate permissions” action.
File Migration Improvements
  • Implemented a new mechanism to remove all the invalid XML characters in the name of the folders/files.
  • Fixing an issue for the specific folder option from Google Drive to SharePoint.
  • Fixing an issue with duplicate management for file migration.
  • Fixing an issue for the specific folder option from Office OneDrive to Office OneDrive.
Sites / Teams Improvements
  • No need any more to contact support to whitelist your environment before starting your site migration. We implemented a new feature where you can do it simply and quickly with a link to a relative help article.
  • Implemented an improved mechanism to re-try the “get sites” action for google sites.
  • From now on, we can migrate unlinked pages to a menu on a Google site.
  • Implemented an improvement on handling the duplicate files from the cache during Groups migrations.
  • Fixing an issue on sites migration relative to getting permissions.
  • Managing duplicated entries during “get sites” for Sites migration.
  • Fixing an issue where unexpected files were audited during Google Shared Drive migration.
  • Fixing and implementing a new mechanism to handle invalid/illegal characters in file names during Slack to Teams migration.
  • Throttling exception during migrating messages from Slack to Teams.
Enterprise Coexistence For Collaboration Between Different Tenants
  • Updated on-premises scripts for synchronizing fields.
  • Fixing an issue with lotus Notes calendar entries.
And several other improvements & bug fixes
  • Implemented the ability for all users of the platform to permanently delete a project in their account.
  • Fixing an issue with uploading a CSV file with a backslash in the TargetMail field and an apostrophe in the Email field.

We will be back shortly in 2023 with more updates. Go ahead and try out Cloudiway: 🤝 You can log in here!

Hope you find it helpful, and thanks for reading!