Cloudiway Release Notes March 2023

Release Notes | March 2023

We are thrilled to announce the release of new updates to our cloud migration tool.

Our team has been hard at work implementing a variety of bug fixes and improvements to make the migration process even smoother and more efficient.

In this article, we will dive into some of the key features of this release and how they will benefit our users.

Cloudiway’s Platform Improvements
  • Implement audit for Google Groups and Mail Archive Through Vault
  • Migrate General Access permissions for New Google Sites
    • With this update, users can quickly transfer access permissions for their Google Sites during migration. This feature is especially useful for companies that need to migrate large volumes of Google Sites and want to ensure that their employees continue to have access to the content they need.
  • Migrate Submenu level 3 in Google Sites
  • Better management of google site Get List discovery for large accounts
  • New feature for filtering Files to migrate based on a specific Date range
    • With this feature, users can now easily select a date range for the files they want to migrate, saving time and effort by eliminating the need to select individual files manually. This feature will be handy for organizations that want to ensure that only the most relevant files are transferred.
  • Adding a new column Ignored Non-Mail Items in the mail Dashboard
  • Added ability to run a Mail batch migration with specific batch settings or default
    • With this update, users can set the batch, enable throttling, and adjust other settings to ensure that the migration process is as efficient as possible.
  • Improving the count calendar events from the result of getting calendar folders (Google)
  • Improve the error message in case of failure in loading mails during Mail migration
  • Added date range filter in global settings of file product
  • Added to the exporting excel sheet the column sourceid and targeturl for better UX
  • Improve global settings management after starting a batch
  • Uploading CSV file error when missing a semi-colon after BatchName fix
  • Improved error message for file storage limitation in sites
Bug fixes
  • Fix for Teams planner migration, tasks, and mailboxes
  • Improving the handling of downloading and uploading process from google drive to google drive for files
  • Pull the users of an Office group fixed
  • Fix an issue when processing invalid characters # % in the page name
  • Fix an issue when links embedded in sites begins https
  • Remove unprintable characters from the HTML content
  • Fix a problem for group migration when the site URL begins with the channel name
  • Ignore state for native Google documents from Google Drive to Google Drive such as Google forms, Google My Maps, Google Apps Scripts
  • Fix an issue with Microsoft Graph version 4 where we didn’t pull more than 100 users
  • Fix issue in parsing calendar events when Description contains the reserved words (Google)
  • Fix the error “User not found” in getting the user’s drive items when the email is not UPN migrating from OneDrive
  • Fix a limitation issue from Microsoft Graph version 4 to get more than 100 groups
  • Improving folder handling for mail migration
  • Separate license for Group Vault product was added
  • Stop migrating shared calendars for Zimbra calendars
  • Export the fatal error message in the dashboards
  • Migration of an image carousel from a Google site to Sharepoint fix
  • Fix pagination issue in Getting permissions regarding Google Shared Drive
  • Fix bug for option “Migrate to OneDrive” – Initialize the tenant name during Google Site migration
  • Improving the handling of the full page URL when migrating from Google sites to Sharepoint

We are confident that this release will provide significant benefits to our customers. Additionally, the added ability to run migration with specific settings or default, and the improved global settings management, will further enhance the migration experience for our users.

As always, our team remains committed to providing the best possible service and support to our users, and we look forward to continuing to improve and enhance Cloudiway in the future.